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  1. DCTF shows it was suspended...was it weather related?
  2. Took this pretty cool photo of West Rusk's Calvin Mason at the recent West Rusk Track Meet
  3. A few of the shots I got at the recent West Rusk vs Troup seeding playoff at Wagstaff Gym...good game
  4. I use a Nikon D750 and a Nikon 85MM f1.8...I shoot at a high resolution so I can crop some shots and not lose quality.
  5. Got back Saturday from watching the state football championships and jumped into basketball mode that Saturday evening...
  6. Are you have a subscription to the online content of DCTF Magazine? If you are you would have received an email with the link to reserve tickets.
  7. Doing something else new this year...just booked my two tickets for the 2nd Annual Dave Campbells Texas Football event breakfast Saturday morning at Texas Live...didn't get to make it last year
  8. When my grandson was playing basketball high school we could only make the Saturday games...out of school now and we're free to go back for the small schools
  9. sorry...that was a good game by all indications...I photographed your semifinal game last year at Rose Stadium...didn't make the trip this year
  10. I have everything I wanted as a 17 year old, just 50 years later...I don't have to go to work or school...I have a monthly allowance...and I have a pad of my own with my gal...I'm retired!
  11. Well, I made our hotel reservations back in October and purchased our tickets thru Seat Geek this past weekend...so who all is going to make a trip to AT&T to see at least one game? We're going Wednesday thru Friday, we prefer the small schools, but may catch some Saturday.
  12. Hope it is a good close game...one of the pics I got last Friday
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