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  1. Harmony is in district with Dfield. DField went undefeated. Congratulations to Harmony getting the W tonight.
  2. I think it was 3rd and 38. That was a big time conversion for the Eagles.
  3. My advice would be to look within and try to put a(.)behind your statement.
  4. I like and respect your support and confidence in your team. That's exactly how it should be. Cooper has to be a good team to be undefeated and make it this far. I am a pure, die hard Daingerfield Tiger fan. The Timpson Bears are a great team. My Tigers just got put out of the playoffs last night falling to the Newton Eagles 16-12. We had 3 loses on the year to Timpson, Center and Newton. I alone and most if not all Tiger fans will agree that Timpson was the best team we faced all year. Timpson came and beat us in our jungle hands down. In the loss to 4A Center we played the second 1/2 without starters Hampton Wr/DB, Rodgers WR/DB and RB D'co Wright. Last night vs Newton it really hurt us not having Hampton and some youngsters had to step up and they did well. Timpson beat us convincingly with all our players. It's hard for me to bet against this team because I saw them with my own eyes. I might attend lol. Be safe and good luck to both teams. Keep your players motivated SM because anything could happen.
  5. Class of 86 definitely had some tough players. Ashley Lewis had his jaw broken and was on the field and played the following weeks with his jaw wired shut. Coach Alexander and Mayfield recognized the grit and let him play.
  6. Congratulations to the Eagles on a hard fought win tonight. The Tigers played exceptionally well and we had our chances. Nothing to be ashamed of. Tigers Pride
  7. Afraid not FigNoNewton . Hate to inform ya, but this isn't one of your district games . We'll see
  8. Tony Evans was starter at RB, but I thought David was 2nd RB. You're prolly right because DC and Johnny B were 84? I know Johnny B and David Mims were 85..
  9. PaPoo lol. I think Matt graduated a year before.
  10. It's better just to let the boys play the game. If I'm wrong and my Tigers lose, I will come back for my crow and offer congratulations. I'm done here until after the game. Too many sensitive souls here that make statements, but run away from fact. Safe travels and good luck to both. Happy Thanksgiving to all Go Big Blue . Tiger Pride
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