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  1. Just heard Dee Lewis is out and one of our best receivers was complaining of ankle pain in practice today
  2. Defense is strong and again my opinion but I believe Daingerfield will shut their run game down if they play like they have been. They should shut the run game down and force the wildcats to pass and even then with the secondary we have might be a few pick 6’s. It’s gonna be a good game. You may not want to miss it.
  3. You ain’t here yet? I’m not a drinker but we smoke some bbq on the Oklahoma Joe smoke pit. At my age and I have a small pharmacy of meds I have to take for health issues that don’t allow the .
  4. Yes it’s gone be tough on them mudcats to accept a loss but it’s coming. Today’s my Birthday and I stopped by the Tiger Den this morning and told the Tigers all I want for my Birthday is a win this coming Friday and they told me “we got ya covered” and I feel confident but y’all have a great day I’m checking out until later this week. Celebrating my birthday all week
  5. That’s ok that’s what we want them to do cause those Tigers will quickly put up 20 points on them Mudcats and then let them run the clock out. I see them Tigers keeping enough points for cushion while letting Waskom run the clock because all Waskom is going to be able to do is run the ball. I don’t see their passing game working against our secondary
  6. Daingerfield has played some teams that have done that hurry up offense and then get play and I think they have adjusted and responded real well. I think we do the same thing from time to time so that won’t phase them Tigers that much
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