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  1. There must not be much to do in Carthage other then extol on the virtues of a speculative and hypothetical game. Leave it. It won't happen. You guys are as bad as LBJ.
  2. Is there a live stream for the games today. We don't get FoxSW in Point Blank.
  3. And just to clear up my statement, I meant the coach.
  4. What may have you thinking Lindale is whether or not Rogers is going to make another bonehead decision in the big game.
  5. Why is it nobody wants to talk about Lindale v Argyle on Texas Downlow?
  6. You know, I was just reminded about a running back, similar to Jenkins, who quite literally put the team on his back and nearly carried them to a state championship. He had some ridiculous numbers at Jerry World like over 50 carries and 221 yds. That running back was Nick Ralston from Argyle. So Argyle needs to keep in mind and be reminded that one player can make the difference in a win or a loss.
  7. Did they have a lot of move-ins? Just messin with you.
  8. Just an observation. Common opponent. Lindale 32 Kaufman 27 won it in the 4th Q. Argyle 48 Kaufman 7 subs were in after the half.
  9. I hate jerry world. Give me a high school stadium, a nip in the air, and all the noise you can bear. Just curious. How much of this money goes back to the schools. Or does it go to UIL to be mismanaged.
  10. You should ask La Vega how fast Argyle was. Both Times.
  11. I know, I read that. Here's what the Brownsville News said about him and they make no mention of soccer or the incident described in the other article. I just don't want to heap any undo additional transgressions on him. Brownsville News’ Andrew McCulloch called it a “really ugly moment” while also sharing what Duron had seemingly given up in the moment of madness. “On top having an all-area caliber season on the defensive line for Edinburg High, Duron was positioned to compete for a state wrestling title too. Hard to see that happening now,” he wrote on Twitter.
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