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  1. The cream is beginning to rise now in the playoffs. Pitching, fielding, and keeping the errors to the very minimum along with double plays to help your pitcher out. Baserunners any way you can get on......putting the bat on the ball and not looking at 3rd strikes. It's time to play your best baseball of the season.
  2. These kinds of incidences will continue to happen in our society with what they are putting in those clot-shot jabs, in our food and water.....in the air! I am certain this 74-year old golfer was NOT in his normal right mind. Now he will face attempted murder charges because he somehow thought the man walking his dog at 7 pm on the course was some kind of threat to him and what he loved.......total insanity of mind and emotion. Recently I have noticed an abnormally high percentage of men with concealed and carry handguns on them. Better to steer away and watch what you say.....nowadays. You just never know what kind of state of mind and health someone might be going thru with all that is around us now.
  3. It was a beautiful display of golf today for all to see.......Scottie Scheffler wins the Masters in an easy margin. He's our Highland Park and UT guy......a Texas son. What a wonderful day for the Schefflers, Huh? This is a lifetime achievement in golf, but Scottie Scheffler has found success at age 25......the top of the heap and the World's #1. This was his 4th win on tour in 57 days.......not even to mention his earnings this season alone. He had earned just short of $15 Million up to this point.....and that was done in short fashion. He turned pro in 2018, and won rookie of the year his first season on tour. Congrats to Scottie Scheffler of Texas......his payday is just beginning. And look out everybody else.......here comes all the endorsements. I hope he can stay balanced and grounded with all that is gonna come his way. If you are a golfer......it was a pleasure to watch this year's Final Round in the Masters.......there was tons of action happening all over the course.
  4. One under par today......a score of 71......might be enough for Scheffler today to become the new Masters Champ. Even par might be enough.....or one over par 73, depending on what Cam Smith does. He is the only golfer within 3 strokes of Scheffler, and the next closest is 5 strokes back to start the final round. So if IM shoots a 67 and Scottie shoots a 72......they will be tied at the end of regulation for a playoff. If Smith shoots a 68 and Scottie shoots a 71, they will finish tied. But they will be in the same pairing......making for a good matchplay type pairing in the final round.
  5. With very little wind today and the greens prepped for the Final Round at the Masters........and the pin placements in precarious positions, it should be a great watch today to see which players today can make the putts or even hit the greens and keep the ball close to the pin or even stay on the green.
  6. Well here we are on the Final Day of the Masters and the final pairing is Scottie Scheffler vs Cameron Smith.......the two hottest golfers in the world right now. The two golfers have a total of 5 wins this season.......should be a dramatic match to watch. Scottie leads at 9 under, but Cam is only 3 back at 6 under and has the inate ability to convert pars and make those birdies like nobody's business. The guy can putt, has a great short iron game, and is really really tough mentally......he just will never relent. Scottie is a very good putter also, and stays "in the moment" very well......doesn't get distracted easily. Scheffler's swing and game appear to be slightly better than Smith's.....but not much of a difference.
  7. You can have a great round going, and then mess up on two holes and drop 3 or 4 strokes to par and the field.....or even more. OR.....you may just end up with 3 or 4 bogies on your round today and never make a birdie all day long.......and find yourself not making the cut like Spieth did today. If he would have parred the 18th instead of a 3-putt double bogey......he would have made the cut. He missed a two footer on 18, but that was a miss in frustration because he knew he had missed the cut even with a bogie. He has so many millions already that a golfer like him can get frustrated at himself and become his worst enemy if he doesn't play up to what he feels he should have. Especially in a major like the Masters.......he needs to work on that part of his mental game. Even I can see it, just watching him every week......it's not his golf game.....it's his mental state when he's not performing like he knows he can. Not a good thing in golf especially......a highly individual sport where each swing counts as one stroke.
  8. It's very easy today to bogey or double bogey any hole......so you can drop 2 shots to par in one hole very easily even when your drive was in the fairway. It could be on the edge of the fairway......or the wrong side of the fairway for your approach shot to the pin on the next shot......or just off the fairway in the rough that is not so rough......or in some pine bark off the fairway......or in one of many fairway bunkers(sand traps). With the windy conditions, these kinds of shots can happen very easily......easier than normal. And then there are mutliple traps and water hazards around the various greens for those that don't hit their approach shots correctly for whatever reason to the green......or misgauge the wind.
  9. And really.....moving up the leaderboard may not mean shooting a low round today as much as it means staying close to par while other golfers are losing shots to par in their rounds. Looks like any score at 1 or 2 under par today will move a player quite a few positions up the leaderboard......past lots of players for tomorrow's 3rd round and the pairings reset according to your 2-day score or finish.
  10. So its appears that those golfers that can keep it in the fairway today off the tee, and hit the greens in regulation off the fairway are hanging the best......or making a move up the leaderboard. AS long as they can make the putts.....that's the problem at the Masters every year......the greens. Even a 2 foot putt is easy to miss.
  11. Not sure if the wind might "lay down" a little later in the day for those still on the front 9......if it does, it will be to their advantage for sure. Sometimes your tee time makes a big difference as far as conditions in these tournaments.......kinda like the luck of the draw. But these guys are the best golfers in the world......so they really should be able to handle the conditions regardless. The trouble is.....they are playing against other top players in the world, and any advantage makes a difference.
  12. At one time today, Tiger had fallen to 4 over par, but has gotten it back to 2 over par.......the cutline. But he still has some birdie holes left to play......a couple of par 5's. Scottie is one of the later groups left on the course and has not even finished the front nine yet......so anything can happen on his way in. The first nine is called the outward half, and the back nine is called the inward half......for those that don't know.
  13. Looks like the cutline will be 2 over par at the end of play today on Friday......very windy conditions. Spieth won't make it......he double-bogeyed 18 to finish at 4 over par. But Scheffler has lots of holes left and is currently tied for the lead at 3 under par. Tiger is hanging in there at 1 over.....he started the day at 1 under. Most of the field are losing strokes to par today. The windy conditions along with the pin placements at tough spots on the greens do not allow for much error. The greens are difficult enough in great conditions. There are a few golfers making there way up the leaderboard, while most are simply trying to maintain a score close to par today.
  14. You won't see many of the top players in this tournament attacking the greens or the course in general on the first day of play. They will play relatively "safe" to check out the course conditions and try to position themselves in the hunt for the later rounds. Some of the younger or less likely to win players might play a little more aggressively on the first day......and that could either cause them some problems or put them in a better position versus the field.....depending on how they do and the conditions. So there is a little bit of strategy and tactics going on out there that most fans don't really take into consideration or even have any idea about.
  15. Scottie Scheffler turned pro in 2018 and has earned over 14.9 million since. Just this season he has already earned 7.4 million in 12 events entered, and made the cut 11 times. He won 3 of those events and got 2nd once with 6 top ten finishes.
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