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  1. Not having offers is not really indicative of high school success. There are a lot Of really good high school players that get no offers. I have watch the Welch kid play and he is a very good lineman. Is he one of the best in the state. I have no idea but in the district he is a very good player.
  2. Wish this kid the best. Hopefully he has his shot records. If he doesn't he will be.... Oh wait it is not a realingment year so he should be good. Go Tigers
  3. You do realize that 30-40% maybe higher of college football teams run some form of the option? What do you think an RPO or a zone read is? But because the flexbone is done under center and the other colleges run it out of the shotgun it must be spread so you have to run the spread to go there? If you can run and throw and make right reads colleges will look at you.
  4. Well this topic certainly got really interesting.
  5. Pretty good series then. I wouldn't have thought that they had even played that many times. I know they were in the same district for one realignment. But I doubt most years Waskom was calling to scheduling Daingerfield.
  6. What is Daingerfield record all time vs Waskom would be a better question to ask I would think. Can't take away Daingerfield history it is only matched by a handful of school in Texas. What is the overall head to head record of the two schools?
  7. Why isn't it legal in high school? If he fumbled the ball before his knee touched the ground why is it not a live ball? Or was he already down? I wasn't at the game to see the play.
  8. Well you gotta think Waskom beat everybody in their district by like 50 so 28 might not sound too bad.
  9. If that happened that would be crazy that two of the top 3a Div 1 jobs would be open. Brock and Malakoff. I didn't think Brock would open so I wouldn't be surprised if Malakoff opened. Don't think it will but after Coach Worrell left for El Campo I would no longer be shocked if Coach Driskell left for Crockett.
  10. 2020 Pewitt yes sir 21-28 points. 2021 Pewitt not so sure about that. They are graduating a lot. All those big lineman are gone.
  11. If that is the case that could make region 1 interesting.
  12. Yes but that QB is going to be very hard to replace. He was a good player. Lots of production to replicate.
  13. Here is my list anybody else want to have one they want to throw out there? 1. Franklin lost state game have a ton returning 2. Canadian won state game graduate quite a bit 3. Waskom lost to Franklin by a point have a lot back 4. Gunter kings of region 2 until somebody knocks them off 5. Newton have a ton back as well and maybe the best player in 3a Div 2 6. Idalou only loss to the State Champion 7. Elysian Fields graduate much production on offense but have a solid defense returning 8. West Rusk 3rd round play off team with a lot of youth have a tough non district schedule 9. Childress always tough and physical 10. Rogers played Franklin very tough in district had a shot to beat them.
  14. I would be willing to bet there is a lot of people on this site that no idea where Post even is.
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