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  1. Insanity reigns on Smoak too I see? East Texas = every grain of Texas soil in the “Right Third” of the state on your map.
  2. Follow the population demographics. There are not many 4A Schools anymore in the metro areas, and the few 4A-5A schools that are there “opt up” so they will not be forced to travel great distances for District Play.
  3. Get it straight. I think the kid is a fantastic HS Player. He is getting the most out of his ability, and those of his teammates. He is a proven winner, a gamer, he is tough and has a ton of heart. No question he has earned a ton of respect! But the response was to a quote that he will be the best QB on the field. That simply is. It an accurate statement. I don’t think he’ll be the 3rd best QB on the field. How whomever is playing the position for either team will certainly determine the outcome of the game. And I agree that will be a hard fought contest. But he likely won’t even be playing QB at Lamar. So don’t mix up 2 totally different arguments.
  4. He is a tough runner, athletic and a decent enough passer. But there are 136 D1 Programs out there. How many offers does he have at QB? Much respect to CS QB. Gilmer will have their hands full tackling him and CS offense will be a hand full for GILMER to stop. But as far as QB play goes, if he were suddenly playing for Gilmer, he would not take a snap at QB. Nor as the backup QB. Both of those guys for Gilmer have multiple D1 offers, they share the same last name, and one is a freshman.
  5. You would think after a time or two running man concepts, you’d run tow high safeties, drop 5 and keep that speed in front of you. But what do I know.
  6. Carthage, PG and Celina are bigger than CS. The Cougars have a very deep set of really good athletes who play with their hair on fire for 48 minutes. They are not small by any means, but they are very fast to the ball. That is what impresses me. They get 100% out of the talent they have.
  7. Not even close. China Spring has a good athlete who is playing QB. The best QB in the State two years running wears a G on his helmet. China Spring hasn’t seen a team with a real QB… yet.
  8. I think GILMER has played Celina in 5 times now: 2003 GILMER won 45-22 2014 GILMER won 67-15 2015 CELINA won 44-49 2016 GILMER won 43-17 Then again last night. So GILMER is 4-1 against the Bobcats.
  9. CS is an impressive team. Every guy on the field is going all out with their hair on fire, they know their assignment and they are knocking themselves out to do their job. They have good athletes across the board, and the staff is getting the most out of the talent they have. That is the key. The Cougars are playing as well as they are capable of playing since the Carthage win, and their confidence is sky high. The Cougars are playing their very best going into the Championship game. I don’t think you can say the same about Gilmer. Defensively, the Black Flag has matched up two weeks in a row against smash mouth teams, and they have really stood up to it. Gilmer has the size and athleticism up front to compete with anybody, and the schemes have been perfect. The execution especially on the offensive side has not. The Buckeyes have to tackle the Cougars and get them off the field, but they match up well on that side of the ball. Normally, holding an opponent to even 35 points would get the Buckeyes a W. Last night, the defense gave Gilmer opportunities to blow Celina completely out. That could have been a 3 TD each second and third quarter for Gilmer, but the Ferrari offense kept blowing tires. It wasn’t just uncharacteristic for the Gilmer offense, it was inexplicable. Just unforced error after unforced error. It was a mental thing, and yet the talent level still pulled Gilmer through. Big time players making big time plays in big time situations. But it was not even close to a “Best Effort” performance offensively. Bottom line is China Spring is going to have to keep playing their best to beat Gilmer and hope that is enough. For Gilmer to win, they are simply going to have to play their best game when it counts the most. Just like AT&T is supposed to be. 16 weeks into the season, it’s right where it started. It’s #OvO.
  10. Shout out to that Black Flag. Coach Edwards was a fluke play away from goose egging a Final 4 opponent. Fantastic job and MVP performance for the Gilmer didn’t have a good offensive game. But they did enough. Now, they have a week to straighten it out and go play 4 more quarters, 55 snaps or so of executing at a high level. As it should be to get you a ring! Unfinished business for these Seniors. But they are now the FIRST team to go to back to back Title games in school History. And congrats to Coach Metzel and this staff. Best start ever for a Buckeye Coach, and most wins in a 2 season span ever. ONE MORE!!!!! Let’s Go Buckeyes!
  11. The rantings of “TCU44”… His predictions always turn out so poor…. He spouts them so proudly, Then they crash and burn so loudly That nobody sees him anymore? (What’s up with that?)
  12. Live video will not be available on GilmerBuckeyes.com. But we have been informed that you can watch live video at www.CW33.com. KADF-TV is carrying the game live and streaming as well. NFHS is also streaming but requires a subscription.
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