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  1. The Yoemen wont be surprised by Brock's abilities. These boys know how good they are. If you happen to catch one of our players away from the field house this week, you will see them on their phones watching Brock on video. These young boys (and lets face it, that's what they are) are taking this Brock team VERY seriously. They are studying them every second of the day getting prepared. So if they lose, it wont be because they were "surprised"
  2. The game last year in Rufugio was like the Super Bowl. Where you there? Their entire community was fired up with paratroopers landing on the field, airforce fly bys. We were also going through readjustments. You may not know this but last year was supposed to be the Yoemen's rebuilding year. We were never supposed to make it out of bi district And I don't think that loss prevented us from winning a 3rd championship in a row. As I recall......LOL
  3. Typed this from my phone so yes I know- 2 a. But. Rugio is a power house year after year. My point was, we play up in the pre season The only "downgrade" we had was a team who is playing in another state championship game.
  4. Also for those who haven't seen Cameron in person, you will be surprised at how we look-all shapes and sizes. Big/ little, fat/skinny, Some look like 8th graders! LOL! But they are the ones that will burn you if you don't pay attention.
  5. I know this will be a great game and match up. But just a reminder that Cameron's preseason is always at a 4a level because that's who we play. The one 3A team we do play (Refugio) is also playing for a state championship Thursday and we pretty much ran over them. Will be a fun game to watch
  6. I'll be the first to say the Yoemen were flat in a few games this post season. But against Mathis (even tho it was a mismatch) I saw the spark cone back. Fewer penalties, tighter defense. I expect the same on Thursday. They'll be ready and those bright lights of NRG won't affect them ? Go Yoe!
  7. I'm curious how Brock would've managed against some of the other East a Texas teams. If Mineola "overachieved" or just didn't show up, makes me curious because I know ET always has some good teams
  8. Not as much fun as it was back when every single person on here from D'field, Newton, Tatum......all thought the ayor,en were scrubs who couldn't keep up. Good times! Lol! But I know I appreciate hearing the support
  9. Traion Smith has rushed for 7,490 yards and has scored 115 touchdowns. Not too bad. But I think the biggest factor is how he gets out of the grasp of the tacklers and keeps going. He never stops moving his feet. So if he looks like he's stopped, better look again because he will probably get loose for some more yardage. He's a great kid with some amazing talent
  10. I actually wish we hadn't played Mathis last week. That was really a bi district type game. But that being said, it was good for our team to get back on track. Our defense was where they needed to be in that game, unlike Gandview and Malakiff games. But Traion being top 5 in the division? He just became the all time rusher ( in all divisions) and we hope you throw the ball. Our secondary is fast and they will pick off atleast one if he passes. But I know our line will be ready to stop the run. We need to watch penalties. We have one player who gets a little too excited from time to time. Should be a good game. But just know, if Brock has the lead, don't get comfortable. I promise there is no better 4th quarter team than the Yoemen and they have proved it over and over, year after year. Drives me crazy
  11. I expect Brock to be a scary opponent. So much of the unknown with them being do new. But I have to say, the Yoe defense had been a little flat the last few weeks. But wow! Friday against Mathis they were awesome. Hope they bring that passion one more time thus season. Hope it doesn't come down to field goals because that's our weakness. But we can make the 2 point conversion when ever we need to. Hope it doesn't come down to that. Can't wait to see Yoe Nation roll into Houston. We should gave our usual huge crowd and then we'll be adding a bunch of alums living in the Houston area. No homerism- I say Yoe all the way!
  12. I'd like to hear some about what happened in the Mineola game. Was Brock just the better team or did a Mineola miss an opportunity? I heard from someone that watched it online say Mineola just didn't seem fired up to olay
  13. Would have liked to seen Mineola get a second chance at the title like we did against Dangerfield 3 years ago. Great season Jackets! I guess we'll start hearing about Brock
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