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  1. 1. No, not a close friend. I have just seen the impact he has made on many young men's lives, including my son. 2. Never won anything? Really? Pretty ridiculous comment. If you mean never winning a state championship like 99% of the coaches in Texas High School football...no, he hasn't. His won/loss record at Henderson stands for itself and will be a record that will not be broken at Henderson for a long time. 3. Yet another ridiculous comment. If you knew him and his expectations for his staff and players every year you would know that he expected to win state every year...if you a
  2. It's the best Hendo could expect to get with the current situation. For those anti-Castles folks...step back, take a breath and really assess the situation. You have just fired and treated like garbage the most successful coach in the history of your school because you have a supe and his bud with egos bigger than Texas running everything. The best bud is running the athletic department, making hires before the FB coach even arrived so ANY successful head coach wouldn't think of subjecting himself and his family to this type of arrangement. The best that Hendo could have gotten was a you
  3. Many in the community, and coaches statewide know exactly why there has been such an uproar...getting fired or reassigned is absolutely nothing new in the coaching world and it happens every year BUT there are ways to handle the situation that are right and those "ways" are used by 90% of the school districts and then there are ways to handle the situation that are considered classless, dirty and just wrong. Those districts and their admins are pretty much known throughout the coaching world and avoided like the plague...now Hendo's new supe and asst. supe have shown themselves to be that typ
  4. Yes, that was presumptive on my part BUT considering how the supe and asst. supe have acted I believe all they will be able to hire is a "yes" man that will just do exactly what the two head clowns want...no coach worth his salt will put up with being watched at practice and then critiqued and lectured on how "they should be doing it" from an assistant supe or anybody else as far as that goes...believe me, the coaching circles are small and word travels fast...
  5. They definitely can and are done in all those places but unfortunately the times are changing...many of the young men that coaches come in contact with don't have family, church or anybody else to help show them how to be better men. Many grow up in households with no father and never step foot in a church...those are the ones that need the special touch by someone that can mentor them to be better and become a responsible adult...in fact that is the most rewarding aspect of coaching and teaching!
  6. He has proven you wrong with his record and the quality of man he is...that's what makes you and the rest of the "Bleacher Clowns" so mad...he is a proven winner and will be wherever he goes...and you will have degraded the athletic program by hiring someone inferior. Sad for the kids but you and the rest of the circus deserve everything you get.
  7. There are many coaches that can be both...congratulations, you just fired one of the best at both.
  8. More importantly...how many lives has he changed during his tenure at Henderson...how many young men has he mentored to be better husbands, fathers and leaders...but of course that isn't your care is it? You fit the description of the clowns in the bleachers to a tee!!
  9. 25 years for me and also retired (3 years ago) and those are the same reactions I got when I talked to coaches in all parts of the state about Coach Castles. I asked MANY coaches about him when my son was going to work for him as an assistant and they ALL, without hesitation, said the same thing...there is not a better coach that my son could have for his first job...not only to learn x's and o's but to also grow spiritually and be a better man...and they were exactly correct. My son loves him like a brother and would work for him again in a heartbeat...sad that the young men in Henderson will
  10. Bingo! But the "clowns in the bleachers" have no clue about what it takes to have a great offense and defense...it all starts with the offensive and defensive lines...at ALL levels...listening to those guys spew hate and ignorance on Friday nights is one of the toughest things to do...thank God I don't have to anymore.
  11. Congrats Coach Stone!! Great move by Buffalo ISD...now I hope they will give him time to rebuild. Could not ask for a harder working coach!
  12. When the exact same story is being repeated by sources from completely different areas and from different first hand knowledge of what this micro-manager is doing and what is going on with board members it ceases to be "rumor" or "hear say"...it is fact...even those that ARE in agreement (LIONMAN) don't dispute these tactics so call it what you want and send me or whomever you want to "EXILE OR ISLAND VACATION" I could care less...when you see this type of absolute garbage going on and say nothing about it you are just as guilty as those doing it. Absolutely pathetic behavior by grown adults.
  13. Pretty sure Coach Stone would be a great advocate for all sports...doesn't he have a daughter that plays sports and his wife was an athlete also so if its a concern over girls athletics I'm pretty sure that would not be a problem...and MORE applicants doesn't mean QUALIFIED applicants...as was said above, every opening will get tons of applicants and a great deal of them go straight to the garbage can.
  14. Not sure if he is even interested but their OC/Powerlifting coach is a great fit for the job. Don't think they will get any applicants that is more qualified or as hard working as he is.
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