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  1. There ain't nothing more dangerous than a angry old white dude with a gun. lol
  2. I'm sorry, but That's what It's going to come to. And can ya blame them? The way the police have been attacked on these so called police shootings on the poor black man. They've got to the point they'll say the hell with them, I'll go to another neighborhood where folks appreciate me and I won't lose my badge for just doing my job. And as far as him getting suspended for the video is not surprising these days.
  3. I agree. They start doing that then it would just open a whole can of worms for other things for them to want to ban, like unhealthy foods. I believe they're already doing that at the public schools cafeterias.
  4. I'm all for defending the police actions and that these idiots need to comply with the orders of the officer, but in this incident I have to agree with Jett. Why not use the taser first? It ain't like he had a gun himself.
  5. They'll be banning Old English, Schlitz malt liquor and King Cobra next. lol
  6. I suppose Trump had nothing to do with this. Ain't it something how politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose what the new administration inherited and what they take credit for.
  7. It's just like where the Washington Redskins mascot was supposedly offending the native American, when actually is was just offending mostly the white left wing liberals. Stupid!
  8. He could be found guilty of 1st degree murder and sentence to life in prison, those thugs are still going to riot, regardless. They don't give two cents about George Floyd's death, they just want a reason to loot.
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