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  1. Better get a good look at it,Because it's not going to be the same Try Tatum 56 GW 21
  2. You can bet there wan't be many in the visitor seats next week either
  3. Did Bear01 vote 3 times,Because there only 1 Bear fan stirring.
  4. I guess you was tired of waskom beating EF every year.
  5. Keep the progress up. Prayers for you.
  6. Dude calm down your going to have a stroke
  7. Sounds like either team has a offense
  8. I predict a 40ish to a 20ish game Tatums game to win
  9. I don't even no why YOE thinks Tatum is ranked at 20 (We no good)
  10. After our bye week tatum should be fully healthy and ready to take District 6 3A by the horns GW is on our chopping block First.Tatum by alot.
  11. Great game Tatum.Good coaching and great players,this team will make some noise in 3A D1.
  12. i quit watching slaughter GW has given up 31-0 in the middle of second quarter
  13. Probaly will return a kickoff back,But the wrong way.
  14. When they are winning they won't be quite,now its like pulling teeth to get them out.
  15. Them bears must have gone into hybernation,Damn man Com on
  16. This dude needs to go back to that rock that he crawled out from under. stir,stir,stir
  17. This year I bet gladewater fans don't post the final score on our score board of the final score.It won't come down to the final play of the game for yall. 2 weeks away.
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