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  1. Honey Grove's girls not ranked is a bit of a mishap.
  2. I know who and what you are talking about SForce6, but I hardly think one person is the only reason kids are leaving for Detroit.
  3. How the 3rd round game with Clarksville gonna go this year?
  4. There have been more than one factory close down but those were actually years ago. The population of the town really hasn't dropped like the school enrollment. There are many kids with Clarksville addresses attending Detroit, Rivercrest, and Avery. Mostly Detroit though.
  5. Clarksville should win this district. Off to a good start.
  6. Pretty sure UnclePig being sarcastic......Cville justs needs to stay healthy the next couple of weeks. Offensively, yards are great but that doesn't win games. They will compete for the district title but remember......Cumby, Gateway, Detroit, and Maud. Beat one and you are in......
  7. No one said anything about blaming 0-8 on refs. Never said refs cost Clarksville the game. Just stating facts. Clarksville was getting yards in chunks and in the first half they had several long yardage plays called back by holding calls from the same ref everytime. He was on the Maud sideline all 4 quarters. In the second half, he put his flag in his pocket.Take these comments however you choose to take them but this is fact.
  8. The official blew his whistle as soon as the kid put his hand up to fair catch. Inadvertent whistle. They re-kicked. Clarksville was fortunate. The rest of the night they were very unfortunate due to the most flags I've ever seen thrown by one ref.He just happened to be on Maud's sideline all 4 quarters.
  9. Im here......no excuses. The team that deserved to win won the game. Games are won during the week. It starts on the weekend before the game. Too many bad plays week after week. Clarksville should be better than what is on display. Great win for Detroit. Clarksville has kids in athletics who are not playing football this year, others have quit this year, and others have moved to other schools. Detroit has a few former Tigers in uniform.
  10. lol flowjack.......this was about cville. we will see about jeffersons might as the season goes forward. 3a 1 hangs 70 on 2a II school and also brought their 8th grade team to play the 2a II junior high combined team of mostly 7th graders. they showed their might on thursday as well.
  11. 1. Totally unfounded. Past 25 years? That's a long time. 2. 1 turn off of hwy 82. 1 turn off a fm road. 5 or 6 blocks. Hmmmmmmm????? 3. As mentioned above, 20 straight losses in non-district. 4. Race? Really? 5. Dancing? Really? 6. 2A -2 school. Smallest 11 man in the state. Many have less accommodating facilities.
  12. Why would someone not be willing to play Clarksville?
  13. According to the historical section, in the 16 seasons played in this century, Hooks has had 5 above 500 seasons and 11 not above 500 seasons.
  14. Surely, these rules do not apply to softball...lol
  15. 2 games only in Bowie. Varsity girls start at 5 pm.
  16. Saw some Avery folks in the crowd during the Paris tournament....apparently they weren't that impressed......????
  17. The Arizona Cardinals had one helping with their linebackers in the preseason. Head coach spoke highly of her. Therefore, I would have to say at least one woman out there can definitely coach high school football if she is able to handle coaching at the highest level. If one can handle it, Im sure there are more. Ive been coaching for bout 20 years and SOME of the guys ive had the DISPLEASURE of working with, are clueless (males lol). Not football, but I believe the female coach working for the San Antonio Spurs holds her own as well. The head coach there also speaks well of the female coach.
  18. After watching both teams this morning, looks like Cville/Paris is a good matchup. Both play half court man and Paris likes to push the tempo a little more than Cv. Depth is about even and Paris has a little edge in size with their guards. PHS big twins and Cv Wallace/Gaffney will match up. If either of these 4 get into foul trouble, it could decide the outcome. I do not see a blowout coming unless the aforementioned foul trouble rears its' ugly head or one team just has a terrible night shooting. I think the small school will be able to keep it close. Could be wrong though...we shall see.
  19. The officiating made up for the LE football players being out....lol.
  20. Cv starting point guard did not play vs Faith Family. Only suited 7 for that game.
  21. Clarksville is in the Paris tournament. In case anyone is wondering, Paris enrollment about 900 and Clarksville enrollment about 150.
  22. Clarksville does not have a racial problem. Most people are leaving due to lack of work but many are leaving to other schools in the county. The only high school in the county who's enrollment increased in the most recent reporting was Detroit. Part of the reason for that is not exactly legal according to the UIL but that is another story for another thread. The kids are not wanting to leave it is a perception that currently is wrong but it is what it is people.
  23. Agreed. In this day of poor school funding, money could go elsewhere. It should be the parent or guardians responsibility. You can purchase testing kits online for a minimal amount of money. Also, please do not think for one second, there are not schools out there who will sweep results for certain kids right under the rug. Been there. Seen it. Know it is true.
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