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  1. Edna doesn’t have the Dogs in this game to beat Franklin. franklin 35 edna 14
  2. Some of the best football was played tonight in this game and Franklin game. wow
  3. If you missed this game you missed the game of the freaking year!!! wow!!!! congrats lions! That was a heart of a champion drive
  4. Big game winner gets Brock who I think is not up to either of these teams right now. Give me Malakoff the second time around this season. Malakoff 35 Brock 21
  5. I am with ya 88 but Brock aint making it that will be Malakoff. Franklin vs Malakoff at state is gonna be a awesome matchup to watch!
  6. Pottsboro was over rated or just didn’t have a good game. Had a little to do with GV but not much. malakoff looks to be a step ahead of everyone in region 2. malakoff 35 GV 21
  7. Malakoff is better than west this year imo watching both teams. grandview vs. malakoff for the region rematch
  8. Malakoff is the way more physical team. Winnsboro is not physical
  9. Well this won’t be much of a game tonight. 14-3 already
  10. Good I will be watching not gonna make the track north today
  11. Good NFHS sucks! I rather watch yall on youtube. I wish UIL would do away with NFHS....Schools have way better cameras and audio then NFHS crappy stuff
  12. They letting you do youtube and not NFHS? isnt that against UIL rules?
  13. First Q was a indication of how this game was gonna unfold. AHS had the ball 5:30 minutes and was stopped on the franklin 20 yard line....FHS then took it 5:40 and scored on a 80 yard drive. It has been awhile since I saw FHS have to work for a score like they did till second half. AHS had a good game plan and had the guys upfront to handle Franklin for 3 Q Franklin will move on and I hope Woodville wins so the rematch will be set from FHS barely squeaking by Woodville in first game of season.
  14. No I watched the Teague game and wondered why yall didnt utilize him more.....That will open things up even more if yall got him involved.
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