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  1. Greenville, SC police not putting up with crap like Portland, Seattle, ect.
  2. Yep just look at what the last two things democrats have rioted/protested over. This and a life long criminal that was doped up on fentanyl.
  3. Back to blocking streets and roads. Unsuccessfully.
  4. He can't even make it up stairs, who thought it was a good idea to let him on a bike?
  5. I hope gas goes $15-$20 in California/Oregon/Washington. Those loons keep voting for this crap, they deserve it.
  6. The CWS looks pretty wide open to me. I think any of the eight teams have a shot at it. I don't see a team on the level of last year's Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, or even last years Texas and NC State. Its going to be fun to watch.
  7. Yep spoke to soon. Had to leave the house when it was 7-2, got back and they hit the walk off.
  8. Disappointing season for baseball. Started out awesome the first several weeks and was just an average team the rest of the way.
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