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  1. Region 2 semifinals at Texas A&M-Commerce Friday: 6 pm -- Paris vs. Dallas Lincoln 8 pm -- #4 Brownsboro vs. #13 Sanger This is the first Paris girls team to advance to the 4th round since the 1989 team that lost in the state semifinals. It's been a surprising run for the Ladycats, who have 0 seniors on the squad. Don't know for sure, but I think they attracted a bigger following last night (at Sulphur Springs) than the boys drew (at Pittsburg). Never imagined I'd see that happening.
  2. Unless Frisco ISD decides to opt-up for Panther Creek to keep all their schools in the same classification. Amazing that Frisco now has 12 schools. Also amazing that Frisco is able to keep moving their attendance boundaries to equalize enrollment.
  3. Looks like Nevada Community just squeezed into 4A-1 ranks at 889 (880 - 1299)
  4. The 4A-1 alignment seems pretty reasonable to me. I look forward to seeing Paris & Sulphur Springs back in the same district (it's been 20 years since they were together). I know SSHS has fallen on hard times in football, so the drop in classification has to help.
  5. Paris vs. Dallas Lincoln Thursday, 7:30 pm Wildcat Stadium I believe I heard that Melissa and Argyle are also hosting their bi-district games vs. Dallas schools. Haven't heard anything on Kaufman-Carter yet.
  6. They're the odd-team out in the 3-way tiebreaker based on point differential. They needed Kaufman to beat Melissa to advance as the 4th seed.
  7. Bi-district pairings should be: Melissa vs. North Dallas Argyle vs. Wilmer-Hutchins Paris vs. Lincoln Kaufman vs. Carter
  8. Kaufman has lived in the red zone all night, but only a safety to show for it. It’s Melissa 14-2 with 4 minutes left in that game.
  9. This district matches with 8-4A-1 in the first round. Barring huge second-half comebacks the seeding looks like: 1. Carter 2. Lincoln 3. Wilmer-Hutchins 4. North Dallas
  10. I hope that's right. Otherwise, I'll be tuning in the audio broadcast while watching Kaufman-Melissa until that game gets out of hand. I just don't think Kaufman has the speed to keep pace with Melissa.
  11. There have been times this season when Paris looks capable of holding their own against anybody in the state. Their problem has been consistency over a full four quarters. If they can pack consistency with them when they take that long bus ride to Argyle Friday, then, yes, this could be a meaningful fourth-quarter finish. But history says otherwise. Here are the margins of victory in Argyle's 12-0 record vs. Paris: 20, 38, 33, 46, 24, 11, 37, 20, 12, 21, 21, 28 Although I retired from making the trek to Argyle 3 years ago, I've seen every game in this series. I respect the Eagles' program and wish them well as they move up to 5A, but I will not miss having them on the district and playoff schedule. BTW, I'm guessing there's no live video stream for Argyle-Paris.
  12. Terrell live-streams their home games on YouTube. You can find both their games vs. Melissa and Paris archived online. Texas Football has Argyle favored by 23 over Paris and Melissa by 36 over Kaufman, and I can't argue against either line. It will take lots of favorable breaks and perfect execution for either underdog to spring an upset this week. Argyle is always such a tough matchup for Paris due to size advantage along the line of scrimmage. With Argyle expected to move up to 5A next year, this will likely be the final district matchup in this series, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the two continue to meet on the schedule. Both schools have had a difficult time finding non-district opponents in the past due to geography. Still, lots of folks, myself included, would not miss the long Friday night road trips.
  13. Don't know if district tiebreaker rules are capped at a pre-set margin of victory...otherwise, Kaufman stands at a +7, Paris is a +3, and Anna is -10 in case of a 3-way tie between those 3 teams.
  14. Huge win for Paris to keep its playoff hopes alive. Still lots of scenarios for the postseason from this district. One very good team will be left at home. Two Paris fumbles gave Kaufman an avenue to get back in this game in the second half, but some holding calls killed their momentum.
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