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  1. I googled...He decided to retire
  2. wait wait wait....What happen to Rhoades?
  3. Is that legendary coach still at shallowater?
  4. Good for her bro no one cares unless she moves no cares. I am done with you.... good day
  5. They didn't look anywhere man unless she moves there means nothing. They have plenty of help coming up. An they shot the ball pretty darn well from 3 this season with Nelms SR, Williams SO, Nash JR, and Schmidt FR. They didn't lose to Huntington because the 3 ball didn't fall lol Not even how they went to state or won state was out side shooting. It is great Defense and high % shots.
  6. 3rd round excuse me my bad you made it past Troy/Grandview would of been bad if you lost to either team an yes I know Grandview is usually good don't care and I dont care if they are trying to get your niece mom granny future born daughter...I don't care doesn't change that yall got blown out like everyone else but 5/6 teams this year. Fairfield only had 3 loses...Lipan, La Vega (4A state champs maybe), and Huntington (who gets a shot to win it all)
  7. We never agreed on terms. you wanted 14 i wanted it at 10 which you should of taken lol
  8. They are a Cinderella team still but technically Shallowater is probably the real Cinderella team this year.
  9. Not Dumb they are still a powerhouse this year. Your an idiot bro just stop Franklin did not make it out of the second round its okay need to work on the girls basketball stick to football that Franklin is actually good at.
  10. I was way off lol...Figured Columbus big girls would neutralize 33 but they couldnt.
  11. Funny how your bad games happen against the same team lol....Some would think that is a coincidence
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