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  1. Even though Nac seems improved and beat Lumberton. Which kinda surprised me. CH wins by 3/4 touchdowns. It will be hard for anyone to stop this offense.
  2. CH by as many as they want. Hopefully this will be the last year we play them.
  3. Hope it’s the last time we play Greenville. This is the second year so hopefully it doesn’t continue.
  4. Kilgore/ CH setting up to be a banger. Kilgore might be the only team to stop CH from scoring 50 plus. I see 2 games against each other again this season.
  5. Not at all. Penalties were cleaned up quite a bit from last week. I’m around these boys weekly and know most of them. They’re great kids! Coach Rio runs a great, disciplined, godly program. These boys love him, love CH and love the game. People love to talk about things they just don’t know.
  6. Just be thankful they can even shake hands now. During the height of the Covid stupidity, they would play a game. Blood, sweat and tears all over each other but couldn’t line up to shake hands. Might spread a virus! man we sure were treated like stupid people
  7. Awesome! Way to go Kilgore. Impressive D to hold them to so few points.
  8. Almost nailed it. 1 point off. About the way I thought it would be. Just too much speed on this team. Hard to keep up with. Good luck the rest of the season Van.
  9. CH wins 54-28 It might start close but CH pulls out. Lots of backup action tonight. Safe travels Van.
  10. Crazy thing is most of the officials at the Gilmer game was the same as the Van game last year. can’t make this stuff up
  11. I agree. Gilmer is much better then there fans are giving them credit for. They just played a CH offense that is very explosive! I see them playing into December.
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