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  1. If that happened that would be crazy that two of the top 3a Div 1 jobs would be open. Brock and Malakoff. I didn't think Brock would open so I wouldn't be surprised if Malakoff opened. Don't think it will but after Coach Worrell left for El Campo I would no longer be shocked if Coach Driskell left for Crockett.
  2. 2020 Pewitt yes sir 21-28 points. 2021 Pewitt not so sure about that. They are graduating a lot. All those big lineman are gone.
  3. If that is the case that could make region 1 interesting.
  4. Yes but that QB is going to be very hard to replace. He was a good player. Lots of production to replicate.
  5. Here is my list anybody else want to have one they want to throw out there? 1. Franklin lost state game have a ton returning 2. Canadian won state game graduate quite a bit 3. Waskom lost to Franklin by a point have a lot back 4. Gunter kings of region 2 until somebody knocks them off 5. Newton have a ton back as well and maybe the best player in 3a Div 2 6. Idalou only loss to the State Champion 7. Elysian Fields graduate much production on offense but have a solid defense returning 8. West Rusk 3rd round play off team with a lot of youth have a tough
  6. I would be willing to bet there is a lot of people on this site that no idea where Post even is.
  7. Game this late in the year comes down to health a lot of times. What is the injury report for both these teams. I know I have seen that Waskom starting Qb is out anybody else? Franklin how healthy are yall. I remember Newton losing a running back in the regional finals a few years ago and it really hurt them.
  8. District 9 ain't a lot better if at all. And you could make the case that West Rusk season is on the same path as Newton. Got beat bad in non district and now looks good against weaker district opponents. Maybe not but it seems like yall are going back and forth over who got peanut butter in their chocolate and who got chocolate in their peanut butter.
  9. We are looking for a jv game for week 3 will play 2a 1-2 team 3a or a 4a freshman team. Contact Whitney Keeling at 903-985-2895 or Jeremy Kubiak 903-280-0375
  10. Do all the Arp kids quit playing when they are seniors? Seems like I hear they only have a few seniors ever year.
  11. 1. Waskom 2. Hughes Springs 3. Ef 4. Harleton 5. Diana 6 ore city 7. Queen City
  12. I will take a guess 1. Hughes Springs 2 Waskom 3 EF 4 Diana 5 Harleton 6 Ore City 7 Queen City wouldn’t be surprised if 4/5 was switched.
  13. Name a country that doesn’t have 2-3 presidents. Name a football team that doesn’t have 2 Qbs out in the field at one time. I mean a one headed dragon is scary but that 2-4 headed one is killer. Come on man it’s a proven system.
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