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  1. Will Elijah Robinson leave to reunite with Rhule at Nebraska?
  2. It'll be KSU. Texas screwed itself when they blew 14 points leads in Lubbock and Stillwater.
  3. Man I remember really hoping Texas could get Clayton Smith back during his recruitment. What happened? If he couldn't get on the field this year then it probably wasn't going to happen. Arkansas bound maybe?
  4. PK is still calling the plays and it's his defense. Patterson helps break down film and opponents and thay helps, but yes I give PK the credit.
  5. The difference in the defense from last year was night and day. They still had occasional spurts of breakdowns, but this was a much improved unit. I was never on the "fire PK" train as the guy had a decade plus of fielding high rated defenses. I don't think he all the sudden forgot how to coordinate a defense. Every position group looked improved and we are seeing guys get developed, which has always been Texas' problem. Ford, Barron, all the interior DL guys, ect improved big time from last year. Next year, I'd like to see a little more athleticism/speed on the back end and better DE play. Sorrell is a good player, but Ovie never really provided much of a pass rush. I think a year of growth from guys like Ethan Burke, J'Mond Tapp, and others will provide a better pass rush on the outside next year. Keep adding players like from last class and the current one and Texas will have the type of players needed on defense when they enter the SEC.
  6. Johnathan Brooks has looked real good anytime he's come in IMO. Will have Blue and Baxter coming in and he's an EE.
  7. Jaylon Ford is going to be tempted to leave. Hope he stays. Should be Big 12 DPOY and get some All-American recognition. Ford's development plus A&M laying an egg more than likely gets Anthony Hill. Texas dominated an experienced/veteran DL the 2nd half.
  8. That was a fumble on that option play, but whatever, this ref crew is pathetic.
  9. Same ref crew from the Oklahoma State game. In six quarters of play with this crew the opposition has zero penalties.
  10. Seeing on Texas boards that the Texas Instagram is recognizing the Srs for tomorrow and didn't have Sweat on it.
  11. I knew retiredfan was a Boyz fan all along. We dem Boyz.
  12. Yep. Jerry and Boyz gone get some of that John Madden turkey ducken.
  13. I just stuffed my face and feel miserable, just layed up waiting for Boyz to come on TV for a win. After Boyz win we'll be singing that song by ol' Ice Cube "Today was a good day".
  14. I can already smell the turkey, dressing, ect. and Boyz win tomorrow. Tru stori, and my sniffer never lies.
  15. A&M does not have a single offensive skill player committed for the 23' class. That's just hard to believe at this point. Are they going to evaluate Sr film and look to get guys after NSD1 or dip into the portal?
  16. Do you guys think any of Coburn-Sweat-Ojomo will come back next year? The interior DL has been stout all year and those three would be big holes to fill if all three leave.
  17. Oh yeah! Lots good food + Boyz win makes for a great Thanksgiving.
  18. You must plan on watching a rerun of a game played years ago that the Giants won. In live real time on Thursday Boyz gone roll.
  19. See I called it!! The truest of tru stories!
  20. I only got to watch the first quarter and had to leave, but I did drive by the new Zippy J's in Tyler when I left, so I took that as a good sign for the Boyz, and sure enough I get home to see a mud stomp. Boyz did to Vikings like the Rock would do to Kirtfalcon if they had a WWF match: drug em down know-your-roll boulevard, hung a right on jabroni drive, and checked em' in to the smackdown hotel. Like you said, Boyz started a new streak that might go all way to Super Bowl.
  21. Eight Big 12 teams are bowl eligible. I don't even know what comes after playoff/Sugar Bowl, Alamo, Camping World, and Texas Bowl for Big 12 games??
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