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  1. And all that lost to a legit team by 4 had chance to at end to win if line could block
  2. They could held head when got down 16 but fought back and few plays away from winning it wish josh would ran for that on 3rd and 6 may got first down
  3. So holder on fg able to catch ball why on knees and throw it back to kicker ,thought u down when knees touch
  4. Always time for the first one be one our best recent wins for sure .
  5. Mark it tie game 2mins left Willie picks it off class lobo drive down set up for kicker to nail 30-40 yard game winning fg with single digit seconds left Bos win shocking state
  6. Daamn that was months ago dudes still salty huh P.s. he most be bored nothing to talk about up there in Arkansas no other competition
  7. Who's your team? probably someone lobos beat huh can be salty on the couch why we in round 3
  8. i have that feeling we are about to see the best game from bos and shock the state, hard to beat same team twice in same year.
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