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  1. Evidently you and I have differing beliefs on how the scriptures are to be understood. I will stick with my belief system as I have good reasons to believe we a very close now to seeing the total fulfillment of prophecy in God's Holy Word. But I do not believe all has been fulfilled yet. What about the two witnesses, the 144,000, and all the seals, trumps, and bowls of wrath? Those have not occurred yet.
  2. Yep......sure do. Right there in The Revelation and a precurser in Daniel......just to name two important books. There are some other prophetic scriptures in other books also. I am not as learned as some to go right to them all, but I will try to post some for the viewers. Prophecy = Pattern + Revelation. There are many instances in the Bible that have "like" patterns established over and over for believers to see, understand, and be revealed for His Church.
  3. There are the first fruits, the main harvest, and then the gleanings. Which are YOU?
  4. Perhaps not the exact day or hour.......but for those that are "in Christ" and the watchmen, there are signs given by God Almighty to warn. I'm one of those watchmen.
  5. For some......but not for all. There are scriptures that point to more than one event. And there are signs for watchmen to warn those that are and are not believers. There are many scriptures that speak of these signs.
  6. Today is Sunday September 25, 2022.....Rosh Hashana in the Jewish Calendar begins at sunset today. It is the start of the Feast of Trumpets and the new year. I'm not Jewish and I don't recognize their traditions......except as a sign given us according to God's Holy Word the Bible. This day leads into the Fall Harvest......the main harvest of all of the feasts celebrated by Israel and God's "chosen" people.......and concludes with the Feast of Tabernacles in 10 days. This is an important sign for believers......both Jewish believers and Gentile believers. This will be the template.....or the sign that the beginning of Jesus' 2nd coming has begun. It may appear this year, or perhaps in another year......but the template of the sign is already set.......just not the date or year. Be ever vigilant in these latter days so that you can be prepared and counted worthy as a faithful servant and heir to God's Throne. Amen.
  7. May be the last time both teams play each other......the way things are transpiring. May not get to the bowl games this season.
  8. I just hope we can all keep playing every week all the way thru the playoffs and have a complete season. Things ain't looking so promising the way those at the helm are running the show. Never before in my lifetime have I seen this kind of environment globally and nationally. And I'm 68 now.......so that's alot of yrs.
  9. West Orange-Stark @ Slisbee........should be a good one. Silsbee is undefeated and WO-S has suffered two tough losses.
  10. Yep......can't forget that nightmare playoff game. Argyle was slanted heavily toward passing......LaVega heavily on the run game. Not a balanced equation that night. It was cold and gully-washing most of the game. But the game went on. The fans were drenched, regardless of rain gear. Umbrellas were useless in that wind-blown mess.
  11. 545 yds. of offense for Argyle tonight......297 on the ground and 248 thru the air. Finally a good night passing as that part of the offense looked good......best so far of the season. All three Qb's had some quality throws and receptions tonight.
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