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  1. Should be a good game. Chapels hills defense looked good. Not sure how good Wills point will turn out to be. Chapel Hills offense struggled, A few big run plays was about it. I would love to see QB unleash it more down the field. Young man has a good arm. I do know Whitehouse will have probly double the players Chapel Hill will so IMO that gives Whitehouse the advantage just due to fresh legs.
  2. Anyone else find it weird that it took EMS so long to get to the stadium this past Friday night? By no means am I blaming the EMS staff. It seems there has always been an ambulance at the game sitting on visitor side, Just feel bad for the kid who had to lay there 45 minutes in obvious pain. Anyone heard what happened to him? I k now it was a leg injury but seemed severe.
  3. Perfect world would be 1. Chapel HIll 2. Athens 3. Kilgore 4. Henderson 5.palestine 6. BB or bullard This would make the most since but uil is not in the making sense business
  4. im predicting a close game as years past show. hopefully injuries do not play a part in this game. Kinda excited to see what the back up qb can bring to the table.
  5. sorry have not been here, ive been to busy throwing up all the crow I ate Friday night and into Saturday. I don't think this will be a reflection of chapel hills season but not a good start. Congrats Lindale on a big win!! not real sure but I think we might have a small qb controversy brewing in the hill. JMO of course
  6. and? that was possible chapel hills worst game of the season. I could be wrong but i see a pretty decisive victory by the bulldogs
  7. Chapel hill is battling some key injuries but I still see them winning this game pretty easily. CH 42 Lindale 21 Chapel hill returns several skill position that should make the difference. QB and receiver play will be crucial to there success They will have a fast defense as usual
  8. Welcome back Coach. Great news for the Bulldogs. He has plenty of talent to work with this upcoming season.
  10. I've seen Paris play. I have not seen van but realize they are a pretty solid team. Paris has big hard hitting kids and a qb that can run all over You, this kid is huge.
  11. After reading your post I starting thinking. I agree with you on almost everything you said. Chapel hill has one the the most dedicated fan base I've seen and people that truly love the chapel hill bulldogs no matter who is coaching!! I've sat and watched 0-10 seasons and 15-0 seasons. I've seen really bad and REALLY GOOD football over the last 20-25 years. I'll be the first to admit that I have been overly critical of the coaching staff and Said some things I should not have said. The talent this season is good better than there 5-5 record. Most fans are very frustrated at the play calling o
  12. Besides going for it on 4rth and long twice instead of putting it through the uprights, this play was very frustrating and hard to watch
  13. Congrats red dawgs!! As Dennis green once said " they are who we thought they were! And we let em off the hook" lol. Always competitive and getting better every game! Good luck in the playoffs. 1 of the best coaching staffs in the state and it shows! As for chapel hill....... Well........I dunno. I'm just flat out speechless. No excitement in the second half. Dumb play calling the entire game and coaches seem to have 0 energy out there. I don't see this team winning a playoff game. I hope I'm wrong. I really hope they take a good look at the staff and make some decisions. Staring with off. Co
  14. You must have a lot of love for chapel hill! Your always trolling their threads! I call it like I see it! Bad, dumb , ignore to play calling! Best field goal kicker around and you go for it on 4 and forever twice in fg range. Then you throw twice on Your own 20 with Carthage having no timeouts! Yea like I said bad play calling!
  15. These coaches are about to drive me to drinking early!! Kick field goals! Should be 20-14!! Elementary play calling!
  16. Yes sir!!! Defense looks great so far! Only thing is ch should have 2 field goals right now with 2 touchdowns
  17. I've been reading a lot of these comments so I feel like I will give my opinion. 1. Png and Henderson are just flat out better than chapel hill this year. Henderson has a study defense and a qb who makes huge plays and was for the most part unstoppable. He reminded me of Charlie Moore several years back against chapel hill. 2. Chapel hills play calling is very elementary and fairly easy for a defense to pick up on. Ch has several playmakers that are just not used correctly. Ex: Bledsoe, king, Walters 3. I think Sitton is a good coach. I can name several in 3a that I think are bet
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