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  1. After attending the UIL state championship games since 2010, my two grandsons made it on the big screen...my youngest grandson's first trip and my oldest his 12th.
  2. Looking forward to getting back to AT&T for the UIL state football championships. My oldest grandson and I stared a tradition in 2010 and look to keep it going for as long as we can. Great venue to hold these games.
  3. I went to the Timpson Bears vs Cooper Bulldogs 2ADI Region III finals last Friday at Lindale...got some decent pics. Timpson only shows three seniors on the roster, so look for more of the same from them next year. In first photo, WR #6 Vosky Howard, a junior. Second one, QB #10 Terry Bussey, a junior, and RB #8 JJ Garner, a sophomore.
  4. Got this shot of Timpson QB #10 Terry Bussey leaping for yardage vs Cooper
  5. I'll be shooting this game...hopefully will get some good photos of both teams...(this photo from last year)
  6. Well, I hope to make this game if I get back in time from DFW...took this photo at last year's game at the Tomato Bowl
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