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  1. Hemphill Ben Wilkerson - LSU - Remington Award winning Center - National Champions Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Faclons Currently OL coach for NY Jets
  2. Wow! Any updates on what happened? Prayers for all.
  3. These fires around here will give you a new perspective and respect for our volunteer fire departments and firefighters. The home was saved in the above photo with the fire and flames mere yards from the house.... less than 10 yards maybe even as little as 5... they saved many, many more homes during this same fire. There are other photos/videos that show that this home/yard was 90% surrounded by this fire yet the firefighters stayed to protect it, placing their own lives on the line. Huge shout out to all of the volunteer departments and volunteer firefighters along with the US and Texas forest services for working so hard to get this massive fire contained. It was a lot of long days and sleepless nights for those guys. To name a few were Beech Grove VFD, Rayburn VFD, Zavalla VFD, Pineland VFD, Jasper FD, Angelina FD, Colmesneil VFD..
  4. @RETIREDFAN1 where is the new fire on 255? I drove down to the Ebenezer church around 3pm to check and see how things were going in relation to the original fire and to look around.. when I left to head back to Rayburn Country they had shut down all west bound traffic on 255 at hwy 63.
  5. I thought Timpson was a one man show????
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