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  1. I remember that night well. LJ switched up their O and D because 4 top players for LOJO were suspended. Celina borough the house. I thought Celina dressed out some Alumni, they barely had room to stretch.
  2. They have Seniors, mostly kids that wouldn't start at Prosper so they moved to Rock Hill. The program was slowed by Covid. They will get better as the season progresses. It's hard to start a new program in 5A. I would open early as a 3A/4A and let the school grow.
  3. I watched some Rock Hill on NFHS and they had some speed but made lots of mistakes. They look like a decent JV team at best. I picked Princeton, especially after I found out y'all were getting the majority of your players back.
  4. There were very few penalties, especially personal fouls. It was the least chippy game I've ever seen between Lovejoy and Princeton, so I assume the coaches had a sit down. I see what you're saying about the other dominate schools being close, but Lovejoy shares a very large border with Allen and we manage to get by. Yes, the big transfers go to Allen, but we work with what we have. Your starting O-line and 2nd string were some big boys. Lovejoy has never had that kind of depth. Princeton also has a perk of being affordable. Hopefully the Panthers start to turn things around, big growth is headed that way.
  5. I was told Princeton had 7 starters out. Very few teams can recover from that type of setback. Hopefully the Panthers can bounce back.
  6. I agree, Lovejoy isn't the same as it was when it started the High School. Princeton is growing fast and will catapult past Lovejoy in enrollment by the next realignment. Looking forward to the Lovejoy / Princeton matchup on Friday.
  7. Once the toll road grows Celina will shoot past Lovejoy in Enrollment. Yes, we played twice. First time was in 2010 and it was 17-0 Lovejoy, but it was a Banger. The game was better than the score reflected. Three of LJ's top players were suspended for violating team rules and it was a pretty cold night. In 2011 Celina won 37-17, but that wasn't the best LJ squad, plus injuries. I'm actually surprised Celina didn't win by more that night.
  8. Lovejoy / Celina would have been a better game. JPII was loaded with D1 Talent, hype and arrogance... Seems like Celina's been at a low enrollment for a while. Probably 2-3 realignments before the Bobcats move up to 5A DII.
  9. I agree and was aware of the houses zoned to Prosper ISD, but I've had a few coworkers that moved to Celina and their kids go to Celina Schools. I expect the growth to hit Celina sooner rather than later. I haven't been up that way in a while. How's the tollroad coming? Once it passes through Celina the growth will explode.
  10. I'm still shocked that more growth hasn't reached Celina. I thought they'd at least have 1k or more students already.
  11. Plano hires Todd Ford ( formerly at Lovejoy, Cedar Ridge, UNT, SLC).
  12. Matt Stepp was hinting at one or more #SteppBomb s today, I assume this is one of them.
  13. I remember the drama and have I've gotten verification. I heard both sides of the Hatchie story and while the truth lies in the middle I know which sides story makes more sense.
  14. Would be a great hire and could make sense. Any confirmation?
  15. Plano is reopened, Burleson is open and a lot of others still. For 5A /6A Spring Ball is right around the corner.
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