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  1. Ya, Tatum fans have great pride, every now and then too much, but they always call their team great. Evans is an amazing coach. Just because Tatum Smoaky fans think their Tatum team should win state doesn't mean they are truly the best. They always are well coached and play hard. lay off the kids and the coach, or whoever. Call for crow eating, but when a team that lives off speed hasa bad night in the pouring rain, don't start calling for heads, unless you want everything to think you've lost yours
  2. And to add another conflict to this just to see some sparks....hasn't Marshall been phasing football out for awhile anyways?? (kidding, would love to see the doc keep his yap shut and to see Marshall be more competitive also)
  3. Well, if I'm out-voted, by all means enjoy the political debate lol.
  4. Everyone here was on the same side until someone went political...this isn't the politics thread.
  5. Tatum winning 17-0 in fourth....I'm not there, but it's what i heard
  6. A lot of bashing going on here. Obviously, a scheduling mistake was made by the girls basketball coach at Tatum. they have been punished according to the rules. It could have hurt badly if their season had been any less successful. Now here's my issue...this obviously is a case of oversight rather than an attempt to cheat, but many people on here seem to enjoy this happening. Don't get your enjoyment from bad things happening to others.
  7. Well, hopefully they will do the right thing and offer him a contract.
  8. I don't like to disclose a lot of personal info on here, but I also don't talk trash so that's okay, but I wanted to add my 2 cents here. I coached in 3A and I'm very familiar with Gilmer, Henderson, Kilgore, and many others. East Bernard has better players position by position than all of them, in my opinion. All skills kids match up with Gilmer, for example, but Slalinas is a lot better than anyone they have. Their line is far superior to them. I think they would beat any of them. I do think it would be close, though. Now, I doubt they could beat Stephenville, but they would play t
  9. Was reported today the time was hand held and wind aided. would be more like a 10.2
  10. Hall, Abraham SR South Grand Prairie 9.74 in 100m http://www.ttfca.com/5A-5.pdf I doubt this time is completely legit, but I did read he had the fastest time in the state going in to the meet.
  11. Those are tough odds no matter how tough the district is. However, it appears Henderson, Carthage, and Gilmer have a shot at going deep. I'm interested in seeing how good the other teams are too. After week zero, it's hard to rule out Pitt or Gladewater from the playoff race. I give them a 50% chance at having 1 state champ and a 25% chance of having two.
  12. As most of you pointed out, this all comes down to fair play. I would guess that most private institutes mirror UIL and have enough pride to maintain passing standards and other things we all value. I don't think we are here to attack any specific private schools, or the existence of private schools as a whole. The fact is this: There are schools in other states that have been extremely successful in football because of recruiting. Evangel is the best example because we all know of it. How do you prevent recruiting? How do you prevent athletic scholarships? How do you ensure l
  13. My picks for QB's that I have seen Best overall QB: Barnes from Henderson. He's extremely smart and competitive and cool under pressure. He has a good arm and good athletic ability, and he's very accurate. He might be the best passer as well, but in my opinion, he's the best leader for certain. Best passer: QB from Whitehouse. He's accurate and makes good decisions. He is well coached and makes plays. Does great in the quick passing game. I put best passer, but that doesn't mean he cannot make plays with his feet. Best athletic QB: Overstreet from Tatum. He's got a strong
  14. You can see results of each region and division at Txrunning.com
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