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  1. That's all he can do now that his beloved dumbocrats have shown the American people what their true agenda is...seriously, trolling is far better than anything he could post about Pedo Joe so he does what he does best.
  2. What has been most amusing is all the MSM outlets trying to "spin" all the horrible things he said into what he REALLY meant...it was all just taken out of context and misunderstood!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!
  3. Exactly!! There is no doubt about that after a year of Democratic "leadership" it is painfully obvious they want this nation to sink to 3rd world status...and are succeeding quickly. Thank God for the few that have stood up and stopped the madness..."Build Back Better" would have completely relegated us to the level of other socialist nations that have had their freedoms taken and economies destroyed. Just scary to think about what Pedo Joe and his handler Obama will try to do to force their socialist agenda through before the midterms happen when the dumbocrats will reap what they have sowed...they can't get here soon enough. They are at panic level now and there's nothing more dangerous than a cornered dog...or snake!!!!
  4. Congrats guys!! Sounds like a great hire!
  5. Just another blunder by Pedo Joe...our NATO allies must really love this. "Ukrainian officials tell CNN's Matthew Chance that they are "shocked" and "stunned" at President Biden's remarks during a White House press conference about Russian President Vladimir Putin" 'Shocked': Ukrainian officials react to Biden's remarks about Putin - CNN Video
  6. You are a strong man if you watched more than a few minutes of it...just sayin!
  7. Many companies in the US are going to that option already. Some schools have gone to this to save money.
  8. I could care less if there are foreign studies or any other studies done to prove what I have experienced in real life. I shared MY personal experiences with it and really don't give a rats behind whether you or anybody else believes the drug works or not. I didn't post my experiences to convince anybody to use it or not use it. Just to stimulate others to do deeper research and come up with their own decisions. Have a great night sir, I am done with this topic.
  9. And here are 20 drugs that ended up being used for illnesses that they weren't designed for...so it far fetched to think that Iver might work for other things. 20 Common Drugs That Were Originally Invented for a Very Different Purpose (alot.com)
  10. Except for the fact that Ivermectin is already out there in very abundant supplies. Big difference.
  11. Hmmmm maybe the US will follow suit? "Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of COVID-19 measures introduced to curb the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in Britain as he looks to live with the virus after a peak in cases." Read Newsmax: Betting Omicron Has Peaked, Johnson Drops COVID Rules in England | Newsmax.com
  12. It sells for pennies compared to thousands for fake "vaccines" and its boosters...nice try
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