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  1. De Kalb Bear fan pulling for Pewitt
  2. <br/>Correct me if I am wrong, but in the event Pewitt and De Kalb both win, then there would be a three-way tie for the second and third spots with EF, PP and DK all having 5-2 records. I believe in this scenario, that PP and EF would advance based on points.
  3. Us folks from De Kalb haven't had much to say all year, but a long year. I am actually amazed that mathematically we still have a shot at play-offs.
  4. Don't know much about Waskom, so I don't have a clue of how this game will turn out. Stopped by practice at De Kalb for a few minutes yesterday and was encouraged to see all starters practicing for first time since the first district game against Pewitt. Hope that both teams play well and we have a good game.
  5. Here's mine for this week: Hughes Springs +19 over Pewitt Waskom + 28 over LK New Diana + 26 over Ore City De Kalb + 6 over Elysian Fields.
  6. If #2 is healthy this week, Bears will keep it close. Might even pull off upset.
  7. Bears are improving a little each week. De Kalb 28 LK 20
  8. My Predictions: HS +10 over ND EF +35 over OC Waskom + 14 over PP De Kalb + 8 over LK
  9. Unofficial Historian for De Kalb, but here goes. De Kalb Vs. (Last played) Paul Pewitt 23-25-1 (2011) Linden Kildare 14-19-2 (2003) EF 0-2-2 (2001) Ore City (never) Waskom 0-2-0 (1993) Hughes Springs 30-18-1 (2011) New Diana 1-3-0 (2003)
  10. Terrance Ganaway- RB-De kalb-Baylor- is on the St. Louis Rams 53 man roster.
  11. IF Bears learn to tackle during practice this week, the outcome may surprise a lot of Smoakers.
  12. Bears lost in the semi-finals to Childress in 1976 .( 4th round @ that time)
  13. Good luck to the young inexperienced Bears, will be there cheering you on,
  14. Last one to leave town, don't forget to turn out the lights. GO BEARS GO
  15. Good Luck Bucks, someone tell Tony Dennis that a De Kalb fan said hello.
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