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  1. Anyone have any idea which stadiums will host playoff games ?
  2. Hey joining is easy. Contact a local chapter.
  3. It defines a mind set . I'm glad he apologized I hope he really means it now it's time to learn actions come with action in return .I don't care if it was pre meditated . All I care about was it was intentional attempt to injure. No one has the right to play football . They have the privelage to play. With this one intentional act attempting to be sneaky and attempt to cause injury he loses his privelage .
  4. I played for a man that would of collected my equipment . Sent me to the office for a schedule change and I'd be the only person in athletics period to get an F on my report card.
  5. Prayers for the Lewis Family and Union Grove Community.
  6. Welcome back to coaching Coach Nail. It's been my pleasure to have officiated games for Coach Nail in the past. I can say he was one of the best coaches I've seen in action. A true class act.
  7. When a player is suspended and forfeits his pay . Does that give credit to the teams salary cap?
  8. I wish coach Nail all the best as he moves forward. As an official we see and interact with a lot of coaches . Coach Nail was always a Class act. Texas High School Football lost a good one with his retirement.
  9. HMMMM... I cant imagine a somebody sayin a ugly word on the side line..............lol
  10. 1. Brian Song the original 2. Rudy 3.Remember the Titans 4.The Longest Yard the original 5. Slap Shot (putting on the foil)
  11. You should of seen the tantrum I was throwing in my living room . Good Grief
  12. Yell at the AD and you might be talking to the DA.
  13. Just watched it on channel 2. What a great game to watch..
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