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  1. well dang so they still had longer one then longview before 2018
  2. ikr two dozen+ actually ,wonder who has the longest drought now after we finally got the job done in 18
  3. nice so we join the 800 win club by end of 2025 season,if we keep up the 10wins a year avg.
  4. No disrespect to them but marshall isn't a signature win now days. Especially when you have way more kids
  5. So Tyler high and lufkin lose Longview from district but gain highland Park
  6. So many could of beens that ended different to injuries or other things
  7. Tyler mcray went off that game was fun to watch ,who knows how those two years end if he was 100%
  8. Sounds like that big oline soc having issues vs PNG dline
  9. I'd take a non district game vs aledo at the star so no weather excuses ,we lose won't be as bad if were a playoff game would make us better,then slapping around marshall yearly doesn't help us helps em more then does us.
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