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  1. No... It's means that Harmony has continued to improve every week until they have become the best team in this area......
  2. Newton at mid-field and throws another int......Ball game!!! Congrats Harmony!!! Harmony 36 Newton 22 Harmony ball 1st and 10 taking a knee.... 1:39 left
  3. As I am typing that the Newton QB scrambles for 20 yards on 3rd and 10. 1:59 left
  4. This looks to be an accurate assessment......... Harmony game planned much better than Newton and their kids are playing with MUCH more fire and determination...
  5. 3:29 left 4th and goal for Harmony at the 7 The fat lady is singing!!
  6. Newton is reverting to trickery now... fumbles the ball away to Harmony... 1st and goal red Eagles at the 10 yard line... 5:03 left and the mass exodus of Newton fans has begun...
  7. Harmony intercepts the ball in the endzone............ I hear the fat lady in the distance...
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