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  1. We only won state and broke the 80+ year streak by one and we were happy as hell! Win is a win
  2. Not looking ahead to North but you know the boys want that payback from last year
  3. My big question is can Lancaster overcome the mental of being beat by us the last 3 meetings
  4. we got depth pretty much every where even waterboy depth
  5. just wait til u see his cousin mason talk about special o_o
  6. wow we can beat you different ways offense, defense scores kick off or punt returns o_0
  7. we gonna be hard to beat if w e keep playing like this..
  8. hope we get atleast 50 on em i mean its district points could matter at the end
  9. cant ask for much better play then this so far playing at lufkin
  10. they gonna have a projector so will have game on in back ground why setting up
  11. Ugh I may not be able to make the Lancaster district championship game ,friend is getting married that Saturday and I got To help set up Friday depends ,when they get the key to place.we been roasting them getting married in fall during football season what the heck man
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