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  1. This is CNN fake news bulldawg stop air compressor has been out of order for months lol
  2. But kd is not in on every offensive play its only in certain packages
  3. Yeah alot of the offensive guys were sick all last week with the flu so that may have something to do with it
  4. Only when they bring those two big dudes in to add to it although #75 for them is good size
  5. This game would be a good comparison of like carthage playing longview as far as depth goes
  6. From what I have seen from pg they have about 14 guys that play 95 % of the snaps that's going to be there biggest downfall when you have bout 25 for carthage playing the majority and no one going both ways unless special plays on offense
  7. That and there size is mostly on defense if they have to come in and play on offense to to help control the Los they plays into carthage favor late in the game when they start wearing down
  8. Watching it at chalk talk went right true defenders but they were close and might of been reason for dropping it
  9. I think the Carthage offense tried to get cute and try some new things on early downs that got them behind the sticks alot that killed some drives cause the felt 14 pts was enough to put this game away had they wanted to run the ball more could of turned out different they were getting at least 5 yds every carry
  10. I dont think so carthage played extremely sloppy on offense were couple of dropped passes that were drive killers are could of been td and didn't expose anything on Carthage defense if anything confirmed there domination
  11. He may can hit a few throws here and there but he will not beat you with his arm I'm sure that will be carthage plan to force them to try and throw the ball to win
  12. I'm curious if they stay as a three man front like against gilmer or go back to there 4 man front they run majority of the time
  13. Also got 26 that could take his spot too the back up rb switches in and out on defense alot
  14. They could do the side to side running but not the throwing part there rb playing qb is not a qb
  15. It does plus a few more analytics even has inputs for temp drop are rise and rain drops falling per second lol
  16. Got to apply my magic formula to figure out winner and score
  17. I'll take all together I know there are some trash points involved
  18. What are scoring avg for each team defense and offense any one know?
  19. I'll take back what I said about region 3 being bad was a little harsh I will say you have 1 r 2 that could be good and the rest are just average that compete well with each other but not with a good team
  20. And it's the same way with d1 that's why that northeast Texas district completely dismantled all the other region 3 team and they could not even stay close to the div2 region 2 teams
  21. Maybe not but it's true if Cuervo wouldn't have been moved over it would have been really bad with wos being the dumpster fire it was this year jasper not really any good those were the only 2 other then silsbee that could have claimed to have been pretty good in the past
  22. And really I almost want to say the difference between the top 2 and the rest is huge but that will be played out to see if it holds true
  23. 4a as a whole is in a down year in my opinion i mean looked at all the teams that rarely compete make it so far this year just cause they are ranked don't mean much when the difference between top 3r4 and the rest is huge
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