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  1. Okay so they are injured, just going to play though.
  2. Heard that the Tigers have a few players injured also and might not play. Lewis and Jeter.
  3. David and Rodney Mims. David Whitmore. Johnny and Ed Hurndon. Eric Everette.
  4. Our right tackle needs to get ahold of all those holding penalties. That killed almost every drive we went that way. Left and up the middle no problem, but that right side has holding problems.
  5. I look at it as co-champs, but after talking to a coach just now, he says that Dfield would get first off of points or something like that.
  6. I agree with you. Why pass when you have 1st and 10 on their 25 with 3 minutes left in the half. You’re getting getting yardage running the ball. 2 holding penalties and then go for it on 4th and 30. Giving the ball with good yardage to gain momentum going into half.
  7. Yes I saw that too, but on Max preps it has that y’all lost by forfeit. I was wondering what’s going on and if it was true or not.
  8. What happened between Redwater and DeKalb? I’m seeing on Max Prep that they won by Forfeit.
  9. The bears say that they have us figured out and with the injuries, we have no chance. Going to chew the clock up on us and run over our 3-4 defense. Too many gaps. That’s the word. What you think ?
  10. Yeah it’ll probably get denied because of people like yourself, who can’t stand to see a kid excel at another school. And yes go back and check your history and see if Daingerfield blocked any kids from leaving. Yes senior too. The problem is the hate for Daingerfield and yes I’ll go there, the freaking racism! Point blank period! I’m done here. If you want to talk DM me. If you want to meet up, I’m down for that too.
  11. They have allowed plenty to go to surrounding cities. Plenty!
  12. It’s about the kids man. It’s never a problem when kids from Daingerfield leave to go to other schools. But when they come to Daingerfield, it’s a big problem. I know a lot of kids that have moved to surrounding cities from Daingerfield and not a word has been said. BUT when they move to DAINGERFIELD from surrounding cities, it only has to be for athletic purposes only. You dudes make me sick. Y’all don’t know what’s going on in that kids home. You’re not there trying to help. You don’t know the problems this kid might be having I’m his home. Maybe a change could be better for the kids. And no
  13. They hate on Daingerfield no matter where the kids are coming from. Especially in East Texas.
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