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  1. Carthage wins no opinion why don't want to get involved in the arguing back and forth.
  2. It's not when tea took them over and gave them the choice to transfer and I am not for sure it goes into their district to pick them up I am pretty sure it just makes a stop in the area.
  3. Marlins school district touches Groesbecks. I have lived here for 5years. Groesbeck school district goes southwest. You don't have to go through any of those to get to Marlin.
  4. Some are already transferring to Groesbeck have been for about three years because of the problems. Groesbeck sends a bus down to pick them up. They have been in trouble with tea for that long as well.
  5. Carthage 7th grade A team down 20-8 to Nac with 8 minutes left comes back and gets the W. 24-20 Side note Nac had 56 kids we had 22. What a game!!!
  6. At Carthage they start 7b at 4:30. Usually 8th a is over by 8:30 9:00
  7. I would imagine it will be a shoot out!!! To say the least.
  8. 7th 8th and jv all shutouts. Wasn't for sure about the 9th grade score.
  9. Carthage 7th a and b. 8th a and b all won over gladewater. Four games Carthage gave up no touchdowns.
  10. Didn't say Carthage was not committing fouls I am sure they did. I just can't see an entire high school game and not one hold block in the back nothing. SFA CREW just saying.
  11. How does Carthage have all the penalties and not one on nac. Embarrassing!!! Great job Dawgs
  12. But I also understand you guys have to verify your information. So it's all good. Good luck to coach Goldman and Congratulations to Coach Goodwin. Carthage's baseball program is going to be fine.
  13. Oh no I wasn't referring to a moderator I would never do that I was referring to the person from Carthage that got on here saying it wasn't true. If it's going on in Carthage I know about it. I may not be Ted Leach but I am TEDII and know how to get my information.
  14. I guess I didn't know what I was talking about. . Like I said Goodwin promoted to head baseball. Per panola watchman report.
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