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  1. Y'all already scared Darn shame lol
  2. Kick off please........ Sick of seeing you guys hype brock........... Like you did the last 3 teams. Lol Morons
  3. Yoe +21 Lol Its sad when even the East Texas guys get tired of going against us. Lol
  4. Lucky for them they didnt play Cameron. The rumors are true Smoaky this years Yoe team is better.....................but the competition has been stiffer this year These kids beat Malakoff, Teague, and Grandview!!!! I know it hurts but..................... we won our 4th against Teague See ya guys next year........
  5. Gonna be a long second half for the kittys. Cameron's D is about to clamp all the way down.
  6. Sorry bro, but the original quote is true. Before the Teague game he told the kids if they could get past Teague they had a chance at the title. That was the real State Title game just as this one friday will be.
  7. Yoe Wins! Hats off to malakoff!!!! Tough nosed men!!!!!
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