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  1. People.reading these comments on Haynes King NOT OK. Be respectful and mindful of what you say about these young men!!! They won state last year and have a good season this year. Be thankful for how hard these guys work and play hard!!!
  2. Well 2nd week in a row for me to start this thread for the Bux. What’s up with the delays on starting threads everyone? Who wins???
  3. Been watching for thread to start...hasn’t happened, so here it is.
  4. That is exactly right. You don’t know how good you have it with something til it’s lost and gone. Support your players... support your coaches!!!!!
  5. I’m talking about badmouthing coaches.
  6. This team is a YOUNG team and has a tough schedule. As hard as these games are, they are intense and great learning experiences. These players are going to be good.... these games will have them ready for district play. People need to be PATIENT and cheer them on!!!!
  7. Our Bux are a young team.... but no matter what they keep fighting. Keep learning guys, playing hard, and stay focused. You all will be fine.
  8. Gilmer vs Paris-again I’m starting Gilmer Bux thread. What’s up with all you guys not starting it?????
  9. Been waiting for someone to start this thread. No one has so I guess I am. Opinions?
  10. I’m constantly amazed at people. Our Buckeyes worked their tails off, coaches give it everything they have/the HOURS they put in ..... it is so easy to be a coach from the stands and gripe and complain. Either you’re a true fan or you’re not. Love your team even during the losses. And most of all, remember they are kids. It’s been a good season, even if it didn’t end exactly like we wanted it to. As always, I’m looking forward to our next season. Great job Bux-keep your chins up and keep all the memories close to your heart!!!!
  11. You really just said that???? We’ve gone to the semi-finals 2 years in a row under Coach Turner. Most teams DREAM about going that far. I get so irritated at spoiled and critical fans. Support your team!!!!
  12. You really just wrote this? We have gone to the semi-finals 2 years in a row under Coach Turner. Most teams DREAM about getting that far. I get so irritated at our spoiled fans who are so critical. I remember a long stretch in the 90’s we didn’t make the playoffs at all. Support your team!!!!!!
  13. Henderson band wasn't supposed to sit there. Those bleachers at the end were for overflow fans. The bleachers were right at the end zone. 350 kids playing instruments right there was not ok. If they'd been up in the regular bleachers it would have been fine. Sound projects WAY DIFFERENTLY from the end zone than the stands on the sides.
  14. Temporary bleachers up for GHS kids student section.
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