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  1. I just remember number 12 getting ejected last year he was tired of getting whooped up on all night so I guess he wanted to throw hands instead
  2. Plus they have played no one with a good offense
  3. China coach refused to play indoors wants every advantage he can get
  4. After watching a few china games I'm starting to think they are no better then they were last year just all the teams on there schedule are not near as good as they were last year so giving china fans false hope
  5. Glenrose has one butcamera is zoomed way out so can't hardly see anything
  6. 1st was lampasas last year second was against either lavega or Kennedale in state game third was last year china man got ejected
  7. If that was to happen that would be 7 in a row total
  8. Battle of the winless Against Texas teams lol
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