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  1. I guess it's about building up the confidence in the team overall. Maybe the backups will hustle harder to get out there now because they realize just because we're up doesn't guarantee their PT. Gotta earn it so they'll be ready when their # is called. For example the young RB that had ro come in for Dco vs Center. I don't know, but I'm sure we'll see some in the upcoming weeks.
  2. I know it man, I was joking. Not disrespecting our district opponents, but I figure our district games will be time to fine tune and get quality reps for the backups and younger players. I like the last 2 games in district are vs the better opponents in district.
  3. It's tough, but it's part of the game. In the Center win vs Dfield. The Tigers were without their top 2 WR/CB and RB.
  4. The score could've been worse, but the Tigers showed good sportsmanship. I saw improvements in key areas last night. (yup I know "well its was vs Hughes Springs with a negative record" lol). We need the reps and have to keep getting better. Good luck to both teams moving forward
  5. 09 I hear ya, y'all were disciplined, but the boys just gotta make the plays. Our special teams are putting us in a hard spot. Kickoff and punt returns are huge momentum builders for teams and it deflates our defense. I look at everything and we are in position to make almost all the plays we've given up. We arm tackle and that's a big problem. If we get better each week on defense and special teams we're on the way. Our offense can get the job done against any team we face. I'm behind them all the way because i think they can do it. We'll see . Go Blue
  6. Grow up man. What are you talking about? I wish I could coach, but snap decisions without consequence isn't exactly one of my strong points. Thanks tho for the good advice.
  7. TIGER FANS stop being disingenuous and taking the bait. People go around the small town talking and not respecting the Coaches. The kids hear this stuff from adults so how do you expect them to respect the Coaches and give % ? Understand some teams are better and will beat the Tigers. You're molding the kids to make excuses rather than work harder and reap the reward
  8. Daingerfield hasn't been undefeated since 1985. When we lost State in 1984(Medina Valley), 1999(Newton)& 2012 (Yoe)did D.A., McFarland and Sardenia get us beat? When we lost to Gilmer in 08,09,10 and ended up State Champs. Did Bowman get us beat in those loses?(44-3)
  9. I was just told you can start as many Facebooks as you want to because it's not regulated and requires no real proof of identity(message could be from anybody) They should make it where you have to put a name on it and prove you're that person. You can get one of those little Cricket phones and screenshot something and post it. EB initially told me about the screeshot, but has yet to send it to me. Miraculously enough someone from the team we play this week gets the message. I'd imagine it's some BS as usual. You lost the game in week 2, so just let it go. He should be focusing on the Gladewater game this week rather than worried about Tiger Town lol.
  10. Very transparent statement bro. It is what it is. Tigers by 28 on Friday night
  11. You must be a pretty important dude with a very successful role for someone to tell you what's going on in Dfield. What makes them think you care? Jus saying man, you live in Tatum
  12. You know what you know? Or you know what you're told? Do you consider the source from where you're getting this info? Why would someone from Dfield think to call someone in Tatum and tell you ISD business lol
  13. Obviously for you to see a Facebook post about our school Athletics you must be Facebook friends with these people... Put a handle on the pan.
  14. Okay do that. Any negativity doesn't really suprise me because just look at the post you jumped to defend lol. Opinions can indeed ruin a school if you are around players talking poop or on social media. So what a disgruntled parent or what? Can't please them all. Roads have 2 lanes so stay in yours. Play Ball Tigers
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