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  1. all I heard after Carthage survive present grove last week "no one left to challenge em" well gilmer says hello.
  2. True well dunno who people think we would replace king with for any better results
  3. This been preached but we need a tougher non district schedule look at Lancaster their 9-5 and still playing marshall hell any etx team not helping us anymore but we want that flashy record does us no good come playoffs time I remember the days we would enter playoffs at 6-4 or 7-3 and have better playoff runs
  4. Maybe the coach from Bryant,ark he clearly knows how to win big games he did say he liked our facilities bar his coaching in Arkansas but still pretty impressive sure he could do even better with our talent?
  5. We clearly played with aledo last year we were up two scores like last night but king whatever reason Played conservative in second half Mr nice coach
  6. , We lose alot of 3 year starters , we return a few guys but not as many as this year.can't really say any these classes r "special" anymore cause how we use it unfortunately
  7. Longview the place where talent is wasted won't matter for those classes coming up probably same results unfortunately.unless something changes I won't be surprised we start losing talent because they see what's going to happen if stay
  8. Same can be said with Trent Malcom and vondrell and Chris Ivory on one team
  9. Looking like we were opening up the offense in the second quarter te long TD catch and big te catch to set up a TD run they classic land a egg in second half
  10. Cant have em press snap flags if we able to get bye this week forney is wanting that rematch last I saw they r up big
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