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  1. I'm hearing the attorney's from both sides are not seeing eye to eye. Counsel from TEA is also getting involved now too. This is long, long, long from over guys. Current coach may have to be made the interim Head Football coach, and principal may be made the AD. This may last as long as through the end of 2016? May not? Depends on the legal issues pending.
  2. I like it! I think Wilson has accepted from what I've heard. I was hoping for a McFarlin or Sitton. Thought Wilson wouldn't be considering it. TISD finally did Lee right. This will be a fun football team to watch now. All other area 6A's better be ready for a much better Lee squad.
  3. This is the first test to see if TISD has really changed for the better. Last time it took about three months. I'm hearing they want a hire before the Christmas break, but I wouldn't bet on that. I'd say it will be sometime in mid January.
  4. You might be exactly right, but what some at TISD think they can get and what they actually CAN get is also two different things. We all heard this same thing the last two times around. Lee is a good job, but lets not forget......it isn't GREAT! If it was, Piske would have never been here. Good man and decent coach, but not a good fit for TISD. Heck, even Meador at Lindale turned it down last time. Either way, I for one would be excited to see McFarlin one the sideline at Lee, and I think he is a big grab for Lee. I don't make that decision though. I just get to have fun speculating! For the record.....I DID hear his name from someone at TISD. When you say nobody at TISD is mentioning him, that isn't true. Saying nobody, well you left out some pretty important peeps that are talking about him.
  5. Safe to say it reached a HUGE crowd, despite the number of those in the room. Yes, the room was not packed with people, but despite what many think many of the post game player interview rooms look just like that during a normal week. The back drops just make them seem like it is a huge arena/press conference.
  6. Can't measure a young man's heart. You can tell by his emotion that he loved the game and loved his coach. He is one great young man and was successful because he had a heart the size of Texas!
  7. BUT, BUT, he also did what? WIN! He also made the playoffs every year at Whitehouse(except his first two), had multiple 10 win seasons, a couple of district championships, etc, etc, etc. He has been gone three years and Whitehouse not made the playoffs the last two years and is back to the old Whitehouse. That pretty much speaks for itself. There were some years where Whitehouse was also decent on defense. Much better than average for most wide open spread teams. You might also want to keep in mind that he had some dang good defenses at Daingerfield and Mt. Pleasant. Whitehouse has very average athletes on a yearly basis compared to Lee. I'm sure he would find a way to win and most likely win BIG at Lee. As Old Hornet said, $$$$$ may be the biggest issue and may not allow him to be a candidate.
  8. You guys can be crazy sometimes. Clubhouse talk at the course has been all about Randy McFarlin. Has been for weeks now. He has a good gig in Arkansas so he may not be interested? I guess time will tell.
  9. Can't disagree with Karma, but they really just seemed to keep shooting themselves in the games they needed to win. Some good folks over in those parts, but they are 100% too involved sometimes and their own worst enemy. Until some of the same ole, same ole vocals move on, they will always have issues when times are tough. Morris had some folks in his ear at the time too, but he was kicking and taking names. That shut most of the arm chair guys up.
  10. I know they had some bad luck and ran into some other good teams as well. Mineola and Waskom were expected, but a couple of the other losses were games that could have gone their way. West Rusk, Frankston, and Arp were no push overs. They are like everyone else, no DEFENSE! I know some folks like to watch these high scoring games, but I sure like seeing some games now and then where kids can tackle and play pass defense. It gets to be NON-exciting watching some of these pathetic defenses these days.
  11. Yeah, it "won't / will not" get you one. Academics don't necessarily get you one either! Thinking athletics is about "getting" a job has nothing to do with this entire Whitehouse issue. Athletics means MUCH more to a school.... period! Speaking of, where is the academic forum at? I'm sure that would draw a bunch of public and tax payer interest.
  12. Could mean that the board finally can see that he made a huge mistake with the athletic program and screwed up royally too? Which is very likely what has happened here. Sad for the kids that this administration ever made that move to begin with.
  13. This is Pitt's year! If they get some good bounces and a little luck, they are going to make a good run. Coaching and athletes are as good as most others, or better.
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