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  1. I thought she sounded and acted just like Harris dumb butt.
  2. Brittany Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison. https://www.yahoo.com/news/russian-court-finds-brittney-griner-150416078.html
  3. Wow, she is so wasted. What a embarrassment to this country.
  4. That's what this singer did with Simon Cowell's face on AGT.
  5. https://keyt.com/news/2022/07/19/what-we-know-about-the-armed-bystander-who-killed-the-shooter-at-an-indiana-mall/
  6. One brave man with no body armor takes down a mass shooter within 5 minutes after killing three people, vs 100+ cowardly police officers with body armor finally takes down mass shooter after killing 21 people over 72 minutes later. Hmmm.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I know puberty comes at different ages for different kids, but that seems way too young.
  8. He should be hung by his testicles until they rot off or at least be castrated then put in 5x8 foot cell for the rest of his life. But that's just me.
  9. It baffles me how some think that she's is being wrongfully detained. Uhh, whether you agree with their laws or not, it is their laws. She made the choice, now she'll have to deal with it.
  10. Biden knows exactly what he's doing. He's picking up right where Obama left off by deliberately trying to destroy this great nation.
  11. I like when he said, "...and then they call the chicken police on me".
  12. Looks like the punk just wanted to get custody of his daughter just so he could rape her as well. What a low life!
  13. What about the unborn child's choice? If he/she could speak, you and I both know he/she would say please don't abort, (kill), me.
  14. These libnuts are hell bent to kill the unborn. Legal or not, they'll stop at nothing to it get done.
  15. Good, we don't want you here anyways. Go live in one of those states that have no problem taking a innocent life because you don't know how to be more responsible in your sex life.
  16. I wonder how well the Stallions would do in the NFL?
  17. He never was suspended or banned. But after MavGrad called him out of being a child grooming supporter, he apparently got butthurt and choose to clamp up and has never since posted. But with that being said, he does come by from time to time just to read. lol
  18. Seriously, this woman don't need to worry about getting pregnant and then having to have a abortion. Smh
  19. Woman never had "the right" to a abortion. That was just something the Left made up.
  20. If they're gnashing their teeth now, the worst is yet to come if they don't change their ways.
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