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  1. I have it on good authority that the contents of the envelope were "nudes", whatever that means.
  2. And for all you golfers out there remember that one of @Crawford and @Mavchamp biggest supporters and squeezins providers has often question whether or not golf is "reely" a sport!
  3. I'm appalled!! Proof that the once rumored "Deadwood Squeezins" do actually exist, and with the help of the authority figures mentioned above!! Vile!
  4. Sad, sad!!! As @RETIREDFAN1 stated I will in no way be associated with mud slinging. Especially when it comes to a bunch of tree hugging, halftime extending, vegan, cheaters that hang out in Deadwood with Doomer, Sloppy Joe, and Hayseed!
  5. Just so you all know, Crawford and Mavchamp are in favor of extending high school football games halftime by 30 minutes so that the home teams One Act Play can perform for the crowd. They are also pushing for more "Vegan options" at concession stands across Texas. A vote for anyone other than myself or DaveTV is a vote for extended half-times and vegan concessions stands!
  6. Not only am I going to suspend you the first chance I get, I am also going to get you blackballed from the Center Country Club!
  7. Say Crawford!!! Say Crawford!!! He's leading in the polls!
  8. Oh reeeaaallllyyyy......... Then why is it that I have ZERO votes!!!! I'm not sure that you fully understand what "supporting" means!!
  9. Timpson is one of the best teams to come out of this region in many years. Congrats to the Bears!
  10. Eckpurts pradickt knew staet Champs for twinty 22....... 1. 2. 3. Chinees Springss
  11. Unfortunately, this happens with age, but luckily there is medicine for that!
  12. If this doesn't get me 1 vote then nothing will........
  13. In all honesty, I voted for Crawford being that he is the most active of us when it comes to posting and interacting with the membership, but then I realized that Mavchamp has been a member since 2002. DAMN NEAR SINCE DAY 1!!!!! Both of these guys deserve recognition and a vote for either of them would be a good vote.
  14. Uuuuuummmmmm.......... Who in the hell is SAPACK1?
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