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  1. Oh Im sorry, didnt know you werent educated and needed elaboration. I think I wil pass...maybe ask your teacher
  2. Im sure given enough time the Africans will perfect it. After all, they taught whites how its done!
  3. Southpark movie comes to mind. Operation "Get behind the darkies"...makes me laugh everytime
  4. Here's to hoping baby murdering liberals move to states where it is legal!
  5. Damn Amish at it again!
  6. Its not enthusiasm, its desperation. We have to get the idiot Liberals out of office before there is nothign left to save!
  7. According to the "killing each other stat", mostly black liberals have and use guns.
  8. I read that as Abortion Tiger Woods.....I need a drink!
  9. Logic doesnt work against Liberals
  10. Our guy cant reach the water fountain let alone the goal post
  11. Smith was real high on a lot of boards and to be fair, I heard only 16 men graded out as first round picks. Conner has been oin the league for 4 years and is still crap, I believe Smiths problems are easily fixable cause its technique issues. Conners was from his lack of strength which in 4 years he should have fixed. I think this has been overall a good draft so far. Granted, I would have picked Johnson before Smith.
  12. Its very simple, veterans will not vote for Democrats so the Democrats dont give a rats behind about veterans. Democrats are ony interested in power!
  13. Ive been trying weed for years and still cant decide if its right for me....off for more testing!
  14. He has guard feet playing tackle and his hands are always out of position but if they move him to guard, he can be really nasty inside
  15. Thats funny, I looked over all my comments and cant find where I said that. I thought you were a teacher! Please copy and paste for my enjoyment. Also, he is a has been and was fired from Fox news. You have anybody current you want to rant about
  16. For the same reason less money for police leads to more crime
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