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  1. It does make “RUN Brandon RUN!” Feel awkward.
  2. Kinda confusing for us Gilmer folks when that is actually our QB’s name! So “Let’s Go Brandon” no matter what!
  3. Everybody left standing is a threat. Everybody left standing has a shot. Everybody who thinks about anything except WINNING THE NEXT PLAY against their NEXT opponent in their NEXT game is one step closer to playing with a much rounder ball.
  4. If you are a Carthage fan, just know there are about 1,000 HS Fans who would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Y’all will be fine. Santa is still scheduled to show up. (Unless Brandon screws that up too).
  5. This deep in the playoffs, everybody left standing is a threat. As the CS / Carthage game showed, it is about how one team matches up with another team. Strengths and weaknesses being hidden and exposed. The “Little Things” like turnovers, kicking game execution and penalties are amplified. And yes, luck plays a role with 15-18 year old kids when emotions, weather and neutral field is concerned. So does fatigue, as some teams just are not used to playing a football season that is 20 weeks long! All that said, Gilmer has actually played 4 straight games now in terms of offensive efficiency that is as good a run as they have ever had. Ever. Only the 2006 team (only counting 1st halves, because they rarely played into the 4th Qtr) had a comparable run. And yet I think most fans here would say the Buckeyes in general have not reached anywhere near their “best football”. Scary as it sounds for any opponent, that is likely true. But from a matchup standpoint, it is Gilmer’s defense that makes this so difficult for PG. they are a team best suited to beat the QF and Pittsburg this season. If Gilmer gets them off the field just 2-3 times in a game where PG is trying to run the ball, move the chains and control the clock to shorten the game, they are vulnerable. Facing an offense that can literally score on any play is just bad for business if you are PG if you give GILMER possessions. For PG, get behind 2 of more scores and it is check-mate. They know that. That is why they came out throwing the ball in the first game (not their strong suite) hoping to grab an early lead and then choke the air out of the ball. Hard to do when the 3 headed monster in Gilmer’s d-line front keep getting pressure on your QB. So I’ll take Gilmer 56-21 in this one, and I refuse to think about the future because at best there are only 12 quarters left in this season. The Buckeyes have a lot of weapons, and not a lot of war to go. But when you look at the numbers carefully, these Buckeyes are doing it at a very, very high level and you get the feeling their “best” is still in front of them.
  6. FINAL 4 APPEARANCE on the line: What difference will 4 weeks make?
  7. China Spring has a formula that was perfect for dethroning Carthage. They play outstanding defense against the run and the pass, and they spread out the Carthage defense and ran the ball effectively. They stopped Carthage on multiple 4th downs, and exposed a weak punting game for the Dawgs. Once they got up 3 scores, they had enough gas in the tank to withstand the furious comeback attempt and shortened the game. Crazy that now WOS is a similarly bad matchup for CS. That Region down there is loaded. It just goes to show you that being a good or even great team is not enough some nights. A lot of things have to fall right! It’s survive and advance. Congrats to Carthage. It is really hard to do what they have done this long. And congrats to CS for knocking them off. The journey and the tourney continues.
  8. It is a really, really, really DIFFICULT THING to ask 15-18 year old kids to win as many games as Carthage did. Somebody was gonna beat them eventually. Just an inevitably and congrats to them on the run. But matchups sometimes just work against teams with certain styles, strengths and weaknesses. CS presented that to Carthage and I think WOS will present a similar challenge for CS. But I do think it is worth saying…. That the toughest Region in 4A D2 by far.
  9. Just like CS was a bad matchup for Carthage, WOS is a bad matchup for CS. Rough and tumble Region! Great season Carthage.
  10. Carthage special teams letdown. 2 punts for an average of 18 yards.
  11. 4th Qtr now. 3 score game. I tried to tell y’all China Spring is just a bad matchup for Carthage. They PLAY great defense, and then they spread out the Dawg defense and run it effectively. A bad combination for Carthage and a good formula for China Spring. Touch hill to climb now. Dawgs going down!?!?!
  12. The UIL needs Texas INDEPENDENT School Districts… NOT the other way around!
  13. I agree PG should win, but every year one team gets hungry enough to take the “next step” doe a program. PG has been there and done that. I think they know this isn’t going to get their year, and I am thinking QF digs deep and finds a way to win a winnable game. I’ll swim up stream on this one. Give me QF by 6 with their defense making a last minute stop to send PG to the gym.
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