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  1. Where are you from? Mcgregor? It's starting to seem like the actual reason you said the Yoemen shouldn't hire Brashear is because you were scared of him continuing on with what's been built in Cameron just the way things have been going. Is that the real reason? You scared? Brashear will have the Yoemen right back in the thick of things again. And for your post in the other thread claiming that the Yoemen will be playing for the 4th place spot in district, LOL!!!!! Was that an April Fools joke or something? Mcgregor better hope they can hold off Jarrell or Troy for that 4th spot.
  2. Lol. Supporting him now that he got the job after discrediting him earning the job by saying that the reason he got the job was because of that "country club group". Hypocrite.
  3. Hallelujah!! Brashear gets the job!
  4. I just came across this http://kmil.com/story.php?id=30024 It looks like it's possible a finalist will be named this evening.
  5. LOL. I got defensive? I'll let your post speak for itself. HAHAHAHAHA
  6. Rhoades' offense was good. There's no doubt about that. But you know how the saying goes, defense wins championships. I watched every playoff game the past 4 years, and that is certainly the case in Cameron. In 2012, the defense was one of the best Cameron has ever had. Absolutely dominant. In 2013, if it weren't for the defense in that White Oak game, Cameron would've never even played in the championship game. Same goes for 2014 when the defense shut Rockdale down in the second half. You can score as many points as you want, but if you can't stop the opponent from scoring, good luck. Winning in football starts with having a great defense, and that will never change.
  7. Cameron will win the district regardless of who they hire, mark my words.
  8. You're an embarrassment to Cameron.
  9. I live in Cameron, and have my entire life. There is no such thing as this country club mentality that you speak of There is a brand new superintendent, and a wonderful school board, and that's who takes care of the hiring. Sure there is plenty of talk in town about who wants who to be hired, but there is no such thing as this mentality you speak of where people within the public share their opinions with those of higher authority, and those opinions have some sort of influence on the decisions made. That concept is something you just completely made up on your own with absolutely zero factual evidence to back it up. Yes tommy has had help from his wonderful defensive assistants. There is no denying that. Those are assistants that will stay in place so long as he is hired to be the head man. I made that statement to discredit the statements made by those saying that Rhoades ran the ship completely on his own. Because that isn't true at all. Tommy and his defensive assistants ran the defense with no help from Rhoades whatsoever. That's why I made that statement. Lastly, people are always going to try and be in the ear of the Head Coach, whether it's Tommy, or literally anyone else. It doesn't matter whether you're from Cameron or from Europe, people will try and be in the ear of the Head Coach. Thata just another thing that comes along with the job that is rather simple to handle. Politely listen to what they have to say, and then shrug it off with a laugh when they leave. Pretty simple.
  10. You haven't said a single thing on the 5 pages of this topic that is true. This post is even more of a joke. Please, outsiders do not listen to anything this guy says. He has no idea what he is talking about, and is doing nothing but making Cameron look bad. This hiring isn't a matter of politics and hiring someone just because they are from Cameron. It is about finding the coach that is the right fit for the current situation in Cameron. How can you sit here and say that the coach who has been solely responsible for calling the defense through 3 state championships and 1 state finalist isn't credible enough? Rhoades had absolutely nothing at all to do with the defense through all the success Cameron has had. Brashear is the only one who made the Yoemen defense good enough to win 3 out of the last 4 state championships. You pair that with a good offensive coordinator who runs the SAME EXACT OFFENSE that they have been running the past few years, with all the same terminology that now has been taught at every single level, and you have the same exact outcome. Bringing in someone from the outside means that everything changes. Brand new offense to learn, brand new defense to learn. All new terminology to teach at every single level. That could stall everything. Keeping everything the same without having to transition into all new things would be great for Cameron. Plus the kids would be playing for a coach that they know and have played for throughout their entire career. I say hire from within. Keep everything the same. Coaching staff, defense, offense, terminology, just everything. Everything that the kids already know and can start practicing on from day 1, instead of having to spend weeks and weeks of just teaching everything new. If you have someone in house that can run the ship the exact same as it's been VERY SUCCESSFULLY run the past several years, why go in a direction that will change everything? Cameron has someone that can step in and not lose a single step.
  11. You're right, we have 3. Enjoy the basketball tournament this weekend.
  12. Westbrook is like a 4.5 guy. We don't even have a #12 that plays to my knowledge. Shephard didn't "leave" anyone as our #35 was step for step with him, (who probably is a legit 4.7 or 4.8 guy). Cameron's 3 fastest are #18 #3 and #2, who are all legit 4.4 guys. I look for them to have one heck of a sprint relay this year.
  13. Every argument for Mathis winning this game that I have seen is pretty funny. Same ole argument, just another week and another team. This game won't even be close. Yoemen 56-14
  14. Spectacular post. However, I can't remember or imagine Rhoades saying that when he knew he still had to play Rockdale who had already beaten us that year. But great post. No doubt I'll be rooting for Teague the rest of the way if they win as well.
  15. I love how we keep getting doubted week after week. People truly have believed every week of these playoffs that the Yoemen would go down. Is that what they all truly believed, or is that just people tired of us winning so much and wishing for us to lose? Either way, we are the champs, and I have absolutely no single doubt in my mind that the Yoemen will win this game. Last week against an extremely powerful Grandview team, I saw all I needed to see in regards to this Yoemen team. They may be the most complete team they've had the past 4 years, and I can't wait for them to prove all of you doubters wrong. Same result, just a different year. Yoemen roll on, leaving all of the haters and doubters in tears!!!
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