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  1. Come on Newton what's the deal. Daingerfield beat harmony 49-28. Looks like harmony is playing their A1 game. Did Newton forget to get off the bus or what
  2. 2 good powerhouse teams is all I can say. And one helluva playoff ball game. Well worth the price of admission.... except for the L
  3. Your right but it hurts bad bad bad on our end, losing by 4 on the 10 yard line and knowing we got 3 receivers who are really good but we just couldn't make contact. I think I would have rather lost by 20 than just 4 and should have been able to punch it in but couldn't. Congrats to Newton on the stand-up hold on defense. They never held us that good all night until when it counted
  4. This week should be gravy for yall. I'm probably gonna be on attendance save me a seat
  5. So what was your honest opinion on Daingerfield having no defense? just curious. But that game had you on the edge of your seat I know it did yall should roll easily down harmony lane
  6. Daingerfield beat harmony so it should be Newton for the win. But it is a bunch of teenage men playing and anything can happen Newton 40 Harmony 14
  7. It's been a helluva good week talking noise all week with all the Newton faithful.
  8. Well, what do I say. Both teams played some good ball. All week I heard was Newton had a defense and Daingerfield does not. I think everyone seen different tonight. Good luck to the eagles, and good job to my Tigers on a great season. I will take just a side of crow, not a full serving because Daingerfield may have been the only team to hold Newton under 20 points, hold them scoreless in 2nd,3rd and 4th quarter and daingerfield only lost by 4, so it wasn't a total disaster. Good luck the rest of the way eagles I'm pulling for yall
  9. I don't blame Leroy. 400 yards rushing and 5 tds in the first quarter he tired. Now put Dco in for the other 400 rushing yards and 5 mo touchdowns. Not counting the 4 passing tds that DOuble D caught.
  10. Looks like the Eagles landing got screwed up and the eagles is about to get gobbled up..
  11. Last years photo? After we beat wr in the playoffs but where was Newton sitting? On the bus?
  12. Never seen a straight track.. how many 1 mile and 2 mile relays are in a straight line? And the only difference in track speed and turf speed is the material. Ain't you a guru
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