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  1. I don't think Texas will end up #1, but the main thing is they are landing the majority of the targets they have at/near the top of the board. I think offensively, they are done outside of Hale. And I wouldn't be to disappointed even if they miss on him. Texas will have no problem landing a portal WR if they ever need to. Duce Robinson is taking an OV and is an obvious numbers buster. Still need about 2-3 DT/DE's, a couple DB's, and maybe another LB.
  2. Does anybody else think this is one of those years where Auburn win 9 or 10? Seems like everytime they are picked last or low is when they have these type of years. They've got some pieces to actually be pretty good. Oh @MavGrad99 my neighbors brother played for LSU, think back in Les days? Brothers name is JD Moore, played Fullback.
  3. Everyone will still play Alto, but it'll basically be considered a non-district game in the standings and in regards to district seeding.
  4. If UIL would have let them play and make the playoffs then how is it fair to whoever finishes 5th and should be in the playoffs? What's the coach supposed to tell his team? "Sorry kids, we should be playing another week in the playoffs, but a team that should be in the next division up gets to take your spot." UIL made the right call.
  5. With Cushing running the flex bone that game'll be over by 8:30-9.
  6. So who's grabbing the open playoff spot now between Mt and Overton?
  7. Place needs a purge starting in administration building. Bring in an outsider(s) that want listen to or put up with the small town politics BS. The school has been in the news several times from the start of the new year and none of it has been good. Some people need to be Vince McMahon'd.
  8. Texas offered him back in January/February. Yeah he's a big guy. I think if Texas hadn't landed Sydir Mitchell they would have went hard after him for the NG/1-tech position.
  9. Actually Strong's year one defense and Orlando year one had very good defenses and then went down the toilet. Orlando could defend the pro-style, slow paced offense, but had no clue on tempo/spread.
  10. Mississippi State has by far the most returning starters and Leech has a 3rd year QB. I think they finish higher then 6th. Playing Georgia this year may ding them in the standings, but they get A&M and Arky at home.
  11. The TE from California looks really good IMO. 6'7 240+ lbs with half his highlights blocking and half receiving and does it at one of the top programs in the nation (Mater Dei). I think the OT from Melissa will end up a 4*. The thing up to this point is Texas hasn't really missed on many of its targets. The WR that just committed to OU stinks cause' I think he's going to be really good. The 2 corners committed to a&m, but Texas looks like it's about to get Malik Muhammed and I think they get that real good CB from Baton Rouge. I think Texas could have gotten a better guy than the WR Wilson and Cojoe looks like a project (I saw he's an EE and will still be 16?), but other than that I'm not sure what's not to like so far. #1 or #5 class who cares as long as you're landing most the targets at the top of the board.
  12. Cushing will be solid. Not saying they'll win district, but they'll be a scrappy bunch. Played Lovelady and Tenaha close for a half last year and should have won the playoff game. Good numbers and experience returning, especially at OL. JV played a full schedule last year and only lost 1 game (to Carlisle). They've made the playoffs 3/4 years under current staff and I expect it to be 4/5 this year.
  13. This who Russia wants for a prisoner exchange. Per the ESPN report:"Russia has sought the release of an arms dealer named Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the United States for supporting terrorism. But sources have said there are voices in the Biden Administration who have argued against releasing Bout, who is known by his nickname, "the Merchant of Death."
  14. "Stop playing with yourself Hooper" "Love to prove that wouldn't ya? Get your name in the National Geographic"
  15. Can he run one in Texas to to get all the loons in Austin and Barry's of the state a one way ticket outta' here?
  16. Greenville, SC police not putting up with crap like Portland, Seattle, ect.
  17. Yep just look at what the last two things democrats have rioted/protested over. This and a life long criminal that was doped up on fentanyl.
  18. Back to blocking streets and roads. Unsuccessfully.
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