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  1. PP beat RW 44-6. Also don’t quote me but Daingerfield vs Grand Saline Thursday in Gladewater is what I was told. I know I have been off of Smoaky this year until now and was going to take the whole season off but I couldn’t resist any longer. Paul Pewitt faces Harmony in round 1 Pewitt will play Harmony in the first round of the UIL Texas High School playoffs . Info for the game as follows : Paul Pewitt vs Harmony at Hallsville Bobcat Stadium , Friday November 13 at 7:30 PM . Tickets will be for sale AT the gate for $5 a piece . There will be no presale tickets . Pewitt will b
  2. alrighty yall. here I am. I been licking my wounds all weekend and up through this morning, yes we lost, and PP won. thats all i can say about the situation. I really do hate the fact that a student/player got called out like that, especially by a bleacher warmer that has never even played football before and probrably couldnt even tell you what a 4th down and 2 is lol. Congrats to my neighbors from Pewitt, yall go bring home a BIG MORRIS COUNTY CHRISTMAS PRESENT. we will be with you all the way to state . Yes I hate it that we lost and now have to cheer on our neighbors but it is what it is,
  3. someone said earlier the meeting was in the bathroom, but im just saying what i read. dont include me in the mix, i will be at the concession buying the cheese fries out before etf gets there lol
  4. i better hear you chanting tonight lol , we gotta get loud and proud. Tigers by 20. kinda miss ole 98crush there leading the nation with the chant lol, bring him with ya
  5. there ya go Newtonres7586. Do just what Mavgrad said, I had to do the same thing a couple weeks ago, and with a smartphone you should check it for updates every once in a while anyway or your phone will eventually lock up and not work. Hope this helps
  6. a lot of talent coming up. about the same or more. Jv team this yr has been undefeated for 3 years and i think only losing 4 or 5
  7. smartphone app.. look in your app store. its free just search klake 97.7
  8. you can download the app for 97.7 klake or star 96.9 . to be honest i didnt make it to SFA so i had the 97.7 app on my phone and was tuned in lol ... hated i missed the game in person, it sounded like it was a nail biter
  9. just drive on over to mt pleasant. they got good food over there too.. and its gonna be a game you dont wanna miss
  10. but them 2 turnovers is gonna cost them brahmas...lol PP 37 DF 50
  11. I just asked Alexa what her plans were for December 13th, and she said she will be at Waco ISD on the home side with Daingerfield fans watching the Tigers play East Bernard Brahmas.
  12. feeling ashamed of the way we treated them brahmas and sent them to the BB court
  13. we are bringing our emotional animal, we draggin him out to center field and beating that animal to a pulp,, hes a brahma lol Daingerfield 42 PP 28
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