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  1. Whoever is most qualified. I don't think it has been determined yet.
  2. Coach Todd Rodgers of Argyle: 2003- Present(18 seasons). 210-37 .850 winning percentage Not bad at all for such a long tenure......definitely on the excellent side. That's an average of 13.72 games per season for all 18 seasons.......official games.
  3. The rules for points says you get the same number of points for winning state in all team sports.....4 pts. You also get 4 pts. for winning your district.....but only 2 pts for a playoff berth at each round of the playoffs. Every game your team wins will award 2 more points toward advancing to the next round.
  4. Do you mean how many points in just the state finals game.......or the total sum including all the playoff games up the ladder too? Probably the same they got for winning state in basketball, but I'd have to check those deals out. It seems to me that it wouldn't be fair to get less points for winning state in basketball or baseball than for football. I think the actual state finals game awards the same amount of points in those sports. Argyle won state in golf too......both the boys and the girls. They won state in Marching Band too. They usually win state in some of those academic catego
  5. Oh what delusions can be cast into the thoughts of so many in this world with just a few spoken or written words taken of out context. Contemplate this as you look into the brilliant reflection of your own mirrors.
  6. You mean you guys don't enjoy a little light humor before the season? C'mon now.......I'm just joshing you guys to see what happens. Lots of hard feelings out there about Argyle........the true feelings come to the surface. I don't doubt El Campo will do well with Coach Worrell.......I hope they make some runs. My mom lived and worked in El Campo for a number of yrs for the USDA dept.......so I have nothing but positive feelings about the Ricebirds. Y'all are barking up the wrong tree with me.
  7. Well Heckfire........let's go ahead and call up the engraving company right away then, LOL. I sure hope them Ricebirds have plenty of room to spare for one of those new shiny State Championship football trophies in their display case.
  8. In 2011, El Campo went to the Class 3A D-1 State Finals after defeating Carthage in the semifinal 29-25. The Ricebirds(14-0) met Stephenville(14-1) for the State Championship, but lost 70-35. Previous to that season, El Campo had never made it past the 3rd Round in the playoffs since the 2004 season......that's as far back as I could find. So I would not assume that all of a sudden El Campo will be in the title hunt just because Todd Worrell is now the new HC at El Campo. They are in a reasonably easy district and in Region 3 along with teams like Kilgore, Lindale, Chapel Hill, Henderson
  9. Researching Argyle's football history, I discovered that Argyle is 5-0 against Melissa, but only 4-3 against La Vega. I'm not sure if last year's contests against both teams have been added to the history yet......probably not because Argyle defeated La Vega twice last season and Melissa once. So it's probably 6-0 against Melissa now and 6-3 against La Vega in football history between these schools. I know for a fact that we have played La Vega at least twice per season for at least 3 seasons very recently. This upcoming season could be a fourth in recent history.
  10. Argyle has traditionally been able to handle Melissa over the years.......I don't recall Melissa ever defeating Argyle in football so far. So I guess the answer is La Vega. Besides......that trip down there to Bellmead is alot longer and a little more indigestible than the one to Melissa's stadium.
  11. Argyle definitely has some tough games they'll play this season.......starting out with Nolan Catholic at Allen's Eagle Stadium. But that's a neutral site, so I don't think you can really count that as an official "road game" like playing at your opponent's home turf. But playing La Vega at their place in Belmead ain't no cakewalk ever! This year Argyle gets Celina in Argyle......that will be a tough matchup for sure, but thank goodness it's in Argyle this year. But Melissa.......gotta travel over to Cardinal Stadium this season for that huge game......the first district game of the season
  12. Obviously some of you boys over there in East Texas have plenty of open space left between your ears that's never been used. Can't do anything about it.......it's not my problem. But Hey........good luck with that!
  13. Well looks like the final tally is in now regarding the 2021 Lone Star Cup Final Standings. They will officially announce the winners in each classification on July 1st. In Class 4A, Argyle ran away with it amassing a total of 148 points. Canyon was 2nd with 108.5 pts. Rounding out the Top 5 was Boerne with 94 pts, Melissa with 85 pts, and Lindale with 81 pts. Just google Lone Star Cup Standings 2021 to see final standings for all classifications......they list the Top 25 including ties.
  14. I'm just hoping and praying to God Almighty regularly that America and esp. Texas will be able to carry forward with some degree of normalcy into the new school year. Football is a huge part of community cohesiveness in Texas and a very important standard to uphold and support in our school districts. It's a positive for a great majority of the population in Texas. We need high school football in this great State of Texas more than most people ever give a thought to......until we don't have it any longer.
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