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  1. Hemphill hires Brandon Layne as the new AD/HFC.. Coach Layne was previously at Redwater....
  2. I'm fairly certain that it won't be Upshaw. The last few years have been the first semi-successful football seasons that Hemphill has had in many, many years. The last two years graduating classes have seen the bulk of the talent leaving high school. Whoever comes in is going to have a tough few years ahead of them as the talent pool has dried up for a while. I don't know what they are going to do.
  3. I think about 15 years. He left Hemphill around 2004 and went to Shelbyville for 3 seasons then retired. If I am not mistaken....
  4. Actually, a lot of them have gone to West Sabine, some to SA. Pineland is a mill town and slowly dying due to automation at the plant. That plant employed nearly 1000 people up until the 2000's. The plant is now larger with higher volume but due to technology down to less than 300 employees. As a matter of fact they recently completed an expansion and upgrade of the plant that resulted in the need for about 30-40 less employees.
  5. The vast majority are not moving out of the district, just simply transferring to out of district schools.
  6. Parents moving their kids out of the district is what is happening. Town is growing, new business popping up all the time. Population is growing per water tap usuage.. doesn't make sense.
  7. This one kind of puzzles me. Hemphill had at least become competitive under the AD they just let go. Heck he tied the best overall regular season record last year at 9-1. I don't think they have had an AD there for more than 3 years since the early 2000's. That's a bad sign... Dropping classifications for them may be a bad thing. IF they take West Sabine's place in the district they are currently in then they get Timpson, Garrison, Shelbyville, Joaquin, and Grapeland... overall that's a much tougher district than what they are leaving aside from Newton. Could be a really bad thing for the next guy. Imagine being the new AD coming in, in the school's first season after dropping to 2A and not making the playoffs......
  8. Didn't know him personally but knew who he was when I saw him. Never heard anything but good about him. Kevin Lane always spoke very highly of him. Colmes, sorry for the loss of your friend, mentor, and coach.
  9. I once had a very respected, now retired Joaquin coach tell me that the offense Joaquin runs is great for getting an average team into the playoffs and a slightly above average team to the 2nd and maybe even the 3rd round of the playoffs but horrible for late playoff runs.... I'm not sure about the accuracy of that statement but being who it was telling me this was what kept me from being able to just shrug it off as false. He was a believer in that offense and thought it fit Joaquin perfectly. It is my opinion however that the more recent Joaquin teams have looked to be built for a more modern offense with smaller/quicker take it to the house open field guys... just my opinion though....
  10. I don't understand how soooo many football "gurus" across the state got this one wrong. After watching a little film on Tolar I knew Timpson would win. I think a lot of people discounted the Timpson/Jefferson game early this year. Jefferson had a very distinctive size advantage and much better depth and Timpson handled them well without Bussey. Tolar reminded a lot of Jefferson, minus Jeffersons speedy RB.
  11. Congrats Timpson. What an awesome display of state championship football. The bears showed tonight why they have been #1 all year and proved that they are indeed the best in 2A and perhaps the most dominant team playing this entire week!
  12. While I do agree that Terry Bussey would be a game changer for any team I also believe that Daingerfield, Jefferson, and Beckville would disagree with your statement. No way you beat teams that caliber without Bussey and still be considered or called a 1 man show! Anyone that knows HS football in East Texas knows this. Great season Garrison Bulldogs, this is another deep playoff run to add to your already rich football tradition!
  13. Can't wait until the Newton/DF rematch next year! Both teams flooded the field with exceptional athletes which makes for a very fun and explosive game. Also, this could be the most entertaining thread in the HS forums of SDC every year. It never disappoints. Makes for a fun week of SDC! Congrats to a great season for both teams. Nothing for Newton to hang their heads about. DF is peaking at the right time. Hopefully they can ride that momentum into a state championship. Regardless of who won this game, the ultimate goal is get that trophy back to some part of East Texas. We were all confident that either one of yall would represent us well.
  14. Great job with the play by play posts buddy!! Thank you for that!
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