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  1. Really not a lot to say about this game. I hope both teams have no injuries and use this game as experience. Good Luck to both teams. Go Blue Tigers
  2. If Sabine loses what should happen to their coach?
  3. I remember the first playoff matchup in Royse City. I'd never even heard of Gunter, but they ended up beating Dfield 41-21 or something similar. The drives were long, but definitely worth it.
  4. What do ya mean? The first game in Dfield, Gunter overcame being down 21-0 and won 22-21 after multiple Tiger errors. Fill me in on the 2019 score.. Kinda a game? Honestly Dfield should keep Timpson, drop Center and add Gunter. The Tigers won't face another team with the depth of Center. Gunter is a good program, but don't get too far beside yourself. Let's see what happens this post season if they happen to meet.
  5. Never know HS coaches may have been holding back on these non district matchups because W&L doesn't matter. Why give teams in district something to prepare for? Might be a big suprise this week.
  6. 2P I really hate my Tigers and Gunter stopped the non district game. I'm not sure why, but it was a good experience while it lasted.
  7. I haven't heard much or seen Waskom this year, but I have seen Timpson. It will be hard for teams to match up with them. I'm taking Timpson by 21.
  8. Obviously everyone knows that statement is passive aggressive. Plan on using your depth to keep the game close, not the athletes particularly.
  9. This is late, but congratulations to Timpson players, fans and coaches on the victory last night. It was my first time to Timpson, but i really enjoyed myself last night meeting Timpson fans and watching one heck of a game. Nice atmosphere and hospitality. Go win it all
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