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  1. Just depends on which way the rooster gazes when he crows. You know what they say..... some days it's chickens and some days its feathers
  2. I took a 4 day vacation from smoaky and thought surely I would come back to 15 pages on this thread. I see some of you tiger fans have high hopes like last week. I like the fire though. But if we play like we did last week it may be a rough ride. Daingerfield for the win and give center a rough ride, they like rough rides. They are in fact the rough riders weather for game time looks like it's going to be a cool briskly 58 degrees with a 9 mph wind out of the north. May see some light and variable dust flurries. It may rain but it may not. Safe travels to the game and back home for both teams and fans. Injury free game, and I will be back next week to chalk it up about whether the bye week will beat us or not. TNF OUT......
  3. With Daingerfield coming off of a loss to #1 in 2A division 2 Timpson Bears what are your thoughts. Let's hear it.
  4. I will take my crow raw with a side of salt n pepper. Please just don't fry it. Timpson is Legit. Good luck the rest of the way. Terry Bussey and I think it's #8. 8 has a set of wheels for sure. Safe travels home to everyone
  5. He was speaking of the school folksies. It's one of the fans that does Tiger Tube. But let KW tell it to you, I like hearing him speak lol. He speaks with a little bit of a whistle cause of his teefis being out of whack ....
  6. Tiger streaks streaming back and forth down the field but yes look on tiger tube I think it's a YouTube channel....better yet come watch the live action, we will save ya a seat or 3 . Timpson is just a speed bump in our path to DFW.
  7. Better get to the 50 yard line, 12th row up, pretty close to the press box. $39.99
  8. I will be here either way, and it's highly unlikely that we will be the crow eaters. However if it is... I will take it with a side of candied jalapeños and some minced bear liver
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