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  1. The PG that had 18 yards against Gilmer’s D? They are 1 dimensional. Carthage is too well coached to EVER get beat by a 1 dimensional team. Gilmer was effectively 1 dimensional offensively tonight with a QB who has never played QB. And this was a 1 score game with 6:00 min left and a totally blown INT call. Carthage is playing basketball Monday if Gilmer had a QB like they have the last 2 years. Rumors that Scott has said this is the best team he has coached? LMAO. That team 2 years ago was by far and away light years better than this team. Connor was the difference in this game tonight, and he has developed a TON since last year. Nobody touches Carthage this season. Ring #9 awaits fairly easily. If thens, wishes and nuts… etc. Gilmer has tons of talent. Carthage is Carthage. They develop their talent better. Congrats and go get #9. Gilmer has a chance if they had gotten a fair shake tonight. Would it have mattered? Who knows. But they passed their one and only test this year. Cap tip.
  2. Great game Carthage. As always, great program, maximized their talent and deserves to win the game. That said, the UIL can find ways to allow 2-3 win 4th place teams to “make the playoffs” (follow the $), but CANNOT figure out how to seed a tournament properly, (no way this was anything less than a Championship caliber game), or find officials who blow calls this badly. It is an embarrassment. The UIL makes MILLIONS state wide off the backs of these kids. And this is the level of “fairness” they get? Seriously? And if Carthage loses in the playoffs with a call THIS BLATANTLY BLOWN on a possession in the 4th quarter in a one score game, I would be agreeing with any arguments they would be making about a game changing call. It doesn’t get much worse than this.
  3. This will be the state championship game. It will be an absolute bare knuckle brawl. Unfortunate that this game happens in round three. It is certainly an advantage for whoever gets the winner, because both teams will feel this one like no other this season. Carthage has not seen on film what they will see Friday. And this years Bulldogs squad is very, very good. But this contest will be on another level. Think Gilmer / Gladewater 2014… but the winner will have to survive to get to the ring. The rest of the state is laughing… along with the UIL. And if you guys in Austin are reading this board? You suck. Period. Playing this game in week 3 is a travesty. Buckle up. This is gonna be a car wreck.
  4. Smart $ is simply focused on SURVIVE and ADVANCE tomorrow. 1-0 is the only record that matters every week now. #WarReady
  5. Only everybody wearing a black jersey with orange trim tonight. This is the playoffs. 0-0. ANYBODY can beat ANYBODY on ANY given night. When it is win or go home, NOW is all that matters. And Rusk is NOW.
  6. A lot of people in East Texas may not know all of the connections here. Former Gilmer (now UTSA) coaches, Jeff Traylor and Matt Turner early in their careers were at Jacksonville. Both McCown brothers played for them there. In fact, ET QB legend (and future Head Coach himself) has often cited his relationship as a player with Coach Turner and Coach Traylor. And few know the powerful impact Josh has had on the Gilmer kids and program (current coaching staff included). Simply stated, most Gilmer folks consider this game a FAMILY AFFAIR. (I just wish the second generation McCown was wearing black and orange this whole time!) There is nothing but love, gratitude and respect here in Gilmer for all things McCown, Canady, Rusk, Jacksonville, Alto, Nach.. etc. The Buckeyes will Have their hands full tonight, rain or not! But we will also have our hearts full of love, respect and gratitude… knowing that the success we have had as a program here in this century would have never been possible without Jacksonville ISD, the Danny Long tree, and kids named McCown! Hide and watch folks. The generations of football stories that are yet to be told well into the next century will “touch base” tonight in Tyler. #FootballFamily
  7. My personal apologies to NL ISD for assuming the lights were “turned off”. (That already happened to us this season, so a little “butt hurt” assumption on my end). I am told there was a power outage across the entire area that happen to hit Paris grid, and it was NOT “turned out”. Again, apologies for the erroneous assumption and best of luck to NL.
  8. SH loss to NL says it all. Sad. SH has given up on football.
  9. Refs were beyond incompetent, and the “game” was a waste. But North Lamar pulling a “turn off the stadium lights” less than 5 minutes after the game ends should result in lawsuits and firings. You IDIOTS are going to get somebody seriously injured. Kids are loading equipment out of the stands and onto buses, equipment, etc and fans who drive 3 hours should be expected to stay and speak to their children who are players band members, drill team, etc. This was truly a wasted trip on all fronts. North Lamar ISD, your school board and administrators should be embarrassed at such a classless and dangerous stunt they pulled turning out the stadium lights. We have no control over who the UIL puts in our district. And you can get as frustrated as you want at your “team” on the field. But you can change a life if just one person steps off the bleachers wrong in the dark. Nobody drives 2 hours to watch that sorry excuse for a game in that sorry excuse for a stadium because they want to. They do it to come and support kids. Ours and yours. We bring a visitors side of revenue to your town with a good attitude and good sportsmanship. The reality is, Gilmer could beat your team 100-0 if that was the goal… but instead every kids plays and plays hard. The kid that scored with 1:00 left in the game has been in JV all year, works hard and deserves to run to score every time he touches the ball. If you think that is “running up the score”, then you obviously know nothing about this sport. The fact is, turning the lights out while people are in the process of leaving is purposefully a DANGEROUS act of criminal negligence. And whoever did this should be fired immediately.
  10. Spring Hill game from what I understand. But lots in the way of unis coming from the Buckeyes as the playoffs approach.
  11. They cannot help themselves. After all, everybody knows that David Smoak started this website so Carthage fans can relate everything in the world back to Scott. Just ask them. They will tell you. Or better yet, start a thread involving the Buckeyes. They will come running and SHOW you! Carthage = Karen
  12. No worries… that is just Carthage fans. They are Smoaky.com’s version of Californians. They will move in uninvited and take over your thread, raise your property taxes and bring all of their brainwashed views with them. We have mad respect for Lindale and y’all have a great bunch of kids, a great coaching staff and a fantastic town who loves and supports your kids in all of their activities. We love being there and it was a great game. Mega Kudos to LISD from Buckeye Country. (We should all just wish we were from Carthage… then all we would have to do with our time is troll around and find threads that have nothing to do with us, hi-jack them and fulfill our mission of making everything about “The Dawgs” too!!!! But shhhh… they are all over on the Cowboys thread now playing 6 degrees of separation between Cooper Rush and Coach Surratt… don’t interrupt them. Because any delusional idiot knows the only reason the Dallas Cowboys are not 0-2 right now is because Jerry Jones recognized that nobody from Carthage was in attendance last week!) Go get’em in that District of Doom Eagles!
  13. I don’t think anybody wants any part of the Lobos this year. Coach King took his lumps last season with all that young talent, knowing exactly how it would make them this year. And they are now coming into their own. Downright scary as far as HS teams go. I think this year is Longview vs WHOEVER, and WHOEVER will have lots of long and quiet bus rides home. Give me 48-13 and the L keeps on rocking.
  14. For one, I am glad Gilmer is NOT D1 and in that District! But having watched all the teams in this district play from last year (The Buckeyes pre-district schedule was basically like Gilmer was in the district!)… I can say this district is the bEastTexas version of the SEC West! Wow…. But as our friends on the Lindale staff talked about before our game Friday night, it is more about “Matchups” than it is about anything else. I think Lindale will have an advantage in the trenches with just about every game they play. That O-Line is dominating. And Thurman and the RBs run hard and tough. So as long as they stay ahead of the chains, I think they are 10 points better than Henderson (who is nobody’s “weak sister” btw!) Henderson is going to need Lindale to help them by beating themselves, I.e turning the ball over and making mistakes. And neither of those things are something I think Lindale will do too much. Lindale 31-15 over Henderson. I think there is a real chance some craziness ensues over there, like CH beating Lindale, Lindale beating Kilgore and Kilgore beating CH for a 3 way tie! But I also think no matter how the order goes, all three teams will wind up facing each other again later in the playoffs. They all have the ability to survive and advance all the way to pretty near Turkey time!
  15. Lindale has a LOT to be proud of! There are also a lot of connections between the two coaching trees. The Eagles play in a TOUGH District, (District of Doom) and talking to some members of the coaching staff before the game, we all agreed that this would be the BEST and TOUGHEST “Team” Gilmer would face until December… and that this would be a great preparation games for both teams and their respective next opponents. We knew Coach Cochran was going to have the perfect game plan, and we knew that Lindale was a really bad “style matchup” for the Buckeyes! And boy were we right! I was talking to one of our kids today about how he was FEELING IT this morning, as that Lindale O-Line was huge and GOOD! But again… that is almost the perfect preparation for PG, Gilmer’s first and likely roughest District foe. No accident that Coach Metzel scheduled the 3 teams from that D1 District who I think will represent them in the playoffs in CH, Kilgore and Lindale. CH’s two sophomores are flat out scary athletes… and it was lucky we got them week 1! Kilgore is big and fast as physical as usual, and their DT is a MONSTER! They pushed our O-Line to get better! And Lindale is a GEEAT TEAM! Disciplined, clean, physical and play so well within their scheme. And it was a game that literally came down to the last play! Gilmer’s 4-0 record right now could very easily be different! But as Coach Metzel says, these games count for nothing and are scheduled to expose the things your team needs to GET FIXED before the games start counting! But as expected, Lindale played the absolute closest thing to a perfect game against the Buckeyes and had a chance at the end! And that was probably something Coach Cochran would have taken every day this summer preparing for his District! kudos to the town in Lindale and getting behind their kids (I was frankly embarrassed by Gilmer’s travel turnout to that game, and it didn’t help the Buckeyes!) kudos to the QB who IMO should not be so hard on himself and just enjoy this time and go play football! Cause he is a heck of a player, and from what I understand an even better kid. And having interacted with a lot of this current Lindale team over the past 3 years, there are a ton of great kids and the culture they have built will last a lot longer than they even know. Lindale is on the absolute RIGHT TRACK on all fronts (State Championship Band program too!) I love to see kids being successful! And Lindale got every bit of “Umpff” out of things they could Friday night! A LOT to be proud of and look forward to for the Eagles!
  16. Can you read? I said simply Gilmer has SPEED and athleticism this year like they have not had since 1984-85. It is so amazing to me how you guys from Carthage and Longview jump on Gilmer threads and talk smack. Y’all are TEN WEEKS AWAY from having to worry about Gilmer. You have your ranking and you play your schedule. I hear now Cuero is the best 4A D2 team in the state… go jump on THEIR threads and worry about things! And yes. Absolutely Scott would LOVE to have a first team all state RB, the pre-season State Defensive DB committed to TCU, and a kid who runs a sun 10.4 100m! YOU are an idiot if you think otherwise! No, Gilmer will NOT play Longview. Nobody with any inkling of understanding for football would suggest anything so idiotic. And no, LONGVIEW doesn’t have a kid on their roster who would catch Will Henderson in the open field! Carthage CERTAINLY doesn’t have a kid that fast. Not many teams do! And THAT was my point…. Geniuses.
  17. Show me the 10.38sec 100m times. When I say RUN, I literally mean RUN.
  18. Kudos to the Lindale coaching staff!!! For the talent level and skills they have with kids wearing blue, they did EVERYTHING they could to give themselves a chance to win. That is just too much firepower to deal with, especially the Tomahawk. #22 is simply NEXT LEVEL fast. We are talking NFL level speed unleashed at the high school level. It is just not fair when he hits a crease. Gilmer should seriously pull a Kendall Briles and spread all those weapons sideline to sideline and go 125mph pace BLITZKRIEG, giving 17, 22, 7 and 9 ten to twelve touches in space a game. Defensively, play STRAIGHT MAN on the outside and bring 8 every snap and FORCE opponents into a track meet every game. There simply is not a team in 4A and maybe 5A (D2) with the horses to run with the Buckeyes for 4 quarters if they did that. Every coach on the schedule (including Scott in Carthage) would trade you HIS for OURS. Gilmer had better use these two weeks to figure out how to maximize all that talent on both sides. Because Lindale just nearly showed the world the “formula” to beat Gilmer. Had it not been for #22, they would have.
  19. Credit Gilmer Historian Joe Dodd with this fact; the Buckeyes have won 95% of their games since 1980 when they have scored 30+ points. That seems to be the most accurate barometer there is when it comes to Buckeye Football.
  20. I understand… watching that just numbs the mind. I am just agreeing with you.
  21. No. The GM would find a way to screw up a #1 pick. Until the owners hire some real football people, it will only get worse.
  22. Gilmer has gotten better each week, especially defensively. But Lindale has had this game circled all summer as most of Gilmer’s opponents do. Lindale is a disciplined and mentally tough team, but the raw speed and athletic superiority of the Buckeyes gives them the edge. There are just too many ways Gilmer can attack, and Lindale cannot get into a gun fight with Gilmer. The Eagles best bet is to win the battle up front, possess the ball and run effectively, using play action to pick their spots and hit the Buckeyes deep. They cannot turn it over or get behind the chains, as Gilmer is simply too good and has too many weapons for Lindale to get into a track meet. Keys for Lindale to win include playing a near flawless game, be +2 on turnovers and hold Gilmer under 30 points. All of which is a really tough task. The Buckeyes improvement in O-Line play and their “Thunder & Lightening” running game with Haynes and Henderson gives the Tennison as a young QB (who is getting better and better) opportunities down the field to Tate and all-world Fluellen. And Gilmer’s speed, size and athletes on defense will make it hard on Lindale to establish the run effectively enough to sustain long drives and keep the ball away from the Buckeyes. When the Buckeyes score 30+, they have won 95% of their games since 1980. Tough task for the Eagles this year. My guess would be 45-28 Gilmer.
  23. Ashton is fine BTW. Just the staff realizing it is a marathon and not a sprint. If you look back over the past few seasons, several really key players have had “time off” to keep them from west and tear and potential injury. I would expect you will see several of the guys who play both ways so the same later in the season. 17, 44, 3, 0, 22, 7 and others will all get the same treatment until it’s trophy time. Perhaps the most impressive thing the BUX have done all season is the number of kids they have played on both sides of the ball against 2 REALLY good teams, (and 2-0). The Buckeyes are quietly building depth. Basically if you are suiting out, you are gonna play in Gilmer. Remember, some of these Buckeye Seniors have now already played in THIRTY PLUS varsity games! That is invaluable experience for a high school player. And invaluable in establishing a true culture that not only WINS consistently, but allows you to have games (like last night), where a lot of young kids make a lot of valuable “learning” mistakes… that don’t cost you games. No Head Coach in Buckeye History has amassed as many wins as quickly as Alan Metzel. And he has also been in Gilmer as an assistant for 20+ years. The man has “Been There & Done That”. A young Jeff Traylor was at the forefront of pioneering Texas High School football at this level (then 3A and now 4A) by recognizing the value of taking superior athletes, getting them the ball and getting them into space, playing FAST, and allowing “X-Factor” things like overall team conditioning to fill in the gaps between those athletes to win games. What you are seeing today from Coach Metzel and that “other guy” down in that “other Bulldog” town that starts with a “C” is the evolution of that formula. These are PROGRAMS, led by coaches who understand how to build CULTURES that allow them to simply reload year after year. Ashton is the most gifted back Gilmer has had since Gus Johnson… who is only the guy that owns the record book at SFA and spent time on rosters for the Cowboys, Falcons and Cardinals. That is saying something. He is also a huge asset at OLB on defense. And after a Game 1 performance against a MONSTER in CH where he went for 145 yards on 10 carries playing both ways, that caliber of player took the night off… and Gilmer won handily. Just a few short years ago, Ashton and Ro and Omero were the “Super Sophs” who were making meaningful contributions. Now… those dudes simply step up and take over games when it counts. It is just what they do! They are like “D1-Super Seniors” with 30+ varsity games under their belts, just two games into their Sr Seasons. Now go down the roster and look at the current crop of “Super Sophs” who are surfing in that wake. See it? CULTURE. It’s why Gilmer is Gilmer and Carthage is Carthage. It is a shame that they are in the same region again. But that just means bEastTexas sees the real State Champion get crowned in the regional finals. And both coaches are playing games in September FOR the one coming in late November. Just watch… a #1 vs #2 matchup of likely undefeated teams is coming… again. Why? Because of the real chess match you are watching here in week 2, as the teams best players can sit while their teams not only WIN, but improve their teams and overall programs in the process of running this years’ marathon. God bless Tater Town, Coach Traylor, and everything their great coaching staffs (Coach Turner / Metzel) have been building for decades. I’m sure they feel the same way in that “C” town down there too. We’ll see y’all (again) in a bit. And you can bet the Buckeyes will be #WarReady!
  24. First home game of the year. First home start for a young Soph QB. First start for a young and speedy RB, and big shout out to Will “Tomahawk” Henderson, stepping up to tote the load while Ashton took a breather for the night. Tough yards showing he is a football player who runs track, not vice versa. And a shout out to Caden, showing when dared to throw, he can and will! And a HUGE shout out to Ro, who showed once again the kind of difference maker he is in any situation. All in all, a good, tough win against a good, tough team. Mistakes? Sure. But they for fixed and they were fundamentally teachable moments. O-Line was challenged, and they stood their ground and won the war. Real kudos to the depth of a team that stayed the course and pulled away in the 4th Qtr as good teams should. Young squad that is 2-0 and improving. Healthy after 2 straight weeks of punching above their weight class. Building experience, toughness, and confidence… Coach Metzel’s plan in pre-district in preparation for November is a good one! Liking what I am seeing in Tater Town!
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