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  1. 35-0 CH over Pittsburg. 3rd qtr starting. CH offense looks to be in mid season form.
  2. 34-0 CH offense looks good. Defense looking pretty tough also.
  3. Wow. All that because of my measly ole prediction of Lindale not getting in the playoffs. Gotcha man. Reach way up in there and pull them out. Good luck to Lindale. A program I have tons of respect for. Great matchup coming week 7.
  4. Lindale fans seems really butthurt over my district prediction. Its just my opinion. I do have pride and confidence in these boys I have watched now for 3 to 4 years on the football field. Lindale will see for themselves how special the QB and RB can be.
  5. never said Lindale will go 0-10. Never said CH will win state. I said I think CH wins the district and Lindale misses the playoffs this year. I will be here when its all said and done this year. The team Lindale beat last year is nothing like they will see this year. Coach got rid of a locker room cancer that Lindale saw personally. I think Lindale will be plenty competitive just do not see them beating CH, Kilgore, Henderson. They could possible get the 4th spot instead of Ville or Palestine. The team that went to the state semi and lost in the last 9 seconds to LBJ will be who Lindale plays. A talented and loaded offense with speed and athleticism. Hope fully Lindale can prove me wrong. I personally would rather see them in the playoffs instead of ville or pstine.
  6. As long as they stay healthy I see CH winning the district this year. Soon to be sophomore running back and quarterback gained a ton of experience in the playoffs last year. Defense is young but very athletic. QB is 8 games into his varsity level ball including playoffs and has multiple D1 offers already. Kid can be very special. Chapel Hill is loaded with athleticism and speed. Going to be very tough to win this district but if the injury bug stays away I dont see any team in this district with the exception of Kilgore being able to keep up with a very high scoring and electric offense.
  7. They scrimmage Pittsburg and Hallsville.
  8. Def not underestimating Lindale. Especially after last years beat down.
  9. Oh I’ll be here. Def don’t hide. I do think if CH stays healthy they will win this district. I think they also beat Gilmer by 10+ in the opener. CH sophomore quarterback will be the difference maker in most of these games. He’s absolutely electric! After playing only 8 varsity games, counting playoffs. He holds multiple D1 offers already. He truly is a rare talent. We have watched this kid since 7th grade and knew he was going to be special. Either way this district shakes out, you will have 4 really good teams in the playoffs.
  10. Wow. Def going to know where Kilgore stands. I think they will be just fine against Gilmer and Carthage. CH has Van and nac. van should be a decent game. I know nothing about nac this year. Good luck to y’all
  11. Don't forget Chapel Hill plays Gilmer in week 1. Should find out a lot about both teams that night. Chapel Hills offense will be comparable to 2010-2011 CH offense. Lots of playmakers and speed. Defense is young but a talented group. Cant wait for week 1! I do see district going as follows this season 1. Chapel Hill 2. Kilgore 3. Henderson 4. Jville
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