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  1. Gunter has speed as well. I’m gonna stick with the voices In my head. GUNTER
  2. Waskom had a great season. Both teams played a great game I honestly think Gunter will get the Gold next week though
  3. Luck is working in my favor pretty good K’wolfe. Came up with a Ben Franklin in my pocket, got about 30 in my pocket now so I say the franklins are on the rise Franklin by 20
  4. Nope my first post after the game was giving Waskom props and congrats. But I guess at your second grader mentality you overlooked it . Enjoy your last week of football
  5. Just like Waskom gonna be soft as charmin this week I paid my respects to your team after our loss and also said I would be pulling for y’all the rest of the way but apparently that was not logical and blowing hot air and senseless. Hahaha. Add up the state championship rings for Daingerfield and see if Waskom can match that! Daingerfield aka TitleTown... Tigers on Top. Once a Tiger Always a Tiger... haters gonna hate.
  6. Lol and your saying you Waskom supporters don’t blow hot air? I will continue to support my Tigers win or lose. You can like it or hate it but my Tigers make a lot of noise in the playoffs every year just about it. I will choose Tigers any day in a battle. If you can’t take the trash talk all you have to do is delete your smoaky account and trade it off for a looney tunes account Waskom has 1 week left before basketball
  7. See... I was tryna be a wildcat fan for once and root you guys in but you gonna make it hard on me.. so now I must be the honest fella and go with my gut instinct Waskom 20 Franklin 48
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