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  1. IMHO.......Aubrey(30-4) is the real deal this season on the diamond. They had a pretty decent football season too with this current group. I'd be keeping a close eye on them to make a deep run. They did lose both games to Celina (2-1)(5-2) and one to Melissa(4-3) in district play. The only other game they lost was the very first game of the season to Rowlett (8-1). Any team that wins 30 games must have some decent fielding, pitching, and hitting.......only 4 losses in 34 games. Not too shabby. They get a 3-gamer with Godley........we'll see how they do against quality competition.
  2. Once Argyle does move up to 5A.......they will most probably stay in Division II for a looong time. They just don't have the real estate to expand their school district. Flower Mound and Denton ISD owns most of it around them. Also Northwest ISD. Look at how Prosper has ballooned with all of that real estate in their school district. Celina has alot of area to grow also......eventually. Melissa and Anna are in the same boat......maybe Melissa has more territory, I don't know. But out of the group.......Argyle has the least of anybody. Their growth will subside in the not too distant fu
  3. If Ohlemeier is already in classes at Argyle this Spring and the Prestonwood QB is not.......then we must assume that Ohlemeier is the most likely candidate as the next QB starter for Argyle. I think Coach Rodgers will keep Copeland as a backup and a starter in the secondary and try to bring along Ohlemeier into the Eagle offensive scheme. It is probably not much different than they run over at FM Marcus.
  4. In the baseball playoffs......the road to Austin is usually filled with heavy traffic, blinking lights, and sudden stops. Proceed with caution!
  5. But will he continue playing for Prestonwood Christian or decide to play for the Eagles??? Then there is Liberty Christian in Argyle also......not sure what they will have coming back for this next season, either. Sounds like this kid has a choice to play for any one of these schools.
  6. According to the latest news coming out of Denton......rookie undrafted free-agent Nick Ralston either has or will sign with the Dallas Cowboys as a fullback. For those that don't know.......he was a record-setting RB at the 4A level for Argyle and amassed crazy numbers as a 3 yr starter at RB for Argyle. The guy is big and strong......and also very very passionate about football. He's also intelligent with a high football IQ. And very athletic with good footspeed for his size. Played 4 seasons at Ariz. State with a freshman redshirt, then transferred to the Ragin Cajuns for his senior seas
  7. The RB position will be full with Knox Scoggins(Sr/5-11/185), Peyton Shoemake(Sr/5-11/175), Dax Horany(Jr/6-2/185-watch this guy wherever he plays, he's multiple on both sides of the ball). Argyle has a State-bound 4x100 and 4x200 group that are all on the varsity football team with experience......including Jamaal Felton(Jr/6-0/185), senior receivers Hayden Stewart, Riley Page(fastest on the team), and Ward McCollum, and All-State DB Jett Copeland. All of these guys are very fast and very athletic......with experience on the football team playing with the starters last season. There's a lon
  8. Argyle will be back with an excellent offensive line and most probably a pretty good defensive unit as well. Should not have much of a learning curve early season because of the long playoff run, but still concerned about the QB position. It will be tough sledding to replace CJ Rogers with someone that can throw at even 2/3 of his abilities. Somehow Argyle always seems to come up with a good QB......or at least a QB that knows how to get the ball to the key offensive players. Argyle will have excellent team speed at the skill positions again.......that helps out tremendously on both sides
  9. Argyle also defeated Godley(21-9) last week......a Region 2 contender. Celina(21-7) is also a Region 2 contender, but lost both games to Argyle this season. I failed to mention a good Benbrook team in Region 1.......Benbrook is 20-6-1 on the season and has played some quality teams. Argyle has 2 games left in District 7 play to clinch......against Fort Worth River Oaks Castleberry. They should win both games this week and end up (21-8; 11-1) going into the playoffs. But I'm pretty sure they have already clinched because of wins over Springtown and Decatur. Springtown and Decatur wi
  10. Of course Argyle is in Region 1 this year and has a very very good Canyon team in the region playing excellent baseball with a record of 23-3 so far this season. Records can be deceiving in baseball, but I think Canyon has played a fairly tough schedule early on against larger quality schools and won most of those games. Levelland and Seminole also appear to have good teams in Region 1 this season. Levelland is 20-5 and hasn't lost a game since they were 8-5 early on. Springtown in Argyle's district is 20-8 on the season, but lost both games to Argyle. Argyle beat them handily only last
  11. Argyle was 3-6 to start the season, then 6-7 with all losses by one run to larger classification schools in the tournaments....except for the very first game of the year.....they lost that one 6-4. Now Argyle is 19-8 with only one loss since early in the season......a 1-0 loss to Decatur. Argyle and Decatur traded wins with Argyle winning District 7 easily. This is a young team that appears to be coming on strong. They have lost 8 games this season by a total of 10 runs.......losing most of those games in very low-scoring battles. I think that means they have some decent pitching and good
  12. Correctomundo.......not sure but I think one of those coaches was in the Sweet Sixteen.
  13. It was more than just "One Shining Moment" for the Baylor Bears this season.......end of story. What a team and what a season......and a wonderful very capable coach that had 2 previous assistants in the NCAA tournament as head coaches now. Congrats......a very very HUGE congrats to Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears.
  14. And remember.......mirrors don't lie nor do they deceive. They merely allow the viewer to see more clearly.
  15. Just be sure to have at least one mirror at the house that is able to reflect the entire image.....that helps too. So get some BIG mirrors and see what can be possible for you and yours.
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