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  1. Ya'll can't even catch a damn Boweevil in Paris, now go finish that squeek squeek game
  2. Great season Paul Pewit Brahmas and coach Abron, hold ya head high, Congrats Gunter on a solid win.
  3. You got State , Jett put the kiss of death on Gunter, ....the damn boy always talks like he likes Pewit and then votes against em....lol ...anyway Kiss of death has been dealt

  4. My bad..lol......still razor thin margins, two very good teams.
  5. Pewitt vs East Bernard Waco ISD Stadium...Friday December 13th...kickoff is 7:30...no presale tickets, all tickets purchased at the gate $10.00...acceptable passes: THSCA, TGCA, District Pass, Golden Age Pass...Pewitt will be the visiting team
  6. Combined score for the two games this season. Bulls--83 Tigers-82
  7. It don't really matter if it is played in Rocky Branch, it is gonna be a CLASSIC !
  8. https://www.uiltexas.org/football/playoff-brackets/3AD2
  9. Yepp, just how I would have described it........
  10. Damn Lucky we have Nick Saban Jr. at the helm now with Future hall of fame 4Fiddy on his side.
  11. These newer fans , don't have a clue what it use to be like in Tiger Nation Bunz
  12. How is the young man that got hurt Friday night from EF doing ?
  13. Nah, you just feel that Prison Rape coming.
  14. Damn that must of been some Come to Jesus smack down that Edith put on dem boys at the apology tour seminar.
  15. Word down at the gameroom is BB is bringing his Posse with him Fri nite
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