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  1. Yep. Someone always messing with scores. They need to verify people or designate who can do it
  2. Agree 100%. Lumberton was probably the best team CH has played this season. Gilmer might be a little better but either way they were really good. Not only did they survive that game they showed what kind of team they can be when their backs are put against the wall!
  3. We will see. CH shut Ross down for the most part and Kilgore never really stopped CH when they needed to. As good as Kilgores defense is, they have been giving up some points. CH has the better skill position players, a better offense and a defense that keeps getting better each game. Reminds me of last season but I don’t think CH needs overtime to beat Kilgore this time. If it’s anything like last playoff game we are in for a heck of a night!!
  4. Wow! I’ve had a few heart attacks Never had a doubt!!
  5. Gameday! Safe travels to everyone. Weather looming rough which plays into CH favor. I do think Lumberton will score, sometimes quickly. Qb seems very accurate and has a couple of good targets. But can they keep up? CH can score multiple ways and multiple times in a matter of minutes. CH defense tend to give up a few big plays but overall has been pretty darn good the last 6 weeks or so. I still think it’s a high scoring game but CH wins by 21.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving guys! I’m thankful we get to watch the teams and boys we love play in round 3. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.
  7. Ricky is going to have his way with the Lumberton defense. Chapel Hill wins big CH-49 Lumberton-21
  8. Man what an East Texas showdown! Both teams really talented and well coached. Always hard to beat a good team twice BUT I give the advantage to Kilgore. Better QB play and much better defense. Either way, the fans are in for a treat on this one. Hopefully CH can take care of business and set up a rematch also.
  9. Def back to DOD status! Congrats Lindale and Kilgore!
  10. Any idea where and what day? Several of us CH guys wanna check it out. We have to be in new caney Friday night though
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