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  1. Well, I hope to make this game if I get back in time from DFW...took this photo at last year's game at the Tomato Bowl
  2. Overton vs James Bowie in the third week of the season...Bowie 38 Overton 36...so I have to go with Mart
  3. Yes, stopping QB #32 is key, but RB #5 and #8 are very fast and hard to bring down. Carlisle will have to stop them also. Lovelady only had four offensive plays in the third quarter and scored four touchdowns. Maud was pretty successful passing the ball against Lovelady, think this is their weakest part of their defense. I think Carlisle being productive in the passing game will be vital to getting a win.
  4. Mart will prevail...probably by at least 4TD's
  5. Yes, they did...but PP isn't at Tatum's level
  6. Cold wet night...wind was wicked...but I hung in there a got some pics
  7. West Rusk has too many offensive weapons for Pewitt to control...
  8. Cushing runs away with this one...took this shot this year
  9. Evadale will have to find a way to put the brakes on this speedster...
  10. This kid is a quick and has good hands...got this shot of him vs West Rusk
  11. No...just saying why risk injuries to starters...get your lead and play the subs...you have a good chance a a deep run in the playoffs...I guess you don't understand the logic
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