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  1. Says their side of bracket was weaker semi finals they played cc veterans memorial says enough why aledo played Longview
  2. True but quick slate up middle been good to they were blitzing bombs didn't have time that late in game heck who knows hale may have broke the slant off for td or longer gain.dang shame we didn't get to play for ring atleast once with #8 well bama gonna know how to use him and get him the ball gonna be fun watching.
  3. My point was we didnt try for anything other then a bomb hoping for td on one play could of done short passes two firsts down atleast had chance for FG to tie
  4. What happen to 26' Houston rowe?
  5. Even with that fumble they could of scored again to put game away but defense kept us in it and also aledo bad punt we had two hr delay and three downs couldn't get one yard 🫣
  6. Imagine it be tutt,one the maverick brothers and maybe even #11 dk switch from wr back to QB
  7. Shot throw the kid in as a freshman he grow teams do it north shore for one
  8. 2022 JV also has some guys too that were pretty salty with time under their belt come playoff time will help as well,pretty sure defense be about the same keep us in these games hopefully able to wrap up tackles ,and offense able to adjust better.
  9. Sad ending fun season hale was and is a beast didn't have qb or the plays to use him more ,be fun to watch him next year at bama they will have a QB to get him the ball,see y'all in 6months? And we try again ..
  10. Hopefully we finally able beat a top tier program,will be in Dallas day before if so and will go watch Carthage warm up the field for us the day before
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