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  1. The Cowboys defense was absolutely atrocious today. I thought the Browns looked bad yesterday.....until today. A Cowboys/Browns tilt might set some NFL playoff game records for worst defensive games in playoff history.
  2. There is a very simple explanation for the demise of the Cowboys......they are cursed!! And not by happenstance.
  3. I think it's been longer than that.......maybe 27 yrs???
  4. I guess Jimmy has been proven correct and point made for about 20 yrs now, Huh?
  5. My brother already converted me about mid-season......GO TEXANS!!
  6. At least my crockpot Beef Stew is good......that's about the highlight for today.
  7. All the talking heads seem to be a little speechless about the way this game has transpired. It's downright YUGLY!!
  8. IF you are a Cowboys diehard and in the stadium.....the only reason not to leave is the weather outside. But you have to get out sooner or later......may as well leave now while it's still not totally dark.
  9. I'm very happy we had the chance to see both games come down to the last seconds, and even OT in one of them. It was a very good set of playoff games today.
  10. I would be somewhat surprised if Washington gets by Michigan......just my opinion after watching both games today. I think the Michigan offense and defense will present difficulties to keep Washington's scoring low.
  11. So does 8 million people in the Metroplex.....and even more north of that. But the vast majority of those aren't Sooner Fans.
  12. Since you love Oklahoma so much......then why don't you just move there to be amongst them?
  13. The team that made the least mistakes won this one......it was very obvious. Both teams played great and one had to lose. This time it was Washington's time to win......although it just as easily could have been Texas stealing the win in the end. My impression of Ewers in this game was that he played a very clean game and performed admirably considering all of the roadblocks he had to overcome. Penix played at a very high level and was the difference for Washington.
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