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  1. Another failure by those making the big decisions.......namely Jerry & Stephen Jones. They had most of the pieces, but caved into paying Dak and just flat out overpaying Zeke. You never pay big money to a RB in today's NFL.
  2. The Dallas D got the Boyz to this game today. The Cowboys definitely need a QB that can lead and play intelligent, and a new RB to replace an overpaid Zeke. Lose those two guys and see what you can come up with......the D is very good.
  3. He's another FAT CAT that needs to go......just unload those two overpaid salaries.
  4. Hurts is going to the SuperBowl......ain't gonna get him for sure.
  5. Neither team will beat the Eagles......but the team that made the fewest mistakes won this game today. OF course.....that was NOT the Dallas Cowboys. Mistakes are part of their heritage in big games.
  6. The Boyz have already wasted several offensive series this game.
  7. To put the icing on the cake.....Tony Pollard is gone also. Geez......what else could San Fran ask for???
  8. That field goal is totally on Dak......feel bad for the Boyz D.
  9. Dak has one half of football to right the ship. The Cowboys or any other team at this level just cannot give away scoring chances in the Red Zone. Maher did not help things......but 2 INTS in the first half on bad throws is really inexcusable for most QBs in the NFL.....esp. in playoff situations.
  10. The Cowboys need a lead to reward the D. It's tough to lean on your D the whole game.
  11. Okay.....it was double coverage and a tip drill interception.....but still the throw should have been intercepted by the first guy.
  12. What's worse......going for a field goal with Maher OR having Dak try to force one in there from the 20???
  13. Dak just threw one into triple coverage......unbelieeevable!!
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