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  1. According to the official Longview Lobo Football website (lobosfootball.com).... "Watch Lobos vs. Panthers live on Texan Live The Longview vs. Lufkin playoff game will be streamed live for a fee on TexanLive.com. UIL rules prohibit LISD from providing a free streaming option. Purchase Longview vs. Lufkin game to watch live" GO LOBOS!
  2. Very bad JU JU at Corsicana....never play there, ever! All we had to do was kick it away from Trey Williams. What do we do. We kick it straight to Trey Williams. End of story! Plus always windy!
  3. Wish Longview would get a bigger video screen. It's sorta small for the size of the stadium. I don't know how folks sitting on the south end can even see it without binoculars.
  4. Is there a live webcast of the Aledo vs Mansfield game tonight? If so, what's the link address? Thanks
  5. Thanks, plan on attending and want to support our 15-5A district teams. Good luck and beat John Tyler!
  6. If Lufkin gets offense first....look for the bomb first play! And....If Lufkin has the ball going into halftime...look for the bomb to the endzone! How many times have we been burned on these by Lufkin?!!! Hopefully, history will not repeat itself! If we can cover the big plays over the top.....Lobos win! Go LOBOS!
  7. Been there many times. It is indeed a long walk. Was hopin' to drop by and get a Brown Pig before the game but time may not allow it this year. Go Lobos!
  8. Wow! I might want to re-think. I was planning on about 6. I guess we could get there extra early and recon the situation then adapt if needed. Lots of anxiety about this game! Safe travels, everyone.
  9. It's gonna be a full house tonight. Does anybody know what time the gates will open tonight?
  10. Me Too! It was hard to watch. IMHO, I thought the team as whole was not there mentally. I could see it coming in the warm ups...Ennis was full of energy....we were just sorta just standing around. I hope there is a fire within the beast this year! GO LOBOS!
  11. Where can you see this poll? or Who are 1-10 or even higher?
  12. I saw the same thing. If we can play with that kind of intensity this week then we will be hard to stop. Weather forecast is predicting rain. Hope that's to our advantage with the run game...GO LOBOS!
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