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  1. Just another clown in the grand circus that is the dumbocratic party...with Pedo Joe leading the way as the Head Clown.
  2. The whole thing was just another attempt to make Pres. Trump look bad but actually has had the opposite affect. He has gotten more free press and just solidified his base better than Pres Trump could have done. Thanks dumbocrats, once again TDS has taken over in the small minds at the DNC!!! Hilarious to watch...just like our TDS infected posters on Smoaky!!!
  3. Just as a lot of people thought...it won't happen today or tomorrow or the next day!! Two sources familiar told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that the grand jury was canceled amid "major dissension" within the district attorney's office. One source claimed the district attorney is having trouble convincing the grand jury on potential charges due to the "weakness" of the case. Trump hush-money grand jury proceedings 'canceled' for Wednesday, sources say | Fox News
  4. Heard a very interesting rumor about who they might have selected...only a rumor so I definitely wouldn't repeat it but if it is true it will be very exciting times for the Indians!!!
  5. The ole' "we want to go in another direction" speech...unfortunately it usually it ends up being the wrong direction!!!
  6. Big win for the Lady Raiders tonight over Harmony 4-2 !! Both teams came in undefeated in district. Standings after tonight: Winny-4-0 Minneola-3-1 Harmony-2-1 Mt. Vernon 2-1
  7. News that you never heard from the MSM!!! He was also awarded a large monetary settlement for legal fees!! "This is just so awesome," he said in a statement. "All I’ve ever wanted was to be back on the field with my guys. I am incredibly grateful to the Supreme Court, my fantastic legal team, and everyone who has supported us. I thank God for answering our prayers and sustaining my family through this long battle." TheBlaze
  8. Got a chance to see Latexo play and they are going to be tough to beat in their classification. They beat a pretty good 3A Diboll team, Lovelady twice and run ruled 4A Splendora which has been pretty good in the past. The crazy thing is that the UIL put them in region 4 but one never knows what the UIL will do!!
  9. Tough to keep kids with several very good programs close by. Pilot Point, Gunter and Collinsville within easy driving distance for parents to choose from.
  10. Interesting...she just did exactly what dumbocrats do best...try their best to limit/control free speech. Exactly the same thing Pedo Joe and the democratic party did before the 2020 elections. William J. Kelly, an Emmy award-winning TV host, radio and print journalist, delivered a scathing statement to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot during a recent city council meeting. Kelly accused Lightfoot of revoking his media credentials for asking “obvious questions” about crime in the city, and called for the media credential process to be taken away from the mayor and police superintendent and put in the hands of the Constitution. “On a weekly basis I was going viral asking you obvious questions and instead of answering them you told me that crime was down, my videos went viral, millions of views, comments, likes and shares and it was hurting your re-election campaign so you revoked my media credential. That should never happen in a free country,” Kelly said. “I hope that after today’s city council meeting, you will pack your suitcase and get the hell out of my city. You are a pandemic. You are a pandemic.” WATCH: Lori Lightfoot Gets Humiliated by Journalist Who Tells Her to "Get the Hell Out" of Chicago (trendingpoliticsnews.com)
  11. Barry is the king of irrelevancy so why would this article be any different?
  12. LOL!! That was 5 years ago and I was definitely blessed to find out I could retire at the end of that semester and definitely left that place!! Unfortunately it is still a dumpster fire!! The sad part is the kids are hard working, great kids but the board has absolutely destroyed it.
  13. Also first hand-- I was non renewed and the AD had no idea it was happening (or me either). In fact we had talked about my schedule for the next year the day before. The lying assistant supe told the board I didn't want to come back so the board non-renewed me. One of the other teachers that happened to see the list of non-renewed employees saw it and asked me about it the next morning!!! I went straight to the AD and they still had not told him anything about it!! He went straight to the Supe and they got it fixed but needless to say I was shocked that it could happen!! The following year they basically did the same thing to the AD!! It has been a dumpster fire for the last several years and I completely understand why!!!!
  14. Epic greatness!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!
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