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  1. For those of you that may be interested. #2 Hawley plays against Sonora tonight @ 7p on NFHS.
  2. I don't blame you for doubting the Boys. Me, you, Doomer and millions of others feel the same way. When they get our hopes up then it's disappointment after disappointment. After awhile it's hard to be optimistic. Hopefully this will be the year. I don't care what @RETIREDFAN1 and @KirtFalcon says.
  3. I hope you're just being sarcastic? Because the Giants lost to the Lions by two touchdown on Sunday and barely beat a terrible Texan team by 8 the week before. I'd hardly say that's playing very well.
  4. Cowboys 40 Vikings 3 final **Largest margin of victory on the road in Cowboys' history.
  5. Speaking of streaks, Doomer. Cowboys are good at ending streaks. Last week they ended Green Bay's losing streak and today they ended Kirk Cousins' 39 consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass.
  6. Maher kicks 2nd 60 yard field goal after 1st 60 yarder that he made was called back so the dumb refs can review Lambs catch at the last second. What bunch of crap. You go Maher, you the man!!
  7. Heard he was out for the season. I believe they said he was Oklahoma commit
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