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  1. yes and no it does not go around Texas and do games and high value games. Does it do big time basketball and baseball match ups? I think it could be something big. Like what you see on CBS ect...
  2. Come on Glen rose would love to not have a state title game with carthage or gilmer it will be refreshing.
  3. Matt when will yall come up with your own TV network for Texas high school sports? I bet yall can do a great job with it and make it big. I have some ideas hit me up
  4. Malakoff is the best team in the state this year. canโ€™t wait to see Franklin vs Malakoff at Jerry world in two weeks
  5. Yโ€™all donโ€™t have a prayer against malakoff only beating paradise by 14
  6. Well I was wrong about a close win for malakoff smh winnsboro looks like this moment is too much for them. also malakoff is the best team in the state
  7. This week's games: Richland Springs vs. Oglesby Falls City vs. Chilton Lovelady vs. Mart Albany vs. Collinsville Sunray vs. Clarendon Refugio vs. Ganado Garrison vs. Timpson Tolar vs. Marlin Stratford vs. Hawley Tidehaven vs. Poth Newton vs. Daingerfield Jacksboro vs. Gunter Franklin vs. Lorena Malakoff vs. Winnsboro Brock vs. Paradise Bellville vs. Jasper Gilmer vs. Carthage Pt. Lavaca Calhoun vs. San Antonio Davenport Kilgore vs. Chapel Hill Stephenville vs. Anna PNG vs. Huntsville South Oak Cliff vs. Lovejoy Brownsville Veterans vs. Corpus Christi Miller A&M Consolidated vs. Smithson Valley Lancaster vs. Forney Aledo vs. Abilene Atascosita vs. GP Northshore
  8. I have seen Winnsboro play against Teague and Whitney I have seen Malakoff play against Salado, Teague, and MV This is going to be the best game in the state at any level and if anyone thinks this game is going to be a blowout either way is crazy and just being a big time homer. Winnsboro offense is explosive and their defense is swarming but that is the exact same thing Malakoff is. Winnsboro looks slow on tape but in person they shocked me with how well they move and play the game. Malakoff is malakoff and there is a reason they are here once again they just play fast hard hitting football the driskell way. This is going to come down to special teams and turnovers whoever plays the best in these categories will set their team up for a win because I believe the offenses and defenses wash each other. Malakoff beat winnsboro 55-10 last year so you know winnsboro is gonna be at a all time high for this game So this is the question will the emotions get the better of winnsboro in this moment. The moment they have been waiting for all year to get back to this game against this team? How will this game start? I have had malakoff making state for sometime now so not going to change now but the raiders have their chance. Malakoff 35 Winnsboro 31
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