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  1. Lobos numbers are the highest ever .... close to 300 for football ..... workouts are between 350-400 every day.....
  2. I think this team was exhausted due to fact that they weren’t loaded, especially in the senior group offensively.the Oline had a 5-11” 200 lb left tackle.went from 6-7” 290 lbs to that size. Not good in 6a. Wr group was below average for 6a.itwas an overall average oline , good QB,1 good rb and awful wrs. Defense overall was good. Not sure but this finish is about right fir this team.too many mistakes,sloppy and had to be perfect to move on and this team didn’t have that group that just willed themselves to win. It’s ok. Great run Lobos. Looking forward to a new group!
  3. Just how they played from very beginning just leaves a bad taste about this whole year but..... it’s a game and these are kids.... you guys brought Longview a state championship!!!! Love you guys!! Go Lobos! Lobos will be tough again next year... watch! Annoying game is a perfect way to describe it! Just had bad bad vibes. Right away!
  4. The issues the offense has all year hurt them tonight Longviews offense was the issue..... poor performance on offense
  5. Passing game was not even close to what’s needed. It was flat out bad. Was probably this biggest reason for the issues. Just didn’t understand the first. 2 series to start game ..... pass pass pass
  6. Not surprised.... in Dallas... Friday night.... very cold.... windy....Saturday afternoon playoff games just draw double the crowd. Just how it is. King just doesn’t like Saturday games I don’t think.
  7. Saw pine tree play..... average team at best. Zero defense. District is very weak really. Whitehouse wasn’t impressive either. Marshall isn’t bad , but the rest are average at the very best!
  8. Stats matter to them Bush league really That’s why they have lost 5 straight But who cares They need actually get 1 person who plays defense
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