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  1. Watched it also Whitesboro lost the game making critical mistakes.Brock did squeak by,Just don't think brock will squeak by the Koff. 35-14 koff wins.Then takes out Franklin
  2. Watched Franklin the last 2 weeks. I'm not impressed. They should have lost both games but luck was on there side. They may win this week but it will be tough. They will not beat Malokoff.
  3. Malokoff State champs Pulling for Harmony
  4. I think HARMONY will have something to say about that.
  5. Congrats Harmony.I didn't think you could do it but you did.I want my crow xtra well,Hell make it 2 servings.Now go get the ring,i"ll be pulling for ya'll
  6. I have no dog in this fight,but both teams are real good and realisticly they are the #1 and #2 but one of you have to lose. Gilmer feels as if they were cheated,Carthage feels they just had a bad day. Lol guys the games over now lets follow carthage and get another east Tx trophy.
  7. lobo stadium is not big enough for this venue.I went to the Mack show in longview Gilmer vs Gladewater.The stands and grass was full
  8. I just pulled it up on direct tv for 6 pm on channel 676-1 BSS Carthage vs Gilmer LIVE for 11-25
  9. There wasn't a all district list.Nobody got past round 1 jeez dude
  10. I heard this game was going to be on 676 direct tv.Baily sports
  11. Gilmer just needs to stay home.Everybody in EAST TX thinks gilmer will get donkey stomped by Carthage (Embarrassed)
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