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  1. It's possible this game COULD be close......depending on how Gilmer takes care of the football. But it probably won't be. PG needs to maintain possessions and move those chains to keep it close. But Gilmer can score in a matter of plays = clock ain't an issue. Gilmer 42-21.
  2. WOS speed is very very impressive.......but CS has a great defense and has some speed too. I think this is the end of the road this season for WOS.......they will meet a defense that can stifle them just enough to prevent them from scoring what they will need to win. CS will score for sure.......35-27.
  3. My honest assessment......LCM is one strong team. CH will have to play mistake free.....that won't happen. Give me LCM by 6.
  4. May be hangin' up my boots after this season. If they lift those passport/flying mandates, then I just might be over in Playa del Carmen next season......and you don't wear boots there, LOL. I was supposed to be there now, except that Fake Covid Plandemic stopped me.
  5. I can tell ya without a doubt that the beef stew is better tonight than it was on Sunday. For some reason that stuff just gains in the fridge.......it's always better the 2nd time around. I'm headed for another bowl......Yum Yum w/ crackers and butter. I put a small can of diced green chiles in there too......try that the next time you make it. They are mild even though I bought the "hot" ones......which ain't hot at all.
  6. I spotted my home-made beef stew in the fridge from Sunday night......Ohhh Yeah, Baby. I cut up a roast and use that as the meat, the all the veggies and my beef stock. It's major league stuff for sure.
  7. I haven't eaten since halftime of the Wimberley/Cuero tilt early today. I guess I'll traipse on over to the fridge and see what grabs me. More football tomorrow and next week......Argyle has struggled on offense this season and it finally jumped up to bite them in a very well-played close game. I'm not so sure Stephenville will be able to handle Melissa's offense, but they are very good defensively and have Lambert at QB with lots of playmakers around him. I guess Argyle was really good......so Stephenville must be pretty darn salty too. I thought this game was a toss-up and could go either way, and it was just like that.
  8. Stephenville 21 Argyle 17 Final Looks like Stephenville will advance to play Melissa next week. I'll be rooting for our district mates the Melissa Cardinals in that one. They have the offense and the defense this season to go all the way. I think they actually have a better chance if they get to JerryWorld than any other Region 2 team.....I like their chances as long as Fennegan plays.
  9. Congrats to the Stephenville Yellowjackets on their big win for their program.....I know their fans there are ecstatic and rightly so. For Argyle is was a very tough loss, but they had their chances and just was not able to put the hammer down when they could have and should have. You cannot leave the game to become a close margin.....too many things can happen. Great season anyway for the Eagles as they say goodbye to 4A. Looks like all the players on the field had great respect for each other in a very cleanly played contest of wills.
  10. Well that's it for Argyle in Class 4A......they should have won this game. Stephenville got some calls and breaks.....just enough to make their last drive stay alive. The Yellowjackets played tough and converted on a couple of plays that made the difference. Argyle was their own worst enemy tonight. Jett Copeland played as well as any QB could have against this tough Stephenville D, but just too many mistakes by Argyle on crucial plays on defense. It was a smashmouth physical game the whole way.......and somebody was gonna be disappointed. Tonight is was Argyle's turn. I guess you make your own breaks......or win clearly. It was too close for that.....so one call here or there, one play here or there.....and that really became the difference.
  11. Somehow......Argyle will need to get a stop on this first possession of the 2nd half and then go score. If that doesn't happen.....then look out. Stephenville looks like a keg of dynamite fixin' to explode for a score at any time.
  12. The Argyle secondary cannot keep up with the Stephenville receivers on their routes......too much room and good route running. I think if the Argyle defense cannot put more pressure on Lambert, Stephenville will find ways to score and hit big plays when they really need it. Copeland has played better than Lambert so far, but the D-line for Stephenville is impressive and those LB's are excellent.
  13. Stephenville will get the kickoff to start the 2nd half. Stephenville is definitely very dangerous with the passing game. Lambert can get it out of his hand quickly and on target, and he has utilized 3 excellent receivers in the first half. Most of Stephenville's offense has come by way of the pass.......but some runs on the ground.
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