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  1. He is. He’s also the shortstop for CH baseball team. He’s a heck of an athlete.
  2. Gilmer fans were in full melt down mode after the CH/ Gilmer game in week 1. Fans on here saying it’s a 4-5 loss team and a first or second round playoff exit! Seems they proved so many wrong! Congrats Gilmer players, coaches and yes, even the fans! See y’all at Jerry World
  3. Safe travel Bulldog fans! Third time is a charm! Jerry World or bust! Dawgs win big! CH 42 Davenport- 21
  4. Def wouldn’t be a failure. State championships are hard to win! A lot of what might have been if they don’t win it but these boys have given CH fans a lot of big wins over the years!
  5. The bands at halftime was pretty dang cool! Those kids from both schools were having a blast! It’s cool to see that.
  6. I believe this is what made the difference in CH winning! JBO was and is a stick of dynamite on either side of the ball!
  7. CH played in the star a few years ago in the Semi. So much fun to play there! Enjoy it! Hell of an atmosphere ! Go Malakoff
  8. Looking at them on MaxPreps. Beat up on some local San Antonio teams. Lost to Tivy. I think CH can cruise in this one
  9. Stewart had 230 in rushing. Cook had 105 and Brisbon added another 100+! CH ran the ball right at Kilgore all night as much as they wanted and Kilgore had no answers! CH never trailed in this game, had a TD called back and another dropped pass for a touchdown. As we were saying, this is not the same defense that Kilgore played in week 10. Rio and crew have proved they have a way of making this team better and better as the playoffs roll on! Putting Cook and Stewart in the backfield at the same time proved to be a gamechanger. CH proved who the better team was last night! And that says a lot because Kilgore is really, really good this season.
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