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  1. He holds on to ball to long especially if pattie going deep ends up having to slow up and wait giving defenders time to catch up
  2. Mighty thin on the pg side figured they would have alot more
  3. Well bout to get on the road to watch them dawgs defeather some hawks
  4. It will dry up quick if it is with them hawks chasing bulldawgs up and down the field throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old cause they will not let them play with the ball
  5. Showing 70° for game time sure going to be a warm one for December football
  6. How is pg kicking game don't think I have seen anyone mention that
  7. This is CNN fake news bulldawg stop air compressor has been out of order for months lol
  8. But kd is not in on every offensive play its only in certain packages
  9. Yeah alot of the offensive guys were sick all last week with the flu so that may have something to do with it
  10. Only when they bring those two big dudes in to add to it although #75 for them is good size
  11. This game would be a good comparison of like carthage playing longview as far as depth goes
  12. From what I have seen from pg they have about 14 guys that play 95 % of the snaps that's going to be there biggest downfall when you have bout 25 for carthage playing the majority and no one going both ways unless special plays on offense
  13. That and there size is mostly on defense if they have to come in and play on offense to to help control the Los they plays into carthage favor late in the game when they start wearing down
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