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  1. You beat one team last year with a winning record. One. And that was a four loss Florida team that ended up being, as you guys say, a "bdf type" game where a defensive stop was a rarity. My bad, two winning teams against an NC team that had nearly all it's studs opt out. Forgive us if we don't believe the almighty Jimbo would "whip" Texas because you beat four terrible teams that fired it's coaches and an LSU team that was not any good last season, all .500 or below teams.
  2. Both teams have a talented RB room. Texas still has Rojo, who will do a lot of the between-the-tackles running, and the Bama' transfer is a homerun threat. He didn't play this past year, but averaged over 6 yards per carry as a freshman in 2019. I'd expect him to get the ball between a handful to a dozen times a game.
  3. Any side claiming "we will smoke them for so and so many years" is just being a die hard fan. We've seen over and over what happens in rivalry games in college football. Oregon State beat the Ducks just this past season. Auburn gets Bama' more than you would think. A pitiful Arkansas has been yards away from beating a&m multiple times. For goodness sakes, a Charlie Strong Texas team with Jerrod Heard at QB beat an OU playoff team.
  4. Well played Maryland. Well played.
  5. Supposedly Dylan Campbell is tearing it up in summer ball wherever he's playing. Texas will also have Stewart (P) and Kash (1B/DH) coming in from HS that many thought would go in the draft.
  6. Texas/OU isn't going to potentially make this move and wait 4 years.
  7. This guy may be a nice bullpen arm next year. Missed all of last season.
  8. Gotta say, as a lifetime longhorn fan, this is probably the most excited I've been to watch the big 3 men's sports teams in the same upcoming season.
  9. Tristan Stevens is coming back. What do you guys think of a weekend rotation next year of Hanson/Stevens/Tanner Witt?
  10. That's the 23' class QB commit for them.
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