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  1. This rumor never had any validity. It was a JT alum and a Facebook post. It spread quickly due to social media. I’m glad Rio has come out and cleared it up. He addressed team about it yesterday.
  2. No excuses. Defense is exhausted. Been on the field all night
  3. No! CH played Gilmer and Van also. 2 top 10 teams. Plus had Kilgore and Lindale in the district which was top 10! Also beating Kilgore twice.
  4. Boerne run defense is their weakness. CH running game is their strength. I see Boerne scoring some points but can their defense slow down CH. Ricky and crew could be in for a big night in San Antonio!
  5. Boerne may win, but no way they smoke CH. I think it comes down to defense and CH has the advantage.
  6. They look good but CC couldn’t keep a DB even close to those receivers. Every pass touchdown except 1 was wide open! I think they will have a good offense BUT can they stop CH offensive speed? If their defense struggles against the run it could be a huge night for D and Rick.
  7. Yep. I saw that. I don’t care where the game is. It would take me being dead not to go! I personally like the travel. It’s part of the experience.
  8. Man what a game! Hate that it takes one of these teams to knock the other out! Kilgore is a hell of a team! Slugfest! Amazing CH is finding ways to win even turning the ball over multiple times. Can’t keep doing that! on to the semis!
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