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  1. Did Bear01 vote 3 times,Because there only 1 Bear fan stirring.
  2. I guess you was tired of waskom beating EF every year.
  3. Keep the progress up. Prayers for you.
  4. Dude calm down your going to have a stroke
  5. Sounds like either team has a offense
  6. I predict a 40ish to a 20ish game Tatums game to win
  7. I don't even no why YOE thinks Tatum is ranked at 20 (We no good)
  8. After our bye week tatum should be fully healthy and ready to take District 6 3A by the horns GW is on our chopping block First.Tatum by alot.
  9. Great game Tatum.Good coaching and great players,this team will make some noise in 3A D1.
  10. i quit watching slaughter GW has given up 31-0 in the middle of second quarter
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