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  1. Mexia had the guy on staff to take over Abron Job. Abron did not want to leave Mexia he had to Leave because of family reasons! Mexia had a all state corner back that played for groesbeck, a all american corner back at Baylor, and a 10 year NFL vet on staff with abron who lives in Mexia btw who put in for the job. Literally a local man who knows the community and what he is up against with more experience playing the game and coaching the game then this bond guy! Mexia lost became wortham hire!
  2. No! We need Mexia to drop so the real old district can get back together again. We got groesbeck, teague, and fairfield back together time for Mexia to join us!
  3. Freddie smith former NFL player on Abron staff should be front runner. He is a Mexia local as well would be a good fit
  4. Evan Stone is a good choice but Buffalo needs new blood in there that's gonna take care of all sports not just football. I bet Buffalo gets a lot more applicants then many think.
  5. Program total no there are different schools in each sport that are better I.E. Carthage in football but for every sport Argyle program is on another level.
  6. They had their chance up 58-50 to finish them off gotta give Brownfield credit but Fairfield lost that game
  7. I’m sure the Hs gym Navarro isnt good
  8. Best kids get to play will make it more competitive in practice no ripple effect
  9. No just the one that missed not every year after or before just the 2020 kids.
  10. Ive seen kids not play varsity sports till senior year have a break out year and go play football at a college. Kentucky is doing the right thing
  11. Unless your a bubble kid who needs to get seen by that D3 or D2 school your senior year and missed that chance.
  12. This is good for those seniors who missed everything I dont see anything wrong with this
  13. Winner of this game gets the winner of silsbee vs Connally . I believe Carthage is starting to take that step in basketball and will get this win as long as they stay disciplined every second of this game if not they will get beat by HH. Silsbee has looked like they have awakened and will probably beat The Cadets pretty good today. good luck Carthage.
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