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  1. Mount Pleasant opened the season 4-0 winning the Dallas Mavs Fall Classic. They beat WH Adamson, Abilene 55-35, CE King 38-32 and Forney in the Championship 59-50
  2. Thanks Mavchamp once again for dong what you do! I completely agree with everything you have said and the way you have said it. Hopefully next season will be a little more successful for all of the teams in our District! On to round ball, where my MP Tigers have had a little better success of late.
  3. Anyone have any results from the District Track Meet?
  4. Wow! Whoever started this has an axe to grind or is an absolute idiot. MP is what it is moving forward unless we are extremely blessed with a few special groups in back to back years. JV went 10-0 this year and JH teams were above average. If you truly have a clue about MP football, you would understand the uphill battle we face year end and year out. Let’s just assume you are correct, please tell me who you think you are going to attract to be the next HC at MP.
  5. Mount Pleasant has not clinched yet by my calculations. A MP loss with a Nacogdoches and Hallsville win will leave the Tigers at the house. Not saying all three of those are likely, but in this District, who knows??? Jacksonville's 49-20 win over Hallsville is odd to me. AND, for those of us who have followed the MP Tigers all season, anything can happen and I mean anything. One of the strangest high school football seasons I have witnessed.
  6. Not important whatsoever, but Mount Pleasant's overall record should be listed as 2-3 or 3-3 and not 2-4. Losses to Wyle East, Sherman, and Texas High and wins over Whitehouse and Nacogdoches. The Arkansas High game went down as a 2-0 victory for Mount Pleasant, so that would be the 3rd win or just left off. Like I said, no big deal, but your information has always been enjoyable to follow and appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I am sure I missed it but could someone please share the streaming link for this game? Thanks!
  8. You can listen to games covered by East Texas Broadcasting by going to www.easttexasbroadcasting.com, downloading the app for each station or tuning in on your radio. K-LAKE 97.7 Schedule 8/29 Pittsburg at Jefferson 8/30 Mount Pleasant at Wylie East 9/6 Mount Pleasant at North Lamar 9/13 Tatum at Pittsburg 9/20 Paris at Mount Pleasant 9/27 Mount Pleasant at Whitehouse 10/4 Pine Tree at Mount Pleasant 10/11 Mount Pleasant at Marshall 10/18 Hallsville at Mount Pleasant 10/25 Mount Pleasant at Lindale 11/1 Mount Pleasant at Jacksonville 11/8 Nacogdoches at Mount Pleasant STAR 96.9 8/29 Hughes Springs vs Hamshire-Fannet 8/30 Mount Vernon at Bonham 9/6 Paul Pewitt at Hooks 9/7 Daingerfield at Tatum 9/12 Hughes Springs at Waskom 9/13 Redwater at Paul Pewitt 9/20 Winnsboro at Mount Vernon 9/27 Hughes Springs at Mount Vernon 10/4 Jefferson at Hughes Springs 10/11 Pleasant Grove at Pittsburg 10/18 Atlanta at Mount Vernon 10/25 Pittsburg at Gilmer 11/1 Daingerfield at Paul Pewitt 11/8 Mount Vernon at New Boston
  9. I have done baseball and basketball for several years. I do it because I love the game. I would do football also, but I enjoy going to various games (My Game of the Week) on Friday nights. I have not considered quitting because I enjoy it. Do I have nights when I get home and wonder why I do it, absolutely, but 95% of the time I love it! I do not do it for the money, although the money is great. Lots of officials do it for the money and do not spend time studying and working to improve. I want to be better every time I leave the court or field. I grade myself and I have always said that I want to be able to leave and feel comfortable saying that I would be glad to sit down and watch the game with the coaches who I just did the game for. As a fan, I am tough on officials because it bothers me that there are officials who officiate and could really care less what kind of a job they do. If we are going to do a job in life and be paid to do it, then there should be some sense of pride in the job that we do. Lots of officials are all about getting paid and get done asap! Fans who do not understand the game (which is a large number and every town has them), really bother me, but it is simply part of the game. Stupid fans really make me laugh and for the most part, I don't hear them much. I am to focused on doing my job and doing it to the best of my ability. Players are making it difficult at times as well and I blame a lot of this on the parents. They have been told there entire life how good they are and when things don't go the way they want them to go, then you see the attitude. Entitlement is killing our young people, but that is a subject for another day. Anyway, off my soapbox, we need officials in every sport. We struggle to cover games each year and it is becoming more difficult each year, so come join us. We need all the help we can get and just block out the idiots and do it for the love of the game.
  10. One bright spot MP has going for them is the Freshman team. I believe they are unbeaten and have been beating folks pretty bad.
  11. Mavchamp-I have said this before and I will say it again, THANKS for all the work you put in to keep us updated. As for recommendations moving forward, any chance you could start one will all involved and then just keep the one Marshall is involved in at the time up to date and hope someone will pick up where Marshall is not involved. Just my thoughts. Not sure anyone can touch the job you have done and I will sure miss it once Football is over and the other sports roll around, but if done this way and some of us will pick it up, it would be nice to follow all of the 5A teams in our area. The pay is so good, maybe you could consider doing it all. Does that make any sense? 5A Div I (Football Only) (Region II) Texas High John Tyler Mckinney North Mesquite Poteet Sherman West Mesquite Wylie East 5A Div II (Football Only) (Region III) Focus on this one during football Marshall Hallsville Pine Tree Mount Pleasant Jacksonville Whitehouse Lindale Nacogdoches --------------------------------------- Basketball/Baseball/Softball/Volleyball/Cross Country/Soccer15-5A (Region II) Greenville Lindale Mount Pleasant Royce City Sulphur Springs Texas High 16-5A (Region II) Focus on this one during Basketball/Baseball, etc. Marshall John Tyler Lufkin Hallsville Jacksonville Pine Tree Whitehouse Nacogdoches Thanks again for all that you do!
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