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  1. Teneha gonna look at the Bobo and Blair staffs
  2. Did I really post that? I still think it’s gonna come down to the kicking game in the 2nd half also.
  3. This is looking like this is going to be a low scoring game decided by the kicking game. Gilmer hasn’t ever been known for defense but they’re dam good on defense. This their best defense in a long time ?
  4. So far in the 6 games that’s been played it shows how many calls referees miss during the year.
  5. The up tempo hurt China Spring at the end of that drive. It’ll be interesting to see if the Buckeyes stay with tempo. Looked like Mt. Vernon. I went to the Mt. Vernon/ Brock game and I’ve coached 36 years and never seen a team as fast as Mt. Vernon in their up tempo offense.
  6. How has their kicking game been all year? Especially the FG team and kicker?
  7. Maybe if he had saved some energy from the TD dances he did after he scored. He accidentally broke out in that dance in the endzone last week against Waskom and I thought Fannin was gonna kill him
  8. South Dallas will be out in full force with SOC and Duncanville playing back to back. Wear your bullet proof vest out to the Death Star tomorrow.
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