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  1. Newton is trending towards 2a D1 also....
  2. POST OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE IN THE NFL FORUMS!!! Damn Doomer, you're either smarter than we give you credit for or someone stole your login info!!
  3. I mentioned this job to a quality coach that lives near me the other day as he is not completely happy where he is now due to micromanagement by the school board. He isn't too far from retirement age (probably) 6 years or so. Would be a job close enough that he wouldn't have to move. Maybe he will apply???
  4. Yall leave Dak alone... he is now a Sabine County resident or is building a place just outside of Hemphill on the banks of Toledo Bend. Because of this I don't hate the Cowboyz near as much as I used to.
  5. Willy Wonka was like Doomer on crack!! The guy was hilarious!!
  6. This is actually a true statement........
  7. Yeah, the record is as follows.... TB12 7 GM Jerry 0 Sorry Doomer but dem Boyz is done! They've been playing like they're ready for vacation the past 3 games!!!
  8. There are a lot moving to the lakes area of east Texas right now. A large portion of them are able to work from home affording them the freedoms and opportunities to live wherever they choose. They can purchase a lakefront home here for less than the cost of a small house in an overcrowded subdivision there.
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