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  1. Carthage. Proven over time, just better. Hallsville. Score a ton, timely stops. Their recipe for success, has worked well. For now. Chapel Hill. Nac is a pretty miserable athletic program. WH. Same as Hallsville. Emerson. They’ve won against better competition than MP has lost too. T-High. Legacy is rock solid trash. J-Ville. Scary with their athletes. PT seems lost.
  2. Haynes needs to come hold his daddy’s clipboard. OL ain’t worth a crap but Haynes ain’t no good either. If Ags win, it’ll be because they out-athleted them. Not coaching, not grit. Texas is better with a backup QB on a bad leg.
  3. There were a few times Saturday I felt like Calzada was about the 20th best player on the field. Against Prairie View that ain’t good. Can’t get past 1st read, pocket presence, while it has gotten better with the whole ‘hot feet’ method, is still atrocious. He frustrates you so much because he can’t throw a simple swing to a RB, but can make those back foot dots to Smith against Bama and Moose this past weekend. For what seems like 90% of A&M fans, they’re ok with it all because he beat Bama. I do think some of it has been the revolving door of receivers due to injuries, the fact that our receivers aren’t that good, and Wydermeyer drops 20% of the balls his way. But I’m not sold on King either. He obviously has the wheels, but his decision making has always been his Achilles heel. Excited for the future nonetheless.
  4. Thinking Crosby in this one. Don’t really see a blowout happening though. I don’t see Marshall’s defense allowing that. With that being said, this will be one of the better offenses they have seen, and one of the few with more speed. Crosby has an athletic and physical front 7 that I think will cause some problems. Davis is a beast, but the Mavs had to dip into their bag of tricks just to get by Rudder. Thinking Crosby will be too much.
  5. Biggest Surprise- Hallsville coming out of nowhere. Had a friend who saw them scrimmage Palestine and he said they were the real deal. Their RB may have been best in district. You could tell how much they missed him when he was gone. Biggest Disappointment- Whitehouse. Replacing all 5 OL and a few new coaches is no recipe for success. Seeing them at beginning and end of season though, have to think if QB change is made sooner they could have been competing for a playoff spot. Otherwise, disappointing year. Most Improved- Hallsville. Least Improved- Jacksonville. Most Overrated- PT. Lost a lot of offense, but still has some pieces. Once book got out on them, they couldn’t overcome. Most Underrated-Mt Pleasant. For all the depth issues and close games. Certainly seem capable of beating anyone. Coach of the Year- Hallsville’s coach. Most likely to get a new coach for 2022- Jacksonville. Offensive Player of the Year- RB’s seemed to rule this district. T High’s and Hallsville’s would be my 2. Defensive Player of the Year- Any of T High’s front 7 lol
  6. Mav, do you know why no fans are allowed at HP?
  7. Mavs getting hot. Rather, staying hot. Who pitched?
  8. No, I won’t admit that a team that lost 3 times to another is better than said team. Mistakes are part of the game. Some teams can overcome them, some can’t. You’d think Nac’s group of older kids could overcome against WH’s group of freshman and soph’s. They didn’t and lost. 3 times. Would that happen right now? If they played this weekend? I’d bet Nac would beat them like they stole something. Because Nac is heating up. Scored 12 against a Longview team whose been playing good ball. I’m rooting for Nac. Would absolutely hate to be matched up with them.
  9. WH did beat Nac 3 times. 3. But as the smarter Nac poster said, that is the way baseball goes. Always good to be hot at the right time. Good luck to Nac the rest of the way. Toughest 3 seed in the state.
  10. Brownsboro beat Caddo Mills in G1. Kilgore lost to LE. Spring Hill beat Gilmer.
  11. Agreed. T-High, might’ve been ugly but still dominant from most accounts I’ve heard. Defense is llllllllegit. Think the O-Line will struggle with the more athletic D-Line’s but they got dudes everywhere. Also, nice to have the District #1 seed not pee down their leg in Bi-District. Way to represent. PT, couldn’t be happier for Coach Lane. Don’t personally know him, but have followed his story and and his teams. Think they have a shot at Nederland. Like a good one. Both 2 vs. 3 games played pretty even. Felt both 3 seeds could’ve won. Thought WH outplayed Montgomery, tough way to lose. Lots and lots of young talent in WH, they’ll be back. Nac hung tough, Huntsville is just the real deal. Southern does a great job there. Good luck to all 9 and 10-5A teams left. Keep collecting gold balls.
  12. Agreed on all accounts. Disciplined vs. Undisciplined. Started as soon as teams walked on field. Willing to bet they’re blaming it in refs as well. Congrats Lindale. Finish it.
  13. Thought New Caney was supposed to be solid? Marshall folks like to thump their chest about beating a 5A D1 playoff team.....are they no good? Know how the Mavs ended up.
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