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  1. he wears a game towel every game thats says RIP MAMA and some player from Center took it and would not give it back
  2. did edwards move on to coach somewhere else or not.. whats really goin on sorry i been out of the loop for a minute
  3. he has a video on his snapchat that he is returning this week, but your right who knows
  4. 45 minures until kickoff, if ya aint here yet you may not find a seat, visitor side is smaller than a church house nursery
  5. vosky wont have any wick to burn tonight. he will feel like hes on Jefferson team tonight
  6. cant even remember his password but he can remember a fairy tale lol..smh...
  7. you will understand it better when you see the setup tonight. gonna be some lights out football being played in about 8 hours in timpson'ville. tigers 40 bears 21
  8. Teeter may get in a time or 2 but he wont be the starter for tomorrow
  9. i would start out saying that Timpson is a very well coached team and i have much respect for that matter but to me if Daingerfield can go to Timpson and break their at home record since the 2019 then to me thats almost as good as winning state. keep in mind Daingerfield is known for breaking records like Celina's 64 winning streak was broken by Daingerfeild. these boys this year on the Daingerfield team are hungry for a state championship and a little more than half of the team has played together since little league when they won 3 superbowl championships and now with the addition of a UT Texas commmit it makes it even more appealing to the chances that Daingerfield wins this week, im not going to be a homer nor am i going to be crazy with a prediction saying Daingerfield by 50 but i kinda feel like it will be something like TImpson 28 Daingerfield 40.. see yall friday and best of luck to both teams and pray for no injuries see yall friday. may just be serving up some bear flavored jerky
  10. easy on the center there bud, hes just an 8th grader hes learning lol
  11. runnn forest runnnnn lol... i bet Dixon rode a lawnmower to the game too lol
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