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  1. Tatum has been young over the last few years. I think they will compete this year with the coach and make some noise 🗣
  2. I really wish Timpson and Daingerfield had played again, but looks like we replaced that game with Pleasant Grove Texarkana. Good luck to the this season.
  3. The coach did a good job. I like his offensive play calling. In the past 2 years with them playing Dfield I saw nicely designed plays guaranteed to get the ball in his playmakers hand. Congratulations on State Championship and good luck to him.
  4. Your screen name says it all lol. I bet you do hope everything stays the same. Thanks for your input
  5. For many years if you look back through or if you know Tiger history you will see that each team with the exception of a few lost the next game after beating the Tigers. Melissa in 2011 and Newton in 2018 went on to win State. Southlake Carroll went on to win State in 1987 and Jefferson in 86. So I was wrong.
  6. I'm proud of The Daingerfield Tigers for all they accomplished this season. A lot of the responses and comments from many we're out of frustration because we all know what they were capable of and it's really easy to point the finger. This team did a lot for the community. Continued support from KrookedWolfe. GO BLUE, TIGER PRIDE
  7. Can't help but be M.I.A., when you don't get your hands on the ball. Play calling overall both offensively and defensively was terrible tonight. Pressure busts pipes!!!
  8. That's all it took. That is the worse I've seen this team play all year and that's not a exaggeration.
  9. 4 hour drive to see this was absolutely terrible. This wasn't Daingerfield Tiger football tonight.
  10. The Tigers didn't seem prepared and ready to play tonight. Good season nonetheless. Tigers
  11. Whoever it is needs to be gone . With all the athletes calling just a few plays with different alignments was just crazy. The ball was never in any of our playmakers hands. Congratulations Tidehaven
  12. They are tripping with the no re-entry. Some people have 1/2 time habits. . Whatever tho
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