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  1. Blesseddaily has summed it up for me. I retired last year after 28 years and do not miss the public education circus at all.
  2. That is what happens when adults try to play games with people.
  3. Athens is the better job. Same demographics, way better facilities, get to be the AD. They have as good a chance of making a “run” as Center will ever have. Center is a band first, basketball second school.
  4. They must get the numbers back up. They have only had 2 teams the last 3 seasons and that is unacceptable at the 4A level. There are so many games lost for the young kids in those 3 years. It was not that long ago that they had over 100 out for football now that number is in the 70 range. Have heard a very bad rumor that hey are splitting the AD/Football job and the AD might be a coach of another sport. I sure hope this is not the direction they choose because the Huntington blueprint of days past is not what you need to follow.
  5. I think they should give somebody new a chance. No more recycling.
  6. Got the stats I used from the Apex camp he attended. They are not the same as yours. 5-6 and 4.89 are a long way from 5-7.5 and 4.6. Wish him nothing but the best this season, I know in high school size means nothing but the truth is ok too.
  7. I did a little research and the RB standing next to him is 5-5. Maybe all that working out that bigmoney knows about has improved his height/weight/speed. Stats I found are 5-6, 160, 4.9. I do know he is a very talented 3 sport athlete, playing PG on the reg final basketball team and playing 2b for their baseball team that went 3 rounds as well. Football may not be his favorite/best sport.
  8. Do not see this happening. If you have a 7 team district then you are going to have a 4 team district or two with only 93 schools in DI. You do the math and that is only 23 schools per region which is less that 6 per district.
  9. No that has only come about in the last 10 years or so. When I started 27 years ago it was one of the most tight knit group of guys you would want to be around. But with todays "I want it now without earning it attitude" your statement does apply, that is why in a year and a half im chunking the keys..
  10. In 27 years I have never seen a coach put a 90lb kid up against the biggest kid in the program to try and make him quit, and I have coached at schools with all kinds of AAAA's behind them.
  11. Very glad I am nearing the end. The last 10 years or so have just gotten out of control. With everything from specialization in small schools to arguing about whatever "offseason" is. But the battle with parents has has made the job, well a job now, where it used to be fun.
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