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  1. I wish it were PPV or something. I've read all the comments from members, but I'm still having a time trying to get it on Hulu
  2. That's the spirit of a true fan. Much respect from the Blue Jungle. Throw those kids a BBQ, they did that. Congrats to your SRs and bright days ahead for the Coaches and youngsters. Game well played. We all have been rolln
  3. The Tigers played well. Fast with lots of confidence and can light it up fast. Great season with brighter days ahead
  4. JAX must be really good because Tatum is usually solid and theyve had few weeks to get ready
  5. Nah keep your Coach and see if Waskom can close the show. Don't let beating Dfield be the highlight of your season. TRY to win next week
  6. The Tigers gonna handle their business Slicks. I agree with ya, they'll be whining tonight. I stick with my prediction that Dfield wins this game by a comfortable margin. If I'm wrong I'll openly admit it and pay them respect for competing
  7. Well when the Tigers win it won't come as a suprise to Tiger fans, but you and 43 others will be just speechless. You say we talk stuff, but I think Waskom fans and all your subordinates tried to match us lol. Not a problem because Dfield is used to haters/ doubters lol. We talk that talk so now let's see who can walk that walk. Tigers 48-21(28) W..
  8. Not everyone on Smoaky, but what will you say after Waskom loses? Will you say they beat because they had D1 players and secret weapons? Will you say they won because our coach doesn't focus on just football? Maybe having Shreveport kids wasn't enough or we never got over the Timpson beat down? Can/Will you say We Got Drove like those arrogant Dfield fans said .
  9. Dekalb was able to run on the Tigers. Maybe coaches should look at that game on film huh Declawed lol
  10. No not that plan because that ain't gonna work how you're hoping. I'm talking about trying to get that established and attempting to catch the Tigers off guard. That's when discipline comes in because without doubt I think Waskom will try it .
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