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  1. I'd say Thomas Everett is the most successful player in Dfield history. Attended Baylor, drafted by Pittsburg and ended up a Super Bowl champion with Dallas. There has been others recently, but not near his success.
  2. Quite possible.. If he's given the opportunity then time will tell. It's not like Carthage doesn't have their own upcoming talent. He has to earn it. The Dawgs were winning before this move. We'll see soon enough won't we?
  3. Thanks HEG. I can guarantee you that Daingerfield will not contest the move. The Tigers have pride and will continue to play. Hopefully SS can prepare him to play D1 ball and he can get on the field early. Time will tell. Good Luck to the Dawgs.
  4. Me too HEG. We wish him luck and blessings, but 1 player stops no show in Daingerfield Texas. The Tigers would be better with him, but we will survive without him. Go Blue
  5. The Tigers will definitely miss Hampton this year. We all wish him the best of luck, but any player is replaceable in Dfield. Will they have the same success? Maybe not, but it allows for other players to step up and let their talent be recognized. His leadership skills to some youngsters will be the most valuable things lost. Carthage gets a good one, but still GO BLUE TIGERS.
  6. Loading the box and going man on WR is most likely the answer in my opinion. Just hope that ol' QB can air it out and has a capable WR. Jus saying lol. Otherwise it will be easily shut down. We'll see
  7. I'm looking forward to it as well 9T1. The Tigers have a lot of holes to fill, but we have young athletes. They gotta put the work in this summer. I see that Bussey got offered by Alabama. Hampton picked up the offer last month from them, but is still committed to Texas.
  8. I think this was a great hire for the school. He is a proven athlete and can coach the kids on how to further their athletic wishes at a D1 University possibly NFL by experience(being a 1st round draft pick). He knows the work ethic and what it requires. I look for him to reciprocate that to his players and make them great. As always haters will hate and talk about his salary and senseless things to try to make things as complicated as possible. Just sit back, watch and learn
  9. The story will tell itself. He will have access to better athletes in the Tyler area. Over the next few years I expect a lot of complaints due to players gravitating from surrounding schools. We'll see
  10. Correct, but I was referring to Wokewon comment on a couple of good players transferring out of the program in addition to the coaches foster kid
  11. Best receiver , hopefully those kids aren't transferring for athletic purposes. That's against the rules correct?
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