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  1. Definitely I believe the score was 29-0 after first
  2. Sorry that was just second half the first half the fouls were 3 for buffalo and 2 for fairfield. So a total of 5 fouls buffalo and 3 fouls fairfield.
  3. No I believe only 3 fouls were called all game 2 on buffalo and 1 on Fairfield
  4. Agree they messed too many free throws that is going to hurt them down the line
  5. I meant stop but you got what i am saying
  6. Ive stated facts to you this whole time your the one saying region 3 is atrocious and has been since 2002......when in fact your own team was region 3 lmao your not very smart person sir
  7. Its just like when Aledo scores 90 plus on people in football you cant tell the second third and 4th string kids who do not get to play much not to go hard it is the job of the other team to stop them.
  8. The game in question they took all the starters out and did not press any after the half. They ran the clock and never stopped it even on timeouts. Buffalo is Terrible but westwood is even worse.
  9. I changed it before you quoted bro. Region 3! Lol you said region has been bad since you looked up to 2002 and you forgot your team was region 3 for a couple years lmao
  10. https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/brackets/basketball/basketball-girls-2a-2010-2011.pdf https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/brackets/basketball/basketball-girls-2a-2011-2012.pdf LMAO so yes region was bad hahahahahaha
  11. LMAO dont you even know your own school legacy bro LMAO winnsboro was in region 2 most of those years LMAO and region 3
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