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  1. Oh they will be able to touch some guys, for sure. Just wearing down that Gilmer O-line and causing havoc for Tennison might be enough to cause a turnover or two. And the secondary for Celina ain't nothin' to sneeze at either......they can cover. Those short passes that Gilmer likes so much might get disrupted every now and then by some very active LB's. If it's a shoot-out......it won't be one of those high-scoring ones. Probably either low scoring or midranger game IMO.
  2. Another thing to keep in mind......they've been playing all season and gearing up for this game......and now it's here. They are healthy and ready......no excuses from either side. Physical meets finesse......I got the physical in this one.
  3. It's different when Argyle plays tough and physical than when Celina does.......they can hit you like a charging rhino every single play. And get up and do it again and again. After a while, it wears on your boyz. Their team is big.....I'm telling ya. And they got plenty of speed to go with it......you'll see. Before ya know it......the ball comes out and they are on it. This is gonna be a very hard-hitting game for sure......so Gilmer better just buckle up and get ready for it.
  4. All I hafta say is that them Buckeyes better strap up those helmets tight......cuz it's gonna get mighty physical from the Bobcats side of the fence. They are breathing blood and can smell it at this juncture......and they have just the team to do it this season. Argyle knows Celina very very well......believe me when I tell you......Celina is coming to lay the wood.
  5. CS has the personnel and the D to cause the Cuero offense some serious problems. Looks like Cuero might be able to make a game of it, but in the end I believe CS will pull it out. Probably gonna be closer than most people think.
  6. Getting back to this game.......I think whatever opponent faces a team like LBJ has this season, it's gonna be all about the matchup......not the record. It's always about the matchup, but maybe moreso against LBJ. If you can match their speed and have a good running game mixed with a good throwing qb......then that should give them all kinds of problems and give you the ability to keep pace on the scoreboard. LBJ is gonna get their points for sure......but maybe not as many if they don't have as many opportunities and are battling to move those chains. They get alot of scores off of breakaways and the passing game. They like the short to mid-rangers to get the ball in their playmakers hands and let those guys see what they can do.
  7. There goes receiver Leary.......he's the fastest guy on the field and has scored 4 TD's today. Fred has NO one that can cover him.....he's just catching short sidelines and taking the ball to the house every time cuz Fred has no speed in the secondary.......zero, zilch, none.
  8. Trouble is: LBJ has a really good offense with QB Oscar Gordon and some speedsters that are gone in the open field. Alexander at RB and then those speed merchant receivers.
  9. Fred scored, got the onside kick, then scored and converted the 2 pointer. It's now 33-25 with 5 min. left.
  10. Fred is just too slow and are missing their best offensive playmaker. They have a good QB, but no speed and their playmaker is out. LBJ has a very good QB(Texas Southern commit) and is very smooth and accurate. He's also very athletic with very deceptive speed. LBJ also has a couple of other playmakers, but mainly in the passing game. A good running team that also has a legit passing game can definitely move the chains and score on LBJ. But the question is: Can CHill outscore them?
  11. So far the Battlin Billies are hanging in there.......had some opportunities but could not convert. At least their D is doing a good job. Not a masscre like I thought. LBJ is NOT what they have been made out to be.......they have some good playmakers, but they definitely have some areas to exploit.
  12. I've been of the opinion all season that Celina has the personnel this season to win it all. Nothing has changed that opinion......the Bobcats are everything I thought they would be. I think Celina has a complete team this season.
  13. I guess it's gonna be a massacre this afternoon against the Billies, Huh? At least Fred made it to this game, that's more than just about every other team in Texas can say.
  14. Nah.....not hardly. I have no doubt whatsoever that Timpson will show up with every intention to win this game.....whatever is required. But I also have no doubt that Shiner will too. I'm actually anxious to see what Timpson can bring against this season's Comanches. I hope it's a great game.....I really do.
  15. Looks like there are 18 votes for Gilmer so far, and only 11 for Celina.......so what's the problem???
  16. IF there was a team in 2A that could give the Shiner Comanches a game......it WOULD be this season's Timpson Bears. But "Ifs" don't count in football......only what really is. And what really is doesn't look favorable for Timpson. I think a Timpson/Refugio matchup without Shiner in the mix would have been a great matchup. But look what happened to Refugio against Shiner.......they got scalped! Shiner is gonna make a bear rug out of Timpson, LOL. All of them college scouts ain't going to the Shiner games for no reason......them Brooks brothers are the real deal and those Comanches have a very stout defense as well. They have some big boyz over there in Shiner.
  17. Get your remote ready after the game to switch it to your favorite cartoon......you'll need some reasons to be entertained after Celina brings their version of football to this game.
  18. It doesn't matter what happened earlier in the season or against some other big game back then......all that matters now is what your team has done recently. Both teams have had all season to get better......and to get healthier. It does matter if some of your best players cannot play, and it does matter what kind of quality depth you have. Just in case. And as has been proven many times over.......it does matter just how good your defense really is. In this game......Celina's defense is definitely better than Gilmer's. Offensively, it becomes difficult to score against a very good defense. Celina wins this game because they have the better D and a very good offense as well.
  19. I just don't see Gilmer "controlling" anything on offense in this game against Celina. They will need to rely on misdirection, big plays, and coverage mistakes by Celina on offense. On defense, I just don't know what Gilmer brings to the table. Celina will pound it and pass it effectively on offense and move those chains.
  20. The problem is that Celina has not had a very competitive game for a looong time either. It's tough to run against Celina's D, but if a team can pass and run effectively then they have a good chance against this season's Celina Bobcats defense. IF you just pass 75% of the time, that may not work either......they have big guys that can pressure your QB.
  21. This season's Stephenville Yellowjackets are a high quality team. They are well disciplined, don't cough up the football, cause turnovers, and capitalize on their opponents' mistakes. There is a good nucleus on offense with quality playmakers, an excellent kicking team, and a hard-nosed defense with great LB's and secondary. The Yellowjackets just defeated two of the top teams in 4A when they were down. But more importantly, in both games they caused some turnovers and capitalized on them to win. I think Stephenville has an excellent team chemistry and tons of desire to get to Jerryworld after all of these years of getting knocked out in the playoffs. I'm not sure they can win an SC title this season or not, but they will give it the very best effort they can possibly muster. They do NOT make many mistakes......that is a big plus.
  22. But the difference was really so many mistakes by the Melissa Cardinals when they had chances......they just did not execute when needed. ON the other hand......the Stephenville Yellowjackets did execute in the 2nd half and made their opportunities count.
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