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  1. While I do agree that Terry Bussey would be a game changer for any team I also believe that Daingerfield, Jefferson, and Beckville would disagree with your statement. No way you beat teams that caliber without Bussey and still be considered or called a 1 man show! Anyone that knows HS football in East Texas knows this. Great season Garrison Bulldogs, this is another deep playoff run to add to your already rich football tradition!
  2. Can't wait until the Newton/DF rematch next year! Both teams flooded the field with exceptional athletes which makes for a very fun and explosive game. Also, this could be the most entertaining thread in the HS forums of SDC every year. It never disappoints. Makes for a fun week of SDC! Congrats to a great season for both teams. Nothing for Newton to hang their heads about. DF is peaking at the right time. Hopefully they can ride that momentum into a state championship. Regardless of who won this game, the ultimate goal is get that trophy back to some part of East Texas. We were all confident that either one of yall would represent us well.
  3. Great job with the play by play posts buddy!! Thank you for that!
  4. You can listen to it here while the live stream is down... https://www.setxsports.com/ip/topic/245610-daingerfield-vs-newton-live-audio-broadcast-friday-december-1-2023-at-70000-pm-regional-final-round/
  5. 7-7 end of 1st.... ATHLETES everywhere on this field!!! Both teams loaded with speed!
  6. Wow! Kinda surprised at this one! Go Jasper!
  7. Not sure that Newton has had much luck at SFA... correct me if I am wrong Newton guys!
  8. This is a MUCH different and MUCH improved Newton team.... I expect a Newton win this time but I also expected a Newton win last year... Harmony QB was the difference maker last year, his football IQ was well above any other players on the field and he used that to expose and take advantage of Newton mistakes. I believe the purple Eagles have learned their lesson... Newton by 14
  9. Porter has averaged 13.4 yards per carry this season........A FRESHMAN!!!!
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