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  1. Check back in two years and we’ll see. Maybe show them the houses Nick Saban and Tom Herrmann looked at before they turned the job down.
  2. Mathis 2.0 hire, he might be there 2 years and wife will stay in Desoto and he’ll go back.
  3. Wow, I told y’all what would happen and look at his record.
  4. You’re typing words I didn’t say. I’ll type slow, I said it #### if you’re a white man trying to get the job if he already plans on hiring a black HC. Nothing in what I typed says what you comprehended when you read my comment.
  5. I guess it is if you’re white and want the HC job at Henderson.
  6. I will bet my next paycheck that Lamb hires a black HC.
  7. Correct, Bob Jones is the AD.
  8. I can’t believe it, Riley has now announced Chandler Morris can transfer to TCU and signed off the transfer. He knows he has to recruit a Texas and Chad Morris knows a lot of Texas HS coaches!!
  9. I bet this is going to be outstanding because the book was awesome.
  10. The kicker with the affluence is they really ain’t that rich. They don’t have SLC money, they have Parker county money. $100k a year job puts you in the top 10% of affluence in Parker county. And as already mentioned this is taught at home, it’s what kids hear at home. Kids absorb what they hear at home and when they’re at school that racism comes out. But in no way is this an Aledo ISD problem it’s a kid raising problem.
  11. Yep as Bill Parcells said, it’s a “result oriented business”. I personally think it’s more about making productive citizens in society coaching HS. Wins will come but teach those boys how to become a husband and father. As you fellas know being a husband and a father is the hardest “job title” you’ll ever have in your life. i have no clue why my font changed
  12. Is Thurston Lamb the supe? I know him, he was principal at a school south of Ft. Worth. And if Lamb is the supe I have a $100 bill that says he will push to hire a black HC.
  13. Deep East Texas is a different world than the rest of the state. Can we all agree on that point?
  14. I know for a fact because I know them personally that were offered the job and said no thanks. One is on his way to be a very successful HC in HS. The other was a VERY successful HS coach now in college. So yes, they called and talked to other people!! And that’s a FACT.
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