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  1. OK, I'll just leave this right here. I'm sure lots of folks will get to this topic soon enough.
  2. WHAT?!?!?! Teague let Rockdale hang 24 on them!? Cameron only allowed 6 points by Rockdale?? I thought the Teague defense was lights out?? Just kidding, LOL! Common opponents offer very little insight into the game that will be played this coming Friday. Make all the comparisons you like, but Friday night it will be a whole different ballgame, with what I believe is the ultimate State Champ emerging victorious. Of course I believe it will be Cameron, but should Teague pull it off, I think they would go on to represent Region 3 and take the title as well.
  3. Worry??? I think not. I, and others, have said many times before......Yoe teams have been in this position about 20 times over the last 4 years. We don't worry, we prepare. You should always be wary of any upcoming opponent, that is only natural. I think 'worry' is a bit of a strong word that is not in the Yoe vernacular. Does Teague match up well......absolutely, but we have had plenty of other teams that matched up well over the years, and other teams that the general public thought matched up even better. Ultimate outcome......Cameron win. I still have to give the edge to Cameron despite any shortcomings they have, because they always get it done no matter what. Good luck to both teams!! Can't wait for Friday, then our young men can settle this on the field!!
  4. I totally agree. The whole taking a knee thing is so silly. I was just talking about that to my kids today when we were watching the UMHB playoff game at Crusader Stadium. There was an injured player on the field and they asked why nobody was taking a knee. I asked why they thought it was necessary, and they said it was a sign of respect. I wholeheartedly agreed, but I said why can't you be respectful and stand up??? I have been at a high school game listening to Moms in the stands literally losing their minds (and voices) yelling at the opposing team because someone happened to be standing when their son was on the turf because he broke a freakin' nail!? I can appreciate the gesture, but you rarely, if ever, see a college or pro team take a knee unless it is a serious injury. Give it a rest folks, it's not that big of a deal. I hate seeing young men go down for any reason, especially a serious injury, but taking a knee is not required by rule, and does nothing to actually help the situation. If you want to take a knee, cool. If not, cool. For those that think it is off the reservation disrespectful......get over yourself. Here is the reason why it is really done: The take a knee practice started in youth football- if a player goes down there is no trainer, it's the coaches who deal with injuries, so the question was, what do you have a bunch of 6-9 year olds do while the coaches are tending to the injuried player? They had them take a knee and be still in a show of respect- LOL, but it was all about keeping the kids on the sideline under control while the coaches were busy. It was never something we did as players, you don't see college teams do this as a matter of course but it's entered high schools through the youth leagues because parents and players have become CONDITIONED to it. As a HC I always let the players do as they saw fit during an injury- take a knee or remain standing. (some players do not want "sit" still they want to keep moving around- nervous energy) So, it has become a symbolism over substance thing.
  5. Agreed!! Their is no transitive property in Texas High School Football. I can surely see how one would like to make the correlation, but it is a pretty slippery slope to think you are going to beat a certain team just because you beat a mutual opponent by a larger margin. When Teague beat Malakoff this year, did they rally and come back from a 32-7 deficit? That says a LOT about a team. In fact, it says more to me than the winning margin of the final score. That shows heart, determination, and a willingness to dig down deep and embrace the $uck!! The Yoemen fought back like champions in that game. I have a feeling Teague might be seeing some more of that next Friday.
  6. It is unfortunate, but true. PAT's are hit or miss with us. Kicking game in general can be suspect at times, and it is a chink in the armor. I am not even sure if we have a single field goal for the year? I am not positive, as I was not able to attend all the regular season games, but there have been no FG attempts at any games I have been at. So far this season it has been a non-factor, but you never know when something like that might sneak up and bite you in the @$$. Championship caliber games tend to expose even the slightest weakness. Not trying to be Debbie Downer or anything, just being honest. Thankfully, Cameron makes up for that flaw in other areas. Whew!! Even with that issue, I still see Cameron pulling this one out and meeting up with the Region 4 winner.
  7. Just realized you were from Teague, duh! Now I understand. How about Teague +7?? Does that sound better?
  8. From Yoe Nation.......thank you. I think???? Not 100% sure. :huh: Anyhoo, historically speaking you have to give the advantage to the Yoemen. The incredible amount of experience in the big game situation, and a well seasoned coaching staff absolutely tips the scale in Cameron's favor. I am sure that Teague has a team chock full of athletes, and that they are all hungry to dethrone the long-reigning champs, but we have been down this road with so many other teams with the exact same aspirations, and we always end up with the same end state.......a Cameron win. Is this the game that changes that trend.......I don't think so, but your mileage may vary depending on what side of the fence you are on. I totally understand that Teague fans are going to be on here rooting for their team and predicting a huge Lions upset........why wouldn't they? And of course the Cameron fans will be on here predicting a 96 point drubbing at the hands of the mighty Yoe. We shouldn't expect anything less. It boils down to all those young men and their respective coaching staff who have put in so much work getting to this very point. All us old fellers can get on here and blow all the hot air we want, but we have no influence on the outcome of this game. We just like to stir it up a bit on their behalf. :lol: I do honestly believe this will be a heckuva game, and fun to watch. Of course I want Cameron to win, but I never underestimate an opponent, and I know Teague will come out #### off and ready to fight to the very end. Nobody is just going to roll over and give it up to anyone at this point in the process. We have gotten to a position in the bracket where we have weeded out all the non-hackers, and the only teams left are the gritty, gutsy, balls to the wall teams that want to play in Houston. Unfortunately, somebody has to lose and go home, since this is not an "everybody gets a trophy" situation. So one of these extremely talented teams will be turning in gear on December 7th. My long standing wish throughout the entire season is that none of our young men suffer any type of serious injury, from either school. Bottom line......I think Cameron defense has to step it up, especially the secondary, and the offense needs to control the line of scrimmage and wear down the Lions with a punishing, and morale killing run game featuring T. Smith, plus airing it out just enough to keep Teague off balance. I just hope it doesn't come down to special teams, field goals or PAT's, because that is Cameron's achilles heel this year for sure. :unsure: The team that makes the fewest mistakes and/or turnovers will hold a HUGE advantage as well. We know you're coming Teague. We know you want revenge. We hear you, and we understand, because we have been there and done that. The best I can say is "Good luck to you sir," because Cameron and the Yoe faithful will be there in full force, and we don't tend to go down easy. Good luck to both squads!! Cameron by 7. :D
  9. Right back at ya!!! Yoemen rooting for Wildcats too! Another great season from Temple, keep rolling!!
  10. McLane Stadium would be nice, but I heard it will be WISD stadium again, according to KWTX sports anyway.
  11. Game over. It will be Teague. Just waiting to hear field and date/time. I am guessing Waco ISD again, but you never know.
  12. Teague up 30-23 with 6:00ish left in game. My FSSWDCTF app came back up. ;)
  13. Yep, Fox Sports SW DCTF Football Friday's mobile app is down so many of us can't follow the score anymore. Haven't seen an update since West went up 20-16. UGH..... :angry: :mad:
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