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  1. One thing for sure, @RETIREDFAN1 will get to see what the real team from Texas looks like this week.
  2. This was a mud rump stomping if I ever seen one. Colts shoulda' waved white flag at half.
  3. Alamo Bowl va Washington. Huskies have the #1 passing offense in the nation and two 1,000 yard receivers.
  4. Good info. on the Texas defense. https://www.on3.com/teams/texas-longhorns/news/texas-football-defensive-improvement-by-the-numbers/
  5. @JohnnyFootball how does the Timberview OL that's committed to Texas look in the game against Longview?
  6. Man I really wanted this guy last year for Texas. I don't recall anything in his recruitment that would have indicated he would turn until a total head case and problem. Glad Texas ended up flipping Terrance Brooks, he started the last two games and looked good, I think he'll end up being a good one.
  7. Think he could end up at UTSA with Traylor or TX State with Kinne?
  8. This is why I don't think it'll matter if an OC/play caller is hired. I just don't see Jimbo staying out of the way or not meddling in the play calling.
  9. Another big win tonight over #7 Creighton 72-67.
  10. Had injury problems right? Thought he looked pretty good when actually on the field. Or am I thinking of someone else?
  11. Texas had the same ref crew against Oklahoma State and Baylor. Those two teams combined had one penalty and Texas had around twenty five or so.
  12. Still some dead weight on the Texas roster that needs processed.
  13. Left Tackle is in good hands the next two years and on the path to being the first OL taken in the 2025 draft if he stays the course IMO.
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