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  1. I saw plenty of deer but like you it seemed like a bad year for antler growth. I had deer that I had high expectations for but they didn't put on an inch from last season. I had one that had a messed up set of antlers that I was after but never saw him.
  2. I will not be so selective next season. Time to refill the freezer!
  3. That's a hawgleg right there!
  4. Slightly off topic, but do you remember the years that Hemphill and Garrison were in the same district? I believe it was something like 1999-2002. Over that 4 year period I think Garrison won 3 out of the four games they played but the combined point differential over the 4 years was like 5 combined points. Those were some great games.
  5. Yeah, maybe you're right. Do you think that trend continues now that SA and Garrison are back in the same district?
  6. Yeah, they were almost as good as San Augustine that year.
  7. I have it on good authority that the contents of the envelope were "nudes", whatever that means.
  8. And for all you golfers out there remember that one of @Crawford and @Mavchamp biggest supporters and squeezins providers has often question whether or not golf is "reely" a sport!
  9. I'm appalled!! Proof that the once rumored "Deadwood Squeezins" do actually exist, and with the help of the authority figures mentioned above!! Vile!
  10. Sad, sad!!! As @RETIREDFAN1 stated I will in no way be associated with mud slinging. Especially when it comes to a bunch of tree hugging, halftime extending, vegan, cheaters that hang out in Deadwood with Doomer, Sloppy Joe, and Hayseed!
  11. Just so you all know, Crawford and Mavchamp are in favor of extending high school football games halftime by 30 minutes so that the home teams One Act Play can perform for the crowd. They are also pushing for more "Vegan options" at concession stands across Texas. A vote for anyone other than myself or DaveTV is a vote for extended half-times and vegan concessions stands!
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