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  1. Rangers off to a good start at 12-6......nothing like TB @ 16-3, but still a .667 winning percentage to start. Better than a slow or so-so start. They look pretty sharp so far.
  2. Actually......Texas High School Baseball does look at wins and losses vs competition and classification rank. I think their polls are more accurate based on that difference vs the Coaches' polls. Most coaches don't have the time to invest in the schedules, games, and point differentials or even the pitchers of each ranked team in every classification......and who those teams won against and lost to. And then was the loss against another ranked team due to using a lesser pitcher(s) in the rotation at the time. Obviously in the playoffs, most contending teams will be using their best pitcher(s) as much as necessary to advance in the playoffs.
  3. This game should be worth the ticket, Huh?
  4. It's actually a bone bruise to his foot. He will have to shed his boot and be 100% for the Horns to play today. They may let him in the game, and then he might have to come out.....OR they may not even let him play today at all.
  5. I guess Dylan Disu for Texas is still out with that ankle injury......not sure how bad it is.
  6. Texas/Miami up next......a real battle full of action I'm certain.
  7. Who woulda thunk San Diego State would EVER make it to the Final Four, Huh? Hard enough stretch to believe Creighton would make it, but they had a very good team this season.
  8. Watched this SD State team during the season also......against St. Mary's and Gonzaga in those conference games. They are for real also.
  9. Yep......several other times during the season. I know about Creighton.
  10. Creighton looking good so far.....has SD State out of their comfort zone. But it's early......when SD State finds their rhythm, then look for the pace to speed up and the 3's. Also buckets in transition. 17-12 Creighton for now.
  11. Just because I really don't like anything Calif. or that West Coast stands for......I'll be pulling for our Omaha neighbors from Creighton.
  12. Both teams play quality defense......Creighton maybe works the ball better and may try to slow down the pace. I don't know if they can do that against this SD State team.
  13. Coming up......SD State vs Creighton. Can Creighton stay with the speed and 3-pointers of SD State? NOPE.
  14. Turn out the lights......The Party is over......for the Zags and Timme this season. Good Season again.
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