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  1. Racer isn't it time to start baiting that hook
  2. Tatum should had beaten GV but they didn't.We had our chance but blew it not helping we lost our qb in the third quarter
  3. when will suratt move on to the next level.he's leaving a lot of money on the table by staying at carthage
  4. If gilmer could have scored 70 on carthage it would be a different story don't you think gilmer has scored 70 on seveal teams in the past and was proud of it and im sure they will do it again.but this happened in the (SS) game.It not the same,as everybody is saying this could have easily been a 90 point game no doubt.
  5. last 2 games only 1 point loses are we going to get another
  6. is there anywhere going to be FREE STREAMING or on radio and what station
  7. This is a big game where is everybody at. Not much to talk about????????
  8. see yall at the game leaving in about 45 minutes. safe travels for both teams
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