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  1. Stunning isn't it...not a word about sleepy Joe falling asleep in a meeting with world leaders and not being able to answer a question that is not answered for him on a cue card and instead proclaim this is the "news"! So sad that some actually are duped by these foolish "reporters" into believing what they say...truly sheep being led to slaughter.
  2. That Joe is quite the statesman isn't he!!!!LOLOLOL!!!
  3. Yes, that includes our weapons!
  4. Israel doesn't need our help. Iran and their ISIS buds just gave it their best shot with zero results...it's fixing to hit the fan and they know it!! Scorched sand policy...they can ask Egypt how it felt when their surprise attack failed miserably!!!
  5. Kind of what I figured but I couldn't find the official times for that area meet! Figured maybe somebody from White Oak might have sabotaged the buses from Tatum, Jefferson and Gladewater!! That's about the only way THAT time would have won anything!!! LOLOL!!! Here's the top four times from our area meet: C. Capehart/Winny-10.36 W. Williams/DeKalb-11.01 M. Jones/Redwater-11.03 W. Wilcox/Winny-11.11
  6. Are you serious?? 11.20 was the fastest time?? You guys gotta be kiddin!! That would have been 5th place at the D-13,14 area meet!!!
  7. And still not pushed. 2nd and 3rd was a very close race @ 11.016 and 11.032 but they definitely didn't push Capehart...maybe at regionals!!
  8. Gonna be tough running if the forecast for high winds are true! He should have a little competition to push him so it should be fun to watch!!
  9. Not surprising at all considering some dumbocratic politicians call men...women...and even dress up to show they are...can't get much dumber than that!!
  10. It doesn't take a business degree from Harvard to know that if you own a business there are only three options when wages or price of the product you sell goes up. 1. close the doors and declare bankruptcy 2.Raise the costs of the product you sell. or 3. Fire enough workers to replace the money lost in wage increases. That's it. But of course most dumbocrats have no real time experience at running a business. They only do what is necessary to buy votes. They could care less who it hurts because they have an endless supply of money. Need more money? Raise the taxes. Simple minds think alike.
  11. Their 4x100 ran a 42.36 and won first place in the district meet!! That's a pretty good time too!!!
  12. This was timed with both electronic and hand held stopwatch. Electronic was the faster time.
  13. Heard there was going to be a Woodstock reunion...can you imagine!!!!
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