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  1. This should be posted in every sports forum.
  2. Here's hoping for a better season. Cowboys go at least 11-5.
  3. Slowly but surely the liberals will bring this great country down. I will never understand how someone can be born and raised in a great country, but yet wants to destroy it. smh.
  4. What a bunch of ungrateful Millennial spoiled brats! They have no clue how well they got it in this great country. They need to go see other countries like I did when I was in the military. Then maybe they'll be more appreciative.
  5. They want the cake and eat it too. Defund the police, but protect our city. Typical liberal thinking.
  6. You'll be reloaded by tomorrow, you can "like" me then, if you remember, but if not, no worries, and thanks anyways.
  7. This pic speaks volumes. At least we know some blacks are patriots, unlike this stupid liberal dyke that's kneeling.
  8. As bad as Iran was, I think some of our big high school basketball teams could've beaten that team. You would think that they would've had a much better team after Obama gave all that US tax dollars to his Muslim people. Oh, I forgot, they're using it to build nuclear weapons to use against us.
  9. One of the best southern rock bands of all time. R.I.P. Dusty
  10. US up 66-32 in the 3rd. I don't think blmnba is playing much better, but that Iran ain't worth a crap. lol
  11. Now that's the GOAT, imo. I remember that like it was yesterday. But then again, they seem to always show that clip from time to time, so it's kinda hard to forget. lol
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