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  1. We may have a better shot at winning week one now I hear they also lost coaches on the defense side as well. I call we go 2-1 vs the early top three teams we play, that one loss coming to either ryan or hp. We will beat Bryant,ark ,No way we let a out of state team come to our house and win. But if we do win week one with this young team I can see us winning all three
  2. I probably spit balling but haven't Carthage had year of missing playoffs under current coach? Jsing King has made playoffs all 17 years how many current coaches can say that?
  3. True Why didn't 2004/2005 win it all? Those two teams were loaded with future NFL players
  4. plus hk was around the program since was a baby time got to hs he knew the system top to bottom
  5. How many players are home grown and actually born in denton I know that #96 transferred in
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